Friday, 22 January 2010

Bagus Nugroho: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Another top notch solo... check this one out!

Marco Sfogli Shred This too

Sam Coulson: Shredding at Charvel Booth NAMM 2010

Sam Coulson Shredding at Charvel Booth NAMM 2010

Forteguitar: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

shred this too.wmv

Alessandro De Bettin: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Another great solo for the competition... 9 days left!

Alessandro De Bettin- Marco Sfogli " Shred This Too" Competition

Joe Kataldo: short but sweet

Mayo 4.mp4

Lewis Cannon: picking quayle's arpeggio

tom quayle arpeggio 3, but picking it instead of attempting his legato style! iphone has a pretty decent camera and sound, compared to my mac!
the renegade head has really great tone considering the volume - speaking volume, otherwise i wouldn't have been sitting there!

tom quayle economised

Jan Laurenz: samba de stop me

Jan Laurenz... more mind blowing technique!

samba jamba by jan laurenz on alto stick

Guthrie Trapp: the Guthrie trap

Amazing guitar player Guthrie Trapp at Eminence booth at NAMM show 2010. Checking Wizard speaker.

Guthrie Trapp was born Feb 3 1979 in Pensacola, FL. and raised on the Florida/Alabama gulf coast. His family had a great love for music and was exposed to many genres from a young age. Guthrie started playing blues harmonica at age 7 with his uncle and at 10 moved on to guitar with mandolin following soon after. At 13 he joined a local bluegrass group playing lead guitar and mandolin. They played local and regional festivals and clubs up and down the gulf coast. At 15 and 16 Guthrie won the Alabama guitar and mandolin competitions two years in a row. Also at 16, he accompanied folk legend Tom Paxton and opened for John McCutchen with uncle Jerry Trapp. Guthrie started playing with Gove Scrivenor in 1995. They played for several years together doing club dates college concerts and opened for such acts as Richie Havens and Al Stewart. In 1997 Guthrie did his first master session in Nashville on Gove's "Shine on" album for No Age records. Young Guthrie was in good company on this record with John Prine, Nanci Griffith, Lari White and Ray Flacke. Also in 1997, Guthrie joined up with Nick Branch to form the Filthy Rich band. This band ruled the gulf coast for years playing original music and blues, swing and roots covers. They headlined festivals and clubs regionally and overseas. At age 22 guthrie moved to Nashville. He soon began playing with the Don Kelley band at Roberts on Broadway. During this time he got picked up by country artist Patty Loveless. Playing with her for two years landed him in the studio on two of her latest records the latest one was nominated for a Grammy this year. Guthrie then joined the Jerry Douglas band. Touring with Jerry for three years also landed him in the studio on two records.One of which, "Glide", was nominated for a Grammy this year. The JDB supported Paul Simon for a three month tour as well as touring extensively through out the US, Canada and the UK. Doing such venues as the Blue Note in NYC, the Monteal Jazz fest and Radio City Music Hall in NYC. Guthrie continues to live in Nashville where he is in demand as a performing and session musician on acoustic/electric guitars and mandolin. Playing many styles with incredible authenticity and taste have landed him on stage or in the studio with a whos who of artists and musicians such as; Garth Brooks, Alison Krauss, John Oates, Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, Travis Tritt, George Jones, Bobby Bare, Jerry Douglas, Roseanne Cash, Vassar Clements, John Cowan, Sam Bush, Tony Rice, Earl Skruggs, Albert Lee, "Cowboy" Jack Clement, Taylor Hicks, Gary Nicholson, Carl Jackson, Emory Gordy Jr., Barry Beckett, Bob Babbit, Willie Weeks, Danny Flowers, Greg Brown, Tom Paxton, Shanna Morrison, and The Sweet Hearts of the Rodeo.

Guitar Guthrie Trapp at Eminence booth NAMM 2010

Angel Ruiz: for my baby son

Here's a great solo in honour of Angel Ruiz's little baby boy... let me wipe a tear...

Guthrie Govan-Emotive Ballad Cover by Ángel Ruiz (For my son) BETTER QUALITY

Prashant Aswani,Rafael Moreira: Bogner burning at NAMM

Bogner Goldfinger 90 Amplifier, 4x EL34 Powertubes and 5 Preamptubes. this footage was recorded at NAMM 2010. the 4x12 cabinet was loaded with Celestion 25W Greenbacks.

Bogner NAMM 2010 Goldfinger 90.m4v

Giorgio Rovati: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Italian Giorgio Rovati adds his stylish entry to the competition... down to the last nine days!

How to Enter:
The awesome responses:

Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too - Rock impro Giorgio Rovati

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