Jean Fontanille: Fantastics3 Montargis 29 05 2006

Richard Daudé, Victor Lafuente, Youri De Groote, Jean Fontanille, Fanalo Alaux, Mattrach: Shred collab Xtreme Challenge

Jean Fontanille: Friedman Cali Guitar Test (english Version)

Jean Fontanille: Jam Blues Using only Min and Maj Pentatonic Scales

Jean Fontanille: Guitar Idol 8 - It's life - nice job

Hans Van Even: Stardust Requiem CD - Indiegogo 9 days to go - check out the guest list!

Jean Fontanille: Blues débutant - for Bendnote!

News: Guitar Addiction 1st Anniversary Video Jam - awesome

Christophe Godin, Thomas Bressel, Ivan Rougny, Jean Fontanille: Vigier Day!!

Jean Fontanille: Fusion Ballad for BendNote

Christophe Godin, Jean Fontanille, Gowy Lisieux, Thomas Bressel: Vigier Day announced

Thomas Bressel, Jean Fontanille, Gowy Lisieux, Christophe Godin: Vigier day announced

Jean Fontanille: Trio live Salem 2011

Fanalo Alaux,Ron Thal,Patrick Rondat, Mattias IA Eklundh,Jean Fontanille,Andy Timmons,Christophe Godin: new Plug-in CD does not feature Buckethead

Jean Fontanille: Mike Terrana's back problem cause show cancellations

Jean Fontanille: pro shot live clinic highlights

Christophe Godin, Pascal Vigne, Jean Fontanille:Morglbl'n Friends gig

Jean Fontanille: Master classes

Christophe Godin: Morglbl'n Friends : Morglbl + Pascal Vigné + Jean Fontanille

Jean Fontanille: unknown parameter tour