Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Toby Knapp: pre orders of new CD available

Toby Knapp says:
Very pleased!! All vocalist that agreed to work with me came through with steller performances and now this album is 43 minutes of Metallic goodness, thank you DEAN STERNBERG, ATTILA CSIHAR, TOM CLINE AND THE MIGHTY JEFF GRUSLIN!! Thank you to my friends that made this happen! Shredguy Records have helped me to create this album, my personal favorite, a schizo adventure through Metal with no compromise, I am PROUD!!!! Support the new label of Shred and get your pre-orders in now!! Bloody toasts again

Thorsten Koehne: edens curse tour photos

Thorsten Koehne :

Guthrie Govan: meets Wiljay!

Why did i have to end up looking like freakin' Vanilla Ice?? :-/ Freaky thing was... when i walked up to Guthrie, HE knew who I was.

Guthrie wrote :
"To the mighty Willjay... Cheers aplenty!.. *drew Winking smiley* ... Guthrie" Very kind words Guthrie, thanks.

Chris Lasegue: Jag Panzer in the studio

Chris Lasegue informs me that:
I'm in the demoing stage for the new Jag Panzer album. We're having a blast writing the new songs!
Look out for some cool shredding sometime in 2010!

News: Shred Junior drawing the crowds and comments

Thanks to the guys and gals who commented and viewed... not long now!

Honours for this video (2)

COMING SOON: Shred This Too: the truth in shredding competition returns

Stu Box: the double necked sidewinder tapped

Impossible Guitar Tapping

Jeff Loomis: "dark" scale lessons

JEFF LOOMIS IS THE GUITARIST FOR THE band Nevermore. He recently released a highly acclaimed instrumental CD Zero Order Phase that has put him in the elite shredder club. Jeff’s songwriting has a very dark side to it and he often uses scales such as diminished, whole tone, and Lydian dominant b2. In this lesson I will show you some of the scales that Jeff uses and give you an example of how he applies the diminished sound within a song. more

Matt Shepherd: Aeon Zen touring details

Joining Rich Hinks (Bass) is Andi Kravljaca (Vocals), Matt Shepherd (Guitar), Cristian Van Schuerbeck (Keyboards) and Mike Lennon (Drums).
The London April gig dates and locations will be released to the Aeon Zen fan list subscribers first before being made public. To be sure of advance notice please join the fan list (if you are not already on it)
The live band are using a Roland M400 digital mixing desk linked to Roland M48 individual personal monitor mixers and Roland TD-20KX Drums.
Rich Hinks (Hometown: Cambridge, UK) says about Aeon Zen live: "I’m thrilled to have such great musicians to play in the Aeon Zen live band. I knew from the first time that we played together that this was my band to recreate my studio sound. We are all on the same page musically, and the chemistry is there. I’m playing bass live using a 6 string Hohner bass guitar."
Here is what the other musicians of Aeon Zen live had to say about their participation:
Andi Kavljaca (Hometown: Vårby, Sweden): "I’m on lead vocals, and yes I travel from Sweden to do these Aeon Zen live shows. I sang on Rich’s first Aeon Zen album and so it was a natural progression to tour with him. I was the vocalist with Seventh Wonder for four years and currently work with the labels Escape Music and Time Divide Records. Working through the live set with Aeon Zen is a great challenge, especially in view of the various styles and complexities of the music. I hope you enjoy it."
Matt Shepherd (Hometown: Newmarket, UK): "I play guitar for Aeon Zen live. I use my Ibanez Universe 7 string guitar live and I use several amp emulators switched through various parts of the songs using midi controls. This allows me to fully concentrate on the part playing and backing vocals without having to tweak amp controls mid riff! I’ve been playing in live bands for over 10 years and work hard at my craft. I also played two solos on Aeon Zen’s album A Mind’s Portrait."
Cristian Van Schuerbeck (Hometown: Santiago, Chile): "I play Roland Fantom X keyboards for Aeon Zen live. I had a guest solo spot on Rich’s "A Mind’s Portrait" album and I’m thrilled to be playing live with Aeon Zen. I met Rich when I was in Paris (France), but I now live in London. Prior to Aeon Zen I have played in the American band All Too Human as well as recording and releasing my own solo material. I’m kept very busy during the set and I love it!"
Mike Lennon (Hometown: Newmarket, UK): "Over a regular three year period Matt and I have played together and it was through
Matt that I first met Rich on a recording session in 2007. We then met up 2 years later for this live work and I was thrilled to be offered an opportunity to play live with Rich’s Aeon Zen. I’m using Roland TD20KX drums live giving sampled drums which gives the audience a fabulous sound, true to the studio and it’s a great looking kit too."

Elliot Noble: Michael Romeo 'Betcha can't play this'

I can't believe the chops on this little guy!

Michael Romeo 'Betcha can't play this' by Elliot Noble

Daniel Saunders: good string skipping lesson

Musician's Institute and Guitar World bring you a new series of guitar lessons with some of the top guitar instructors around. Here, Daniel Saunders gives a lesson on Major Scale Melodic String-Skipping.

Daniel Saunders Guitar Lesson: Major Scale Melodic String-Skipping

Michael Angelo Batio: cool rhoadsfest tribute

RHOADSFEST! 2009 Concert Series - MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - Randy Rhoads Tribute

Carl Roa: adding blue to fusion

Carl Roa brings you "Elf Riffs," a guitar lesson series from the Magic Elf guitarist.

Lesson #2, Adding Fusion to the Blues, helps you learn some cool fusion riffs to spice up your blues playing. Including chromatic passing tones and how to incorporate the Lydian Dominant Scale over 7th chords.

Elf Riffs #2 with Carl Roa - Adding Fusion to the Blues

Angel Ruiz: goes fusion

Fusionish by Ángel Ruiz

Jean Fontanille: eguitar magazine competition MOVED

OK because of spamming the competition video had to be removed. However, please can you post your responses to this video: I have fixed the link in the competition section to.

Win CD's from his New album "Unknown parameter value" with Mike Terrana on drums and Ivan Rougny on Bass. Top5 selected by Jean Fontanille himself.


Before the 31st of December! (competition ends at midnight)

Step1: All entries MUST subscribe to eguitaremagazine YouTube channel first!

Step2:Download the playback track: (brilliant track to jam over)

Step3: Record your own solo on video

Step4:MUST post as video response to this youtube video!

News: Trex Bloody Mary review



Full details

News: grooveyard records update.

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Tierra Negra,Muriel Anderson: Tommy Emmanuel recommends

Nuevo Flamenco collaboration

Tierra Negra & Muriel Anderson!

Group PhtotGermany's renowned duo Tierra Negra(Raughi Ebert and Leo Henrichs) and America's award-winning guitarist and harp-guitarist Muriel Anderson have created an exciting new CD, 'New World Flamenco.'

The joyous passion of Raughi's flamenco guitar, Leo's driving rhythm and Muriel's beautiful melodies merge to create a new Spanish-folk-jazz groove. They are joined by drummer Danny Gottlieb and bassist Mark Egan, both of the original Pat Metheney Group, and powerhouse bassist Victor Wooten.

New World Flamenco Album Cover

New World Flamenco -USA TOUR

  • Tue Jan 5 New York, NY Highline Ballroom - Tour kickoff with drummer Danny Gottlieb and Les Paul bassist, Nicki Parrott.
  • Fri Jan 8 San Fran CA Great American Music Hall
  • Sat Jan 9 Vallejo, CA Empress Theatre
  • Mon Jan 11 El Dorado CA U. Mine Theatre - Sold Out
  • Tue Jan 12 Exeter, CA Orange Blossom Junction
  • Sat Jan 16 Anaheim CA All Star Guitar Night
  • Thu Jan 21 Seattle WA The Triple door
  • Fri Jan 22 International Webcast Kulak’s Woodshed (LA)
  • Sun Jan 24 Whittier CA Shannon Center for the Perf. Arts
  • Wed Jan 27 Peoria IL Civic Center Theatre
  • Thu Jan 28 Downers Grove Ministry of Hope Benefit
  • Fri Apr 9 Lake Wales FL Bok Sanctuary
  • Sat Apr 10 Cincinnati OH McAuley Hall, with guitarist Phil Keaggy
  • Sun Apr 11 Knoxville TN Museum of Art
  • Mon Apr 12 Blountville TN NE State Comm College

Aurelien Budynek, Angus Clark: DareDevil Squadron new CD released

"DareDevil Squadron (featuring Aurelien Budynek and Angus Clark on guitars) just completed their debut album "Out Of The Sun" and is happy to announce that it is available to purchase on iTunes!! Follow
this link:

Hear some tracks on their MySpace page at:
Look for live dates in the NYC area and beyond in 2010"

Hedras Ramos: nominated for star of the year.

Hedra Ramos has been nominated for Guatemalan young star of the year:
The young guitarist Hedra Ramos, 17, participated during May and June in the "Guitar Idol" ( "Idol of the guitar") in London, England. He was the only Latin American to the final stages and finished second.
Read the article... in Spanish on page 34

I must admit I listen to the live show last night and Hedras Ramos was on fire. Great soloing through. He continues to grow in stature and it's no wonder that he'll be at NAMM this year.

Robbert Hanenberg: unplugged

Robbert Hanenberg says:
I had to rehearse this song for a coverband I play with. The 'percussion' is made by using the body of the guitar.
Still love this unplugged version.

Hotel California (unplugged intro) : Robbert Hanenberg

News: coming soon... Shred This Too!!!

Coming soon... another Truth In Shredding extravaganza... more cool judges, more cool prizes, one sweet backing track...

Special thanks to the fusion crew for making this all possible...

Marco Sfogli:
Rick Graham:
Tom Quayle:
Magnus Olsson:
Chris Brooks:

outstanding guys.... and we haven't even started yet!!!

COMING SOON: Shred This Too: the truth in shredding competition returns

Jonas Tamas: Improvisation on Streamline

Instrumental Rock Guitar - Jonas Tamas: Improvisation on Streamline