Monday, 30 November 2009

Jean Fontanille: eguitar magazine competition

Win CD's from his New album "Unknown parameter value" with Mike Terrana on drums and Ivan Rougny on Bass. Top5 selected by Jean Fontanille himself.


Before the 31st of December! (competition ends at midnight)

Step1: All entries MUST subscribe to eguitaremagazine YouTube channel first!

Step2:Download the playback track: (brilliant track to jam over)

Step3: Record your own solo on video

Step4:MUST post as video response to this youtube video!

eGuitareMagazine-Jean Fontanille Contest

News: more news from Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie's wife/manager Wendy Dio recently issued the following update:

"Ronnie has been diagnosed with the early stages of stomach cancer. We are starting treatment immediately at the Mayo Clinic. After he kills this dragon, Ronnie will be back on stage, where he belongs, doing what he loves best, performing for his fans.

Thanks to all the friends and fans around the world that have sent well wishes. This has really helped to keep his spirit up.

Long Live Rock and Roll, Long Live Ronnie James Dio"

George Lynch: hell just froze over 2!

Filmed by me @ HOB/Sunset Strip on 11/27/09. George Lynch came out for the encore with Dokken... playing the same guitar he played on this song when it was originally recorded.

Dokken w/George Lynch - In My Dreams

Richie Kotzen: Live at Uhlenspiegel Leonberg 28.11.2009

Richie Kotzen Live at Uhlenspiegel Leonberg 28.11.2009

Richie Kotzen Live 1

Richie Kotzen Live 2.MP4

Richie Kotzen Live 3.MP4

Marco Sfogli: the master delivers

Marco Sfogli - Still hurts (live at a guitar clinic)

Marco Sfogli - Remarcoble (Live at guitar clinic - INEDIT TRACK FROM UPCOMING RECORD!!)

Jeff Kollman: Chad Smith discusses the meatbats

Were the Bombastic Meatbats always destined be an instrumental band?
Yes, because they came from playing with your friend and mine, Glenn Hughes. What happened was that Glenn was late for rehearsal one day and Ed [Roth], Jeff [Kollman] and I started jamming together. I suggested we write some songs, and that’s exactly what happened. Our jumping off point was Blow By Blow [Jeff Beck’s instrumental album from 1975]. We didn’t bother with lyrics and nobody wants to hear me sing, believe me.

At the other end of the spectrum, there’s a 70s funk thing going on.
Playing in the Chili Peppers, obviously I have a love of that style. The Meatbats definitely lends itself to that, yeah, but we wanted to bring it into 2009.

It could’ve turned into a bit of a muso wankfest, but the hooks are there if you listen out for them.
[Laughing]: A muso wankfest! That’s great. The perception of this type of music is that it’s super-serious and an impenetrable bunch of notes. We didn’t want that. It’s party music, basically. We’re called the Meatbats; how serious do you want us to be?
full interview

Dave Baker: hybrid peach melba picking!

Dave Baker plays 'Peach Melba', a short original electric bluegrass shred style composition, to demo the fantastic Webster T-52 tele style guitar in Olympic White.

Dave Baker plays 'Peach Melba' a short original compositon on a Webster T-52 Tele style Guitar

News: Michael Jackson signed guitar

Michael jackson electric guitar air brush painted to my design. genuine Michael jackson autograph on the pick guard in blue pen. Design is from the bad album. This incredible piece of memorobilia will be going up for auction on in late 2009, anyone inerested in it may email me at the starting price will be £3000 and a percentage will go to the charity of my choice.

Tony Smotherman: five live

Tony Smotherman: live

Daniele Penco: mattrach contest

Daniele Penco solo for MattRach's Contest - Play your parts on our Album !

News: PRS SE Custom Semi Hollow review

PRS SE Custom Semi Hollow
An affordable PRS SE made in Korea retailing at around £450, which has all the makings of a top quality guitar and doesn't look out of place next to a USA made one.

Maple top
Mahogany back and neck
Rosewood fingerboard
PRS gig bag
Build Quality
full review

Maycown Reichembach,Chowy Fernandes,Juan Cortes: Guitar Experience Tour 2009

Maycown play Flying Elephant - Guitar Experience Tour 2009

Guitar Experience Tour 2009

Duilio Humberto de Lima: As I am

As i Am (solo) + TAB - DUILIOHL

Andres Ludmer: tribute to oz noy 2!

"wich way is up" by Oz Noy from the album "Fuzzy"
Andrés Ludmer - guitar
Juan Pablo Mariño: bass
Alvaro Manzanero:drums
recorded live on may 8, 2009 in "tapera records", Rosario, Argentina.

Wich Way Is Up(OZ NOY) - Ludmer(g) Mariño(b) Manzanero(d) Trio

Dragianni, Damjan Pejcinoski, Muris Varajic: Pelistersko oro

The Balkan equivalent of T43... Mastika43


Muris Varajic,Damjan Pejcinoski & Dragianni - Pelistersko oro

Allan Holdsworth: I don't like playing for guitar players

"Jazz? Is that what you call that? I HATE Jazz!"

Allan Holdsworth Interview and SynthAxe performance.

Ah plus one spotted by Rich over at guitar channel

Enjoy a true master of music!

Allan Holdsworth playing his SynthAxe and soloing using a
Steiner Masters Touch CV breath controller at a rehearsal.

Allan Holdsworth playing his SynthAxe at a rehearsal.

Allan Holdsworth Interview and SynthAxe performance.

Allan Holdsworth playing his SynthAxe

Allan Holdsworth Non Brewed Condiment

Allan Holdsworth Atavachron

Allan Holdsworth Looking Glass

Richie Kotzen poland solos

Richie Kotzen, Katowice, Poland: jam and shred

Richie Kotzen, Katowice, Poland: Bad things - solo

Allan Holdsworth: canton custom

Working on Allan Holdsworths guitars #2 & #3 due in December 09. Both guitars will have the new Steinberger Trans Trem 3`s.

Canton Custom Guitars - Allan Holdsworths guitars in progress

Kermheat: farbot!

"Farhbot" is a tune from my record "Humanchico".
This is a live version from my DVD "Humanchico: live and more".
You could find it directly to me or at :

"Farhbot" extract from Kermheat's DVD: "Humanchico: live and more"

Francesco De Gregorio: acoustic glory

This is an instrumental song that i composed for the " Acoustic Glory " contest . I think is something progressive , latin , rock , and maybe even a little classical ... i'm pretty happy because is my first "official" instrumental composition . Everything is played and composed (and filmed) by me, so I hope you'll lilke it :)

FGS290 - Francesco "Fruja" De Gregorio - " Midsummer " Acoustic Glory entry

Fletcher Barton: 9 year old Acoustic Glory!

9 year old Fletcher improvs an acoustic original for the Acoustic Glory contest with Faith Guitars & Shadow Electronics. He literally just jams from the heart. Special thanks themonkeylord Rob Chappers & lauriemonk w/ truth in shredding, without whom we would not have known about this contest!
& keep checking for more,
or subscribe to his youtube channel to follow his progress!
Recorded on November 28, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.

FGS244 Fletcher Barton 9 Acoustic Glory Faith Guitars Shadow

Marco De Cave: Music Box competition!

More great playing from Marco De Cave... enjoy. Still plenty of time to add your video into the competition:

marco de cave music box guitar competition.wmv