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Nicholas Scott: giving guitar lessons

If you're interested in this proposal, email me at:

NicholasScottManagement@gmail. com


Akira Takasaki: loudness 2010 Euro tour dates

LOUDNESS have scheduled the following European tour dates:

July 16/17 - Bang Your Head!!! - Balingen, Germany
July 18 - Zwarte Cross - Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands
July 19 - Dynamo Club - Eindhoven, Netherlands
July 20 - Knust - Hamburg, Germany
July 22 - On Stage Club - Athens, Greece
July 23 - Matrix - Bochum, Germany
July 24 - Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg, Germany

Matias Kupiainen: stratovarius melkweg amsterdam 2010

stratovarius winter skies live @ melkweg amsterdam 2010

stratovarius deep unknown melkweg amsterdam

Devin Townsend: Aussie 2010 tour dates

12 - Brisbane, Australia - The Hi-Fi
13 - Sydney, Australia - Enmore Theatre
14 - Melbourne, Australia - Billboard
16 - Adelaide, Australia - Fowlers
18 - Perth, Australia - Metro Fremantle
20 - Auckland, New Zealand - Transmission Room

Carl Verheyen: pre namm 2010 jam

Here's the great Carl Verheyen trying out a couple of our LsL T-Bone guitars during his recent visit to the shop in Van Nuys. First he tries "Murphy", a vintage cream, Swamp Ash T-bone and then "Alicia", also Swamp Ash.

Carl Verheyen Makes a Pre-NAMM visit to LsL Instruments

News: The Moog Guitar Model E1-M with MIDI

The Moog Guitar Model E1-M with MIDI
The Moog Guitar has opened musicians minds, ears and fingers to a new universe of guitar expression, creating an incredibly intimate experience that connects players directly to the strings of the guitar. The spirit of sonic exploration it kindled has led many intrepid guitarists to imagine the possibilities of combining its ground-breaking innovations with MIDI guitar technology.

At Winter NAMM 2010, imagination becomes reality: introducing The Moog Guitar Model E1-M.

In the MIDI-compatible Model E1-M, the award-winning Moog Guitar (Guitar Player Magazine's 2009 Reader's Choice Award, Electronic Musician Magazine's 2009 Editor's Choice Award, 2008 Summer NAMM "Best In Show" honors, 2008 Popular Science Best of Whats New Award and 2009 Mix Foundation TEC Award) is augmented with a state-of-the-art control system, sporting the features top players demand:

Works With the Latest MIDI Converters and Virtual Guitar Systems
Fast, Accurate Tracking, Low Latency Design
Industry-Standard 13 Pin Hex Output
Magnetic and Piezo Pickup Signals Still Accessible
Added Controls: MIDI Volume, Output Toggle & MIDI Patch Change Toggle

Vinnie Moore: to the core tour extended

Tourdates for February 2010

Vinnie Moore - guitar
Mike DiMeo - keyboards and vocals (ex Riot, Masterplan and The Lizards)
Aquiles Priester - drums (Hangar) - Check out Aquiles' tribute to Vinnie HERE
Lars Lehmann – bass (Uli Jon Roth)

04 - Italy - Rome - Crossroads
05 - Italy - Scandiano - Corallo
06 - Italy - Trofarello - Il Peocio
10 - Italy - Pisa - Borderline
11 - Turkey - Istanbul - Jolly Joker Balans
12 - Turkey - Ankara - 312 Club
14 - Lebanon - Beirut - Hard Rock Cafe
16 - Belgium - Verviers - Spirit 66
17 - England - London - Underworld
18 - Germany - Wetzlar - Franzis
19 - Spain - Las Palmas - Telde Theater
20 - Spain - Bilbao - Sala Rockstar
23 - Austria - Vienna - Reigen
24 - Lithuania - Vilnius - Club New York
25 - Greece - Thessaloniki - Mylos Club
26 - Greece - Athens - An Club

More dates will be announced shortly, please check back soon.

Tom Hess: How To Practice For Maximum Guitar Speed - Part 3

How To Practice For Maximum Guitar Speed - Part 3

By Tom Hess

Have you ever noticed that playing something clean and fast is much harder when playing an actual song compared to when you practice that same lick or solo over and over again?

When trying to increase your guitar speed, the most important thing to remember is that you must be able to use your faster speed in songs (otherwise, what is the point of learning how to increase your speed in the first place?). Few things about guitar playing are more frustrating for people than having worked so hard to acquire good technique and speed on the guitar but then not being able to use it in real life playing situations, yet most players struggle with this to some extent.

During your practice sessions (even when practicing strictly to increase your speed) think about (and practice for) ‘real life’ guitar speed challenges. Here are three very common ‘real life’ playing situations that many players typically struggle with when applying their speed to ‘real music’:

  1. Moving from rhythm guitar playing directly into a fast / challenging lead guitar solo or lick.
  1. Immediately playing a high speed lead guitar part after playing nothing before.
  1. Playing fast licks consecutively that require you to use drastically different guitar techniques, positions on the neck, or hand positions.

There are both easy and more advanced (though also more effective) solutions to the problems listed above. Here are 7 of the easy solutions that you can use right away to increase your ‘useable’ guitar speeds. Because of the fact that most causes of the problems guitar players have are actually mental (not physical), some of the solutions may seem to have nothing to do with 'playing guitar', but in fact they are extremely effective in many cases.

  1. One way to overcome problems when a sudden burst of speed is needed (like when you go directly from a rhythm part to a fast lead guitar lick) is to ‘breathe out’ (exhale) just before (and during) playing the first fast or hard speed lick.
  1. Guitar players who eventually develop a lot of physical speed in their hands often find their next challenge is to overcome slow ‘mental processing’. This means that the hands actually outrun the mind’s ability to analyze what is going on ‘in real time’. 2 hand synchronization problems, rhythmic timing errors of the lead guitar solo against the rhythm of the song, inconsistent articulation, excess string noise, the inability to smoothly shift positions on the neck are just a few of the common problems that occur when mental processing breaks down as the hands are playing at high speeds.

When teaching my virtuoso level students, I often spend a great deal of time helping them to avoid this problem before it occurs. The place to start is to find exactly where your mental awareness is at various speeds. This is much easier to do with an experienced teacher, but you can try this on your own.

Play something at about 1/2 of your top lead guitar playing speed, notice how consciously ‘aware’ you are of all the issues mentioned above as you play. Of course when you test yourself, the results won’t be truly accurate because you are focusing on doing this little test and not playing in the way you normally do, that is why having a guitar teacher to test you and gauge your processing is much better to get real results from the testing. If you notice any issues with your mind’s ability to ‘analyze’ the details of your playing, then write down what the issue was AND the speed you played at (use a metronome for this).

If you aren’t sure if your mental analysis is accurate, record yourself and then listen back to your recording. When you listen back to the recording, do you now hear things that you didn’t hear before, when you were playing? If yes, you have identified a mental processing issue that needs to be fixed. If no, then increase the speed on the metronome gradually until you do find a mental processing problem.

Once you discover a mental processing problem, you need to slow down the speed on the metronome and spend some time practicing at speeds where you can fully hear (and think about) what is really going on in your guitar playing. The goal is to shorten the time it takes for your brain to analyze what is going on and then make the necessary adjustments in your physical guitar playing ‘in real time’ (at full speed). As you play, focus on the problem you have identified and try to make the adjustments needed to fix it while playing (without stopping).

  1. One simple solution to solve the problem with shifting positions on the fingerboard at high speeds is to simply fix your eyes on where the first note of the new position will be. So for example, if you are playing a phrase near the 5th fret and your next phrase will begin on the 14th fret, once the first phrase has begun, you probably don’t need to watch ‘every note’ of that phrase with your eyes (unless you are a beginner), so fix your eyes on the 14th fret and stare at it until you get there. Simple solution, but very effective for most issues dealing with simple position shifts.
  1. To overcome the very common problem of switching from rhythm guitar playing to fast lead guitar playing, we need to look at two possible causes for the problem. In this case it could be a physical problem because all the rhythm playing may not be enough for your hands to be warmed up (and to keep them warm) for the coming solo. Make sure you are warmed up before playing the song. If you are performing live keep your fingers warm by doing warm up exercises in between songs (if there is time). You can also use heat. I have sometimes used a personal heater that is set up on the side of the stage, in between songs it is sometimes possible to quickly warm up your fingers.

The second possible cause to the rhythm/lead guitar switching problem is a mental one. There is not enough space in an article to go into great detail about exactly why this happens in guitar players’ minds, so let’s just get to one of the possible solutions. Simply dedicate some daily practice time (maybe 10-15 minutes) to switching back and forth between lead and rhythm. In a 10-minute period you can make this change back and forth at least 500 times.

  1. Just like the problem players have with switching back and forth between rhythm and lead guitar playing, another challenge is playing a high speed guitar solo when you haven’t played any notes just before that. This can be quite challenging for all the reasons mentioned in the point above plus, because there is no momentum in either hand just before the solo, it can be even harder to go perfectly into a very fast lead guitar part.

To get started to solve this problem, spend some practice time going back and forth between playing ‘nothing’ and playing your first high speed guitar lick. It’s one thing to practice the same lick over and over again, but that doesn’t help you to ‘use’ the speed you have developed if you need to play that same fast lick when there is nothing played before it in an actual song.

  1. If you’ve ever practiced a technique or lick at high speeds over and over again with good results, but struggle to play it within the context of the entire solo, the problem is likely that you may not have been practicing a wide variety of techniques in random order. Try practicing a bunch of different techniques in a random order so you get used to combining different types of guitar techniques at high speed. To learn more about this, download this free 110 page Guitar Practice eBook.
  1. Another cool solution to many of the problems discussed above is to begin your first fast lick with a little bit of legato. If you’re an Yngwie Malmsteen fan, you hear this used all the time in these playing situations. Not only does it help to solve these challenges, but it also sounds cool (obviously Yngwie wouldn’t use this if he didn’t like the sound). When you hear him play a really fast descending scale for example (especially when he plays rhythm guitar just before the fast lick) notice that he usually picks only the first note of the first string. He uses pulloffs for the remaining notes of that string and then his 2 hands synchronize together to play the rest of scale as he picks all the remaining notes (the final note being a common exception).

To get more guidance on how to practice to build your guitar speed, download this free guitar practice ebook.

About the author: Tom Hess is a professional guitarist and teaches electric guitar lessons online.

Stu Box:1993

Impossible guitar tapping: Stu Box 12 string guitar 1993

Marco Sfogli: star trek from new CD

The man who has to judge your competition is busy recording solos for his upcoming CD.

Here's Marco laying down a solo for the song "Creation's End" on the upcoming album. Sorry for the crappy video quality - higher quality videos are coming soon.

Marco Sfogli - Star Trek

Marco's first improvised solo jam through the intro of "Creation's End" - sorry for the crappy video quality; higher quality videos coming soon.

Marco - first jam through intro to CE

News: Haiti earthquake appeal

A major earthquake has struck Haiti, just ten miles from the capital Port-au-Prince. Local officials are reporting a catastrophe of major proportions.

Oxfam has long experience in Haiti, and we're rushing in teams from around the region to respond where we're needed most. Our response will include providing clean water, shelter and sanitation.

DONATE NOW and help us respond to this emergency:

Oxfam Haiti emergency appeal

Gregor Hilden: red fender blues

2009 Fender Custom Shop Tele LTD. Ed. Part 1 Abigail Ybarra Pickups, braz. Rosewood neck, only 20 pieces in dakota red!
Plusmy lovely Fender Vibrolux Reverb, 1966 - plus Okko Diablo Gain+ Overdrive pedal)

2009 Fender Custom Shop Tele LTD. Ed. Part 1

2009 Fender Custom Shop Tele LTD. Ed. Part 2

Tom Quayle: America... Tom Quayle has landed!!!

Tom Quayle.. the fusion lord and one half of T42 has landed in the big old US of A... NAMM will soon be awash with cool fusion licks from the fusion one...

The flight over

The LA landing

the land of NAMM - aka Anaheim Convention Centre

More spiffing photos

Sebastien Cloutier: candyrat king

Sebastien Cloutier - \\\ RNB ///-

Mayzan: tribute to Marty Friedman

Crazy pink guitar!

Marty Friedman - Devil Take Tomorrow (Live In Japan version) by Mayzan HD 720p

Joop Wolters: guitar lesson number 3

guitarlesson nr 3..this time,some lick and riff from the "SPEED TRAFFIC AND GUITAR-ACCIDENTS album..2004..
available via LIONMUSIC,I-TUNES..etc...


Edward Box,Pete Thompson: Suhr Guitars Demo - "Red Skies"

VENDETTA's Guitar Duo - Edward Box and Pete Thompson - try out their new Suhr guitars in the studio.

VENDETTA - Suhr Guitars Demo - "Red Skies" Jam

Tony Bellardi: spanking the fender

Fender 2010

Alex Martinho: Show Música Moderna 2009

Francisco Falcon - "Hope" - part. esp. Alex Martinho - Show Música Moderna 2009

Carl Mörner Ringström: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Carl Mörner Ringström with another excellent solo... they just make it harder to judge... great tone, nice phrasing and some wild trail out licks... enjoy!

Shred This Too - Carl Mörner

Greg Howe: pepper shake

Greg Howe

Rod Viana: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Another new soloist, with a tasty Tele solo... enjoy!

Shred This Too Competition - Rod Viana

Sebastian Salinas: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Marco Sfogli's shred this too - Sebastian Salinas

Sam Vallen: Finding Parallels

Sam Vallen - Finding Parallels (Mesa Mk 1 and '69 Gibson L6-S)

Chris Brooks: antipodean radio appearance

Chris Brooks on the radio with Ross Fear next Tuesday!

Chris Brooks:
I will be live on air on 2CCRfm's Australian Spectrum radio show with Ross Fear, next Tuesday Jan 19th, 9pm-midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time. You can stream the broadcast from anywhere in the world by putting the URL in your favorite media player:

Keep in mind that Australian time is ahead of many countries. To calculate the time you need to tune in from your country, go to this URL

and be sure to enter the target time as 9pm/21:00hrs on Tuesday Jan 19, 2010 in Australia NSW time. Then enter YOUR local / timezone and the calculator will tell you when to tune it.

Ross will be playing some of my older music and we'll be talking about my new stuff, my favourite Aussie guitarists and more!

Paul Gilbert: vip lessons book updated again!

Jenn says:
I put the 9th version of the PG VIP guitar book up today. Some hand-burning and chops-busting exercises are added, plus some new Racer X tab. It's 91 pages, with 95 tab snips, 36mb size, approx. 32500 words, and probably 11,000 notes. Like hot sauce, this book should be enjoyed in moderation. :)

The new download link is on it's page (please link to the page - not the file):

Simone Fiorletta: rock tv

Moonlight Comedy guitarist Simone Fiorletta recently performed on Italian music tv channel Rock TV in a solo guise to promote his current album "When Reality Is Nothing". To view the performance visit

Simone Fiorletta On Rock Tv

In related news Simone will join Neil Zaza during his live show in Frosinone at "Cantina Mediterraneo" club (Italy) next 31 January to perform "I'm all right".

Andy Wood, Guthrie Govan, Steve Stevens: tone merchants NAMM gigs

Tone Merchants / Rack Systems LTD along with Suhr Guitars and Amps
are pleased to announce the 2010 Winter NAMM concert Schedule.

Friday January 15th - 8:00 PM
Steve Stevens with special guest Pete Thorn.

Steve will be jamming with an all star band. Stay tuned for more details!
Ticket Price: Please give a donation when calling to reserve a ticket.
Saturday January 16th - 8:00 PM
Guthrie Govan with special guest Andy Wood.

Co-sponsor Suhr Guitars and Amps will be displaying some of their latest products.
To reserve tickets, please call us at 714-288-9583.

New Website Coming Soon.

Tone Merchants and Rack Systems LTD
1521 W. Collins Ave.
Orange, CA 92867

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