Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rob Chappers: the chappenator clinic is here!

Click here to buy a ticket:
Monkey Lord Live Performance Workshop - 20th March

1) Tickets are £40 and include - 6 hours tuition, coffee/tea and pizza - Will be available from the store in a few hours

2) You will be learning very simple blues rock tunes that I have written along with a few licks, form a little band and take it in turns to play rhythm and lead with myself and Stick on stage. Full tab will be given on the day.

3) There will be a huge Marshall Backline to use!! Including JMD1, 1970's JMP and JVM 205

4) Each performance will be filmed as a tuition guide

5) Lots of fun, no pressure to get up and play if you really don't want to

6) The chance to get up and jam with a drummer on a stage and play to people in a controlled environment.

7) There will be a fun competition there where you can win some new coated D'Addario Strings and stuff

Afterwards we will frequent our normal pub for a few beers etc ;-)

See ya'll soon

The Chappenator

Monkey Lord Live Performance Workshop - 20th March

Rokas Jackūnas: Valvette competition entry

Rokas Jackūnas - Valvette competition entry

News: are they slipping anything into your tea?

Slipknot - Wait and Bleed (Radio Disney Version)

Metallica-Enter Sandman (Smooth Jazz Version)

News: Monkeylord D'Addario Planet Waves round up!

Revolution DumpSquad

foxyproxy is just a clever word (rob chappers contest!)

RE: Monkey Lord D'Addario Planet Waves

Marco Sfogli: shred this judge lined up for James LaBrie's new CD

From Marco's forum:

I will be going to Varberg, Sweden next week to record the follow-up to James LaBrie's 2005 release, Elements Of Persuasion. Lineup is: James LaBrie (vocals), Matt Guillory (keyboards), Marco Sfogli (guitar), Ray Riendeau (bass), and Peter Wildoer (drums). The album will be recorded by Johan Örnborg, mix and mastered by Jens Bogren, and produced by Matt Guillory and James LaBrie!

News: let there be rock program

1 - Bad English - Heaven is a 4 letter word (Bad English)
2 - Three Days Grace - Break (Life starts now)
3 - Alter Bridge - Rise today (Live in Amsterdam)
4 - Armored Saint - March of the Saint (March of the saint)
5 - Ratt - Best of me (Infestation)
6 - Fear Factory - Powershifter (Mechanize)
7 - Illidiance - Razor to the Skin (Synthetic Breed)
8 - Rob Zombie - The man who laughs (Hellbilly Deluxe 2)
9 - Audrey Horne - Pitch Black Mourning (Audrey Horne)
10 - Loverboy - Notorious (Wildside)
11 - Hedley - She's so sorry (Famous last words)
12 - Rick Springfield - Mr PC (Venus in Overdrive)
13 - Horizon - Fear (33 - The blood from the shadow)
14 - Gamma - Voyager 
15 - Bruce Kulick - Friend of mine (BK3)
16 - Will Schut - Horace the skyfish catcher (Hidden in reality)

Bon Scott Special
17 - Fraternity - Seasons of change (Seasons of change)
18 - AC/DC - She's got balls (High Voltage)
19 - AC/DC - Rocker (TNT)
20 - AC/DC - Squeeler (Dirty deeds done dirt cheap)
21 - AC/DC - Dog eat dog (Let there be Rock)
22 - AC/DC - Kicked in the teeth (Power Age)
23 - AC/DC - Whole lotta rosie (If you want blood you've got it)
24 - AC/DC - Highway to hell (Highway to Hell)

25 - Trust - Ton dernier acte (Marche ou creve)
26 - W.E.T - Just go (W.E.T)

Next on Let there be Rock:
- March 2: Interview with Will Schut
- March 9: Interview with James Kottak (Scorpions) & Athena Kottak
- March 16: Rhandy Rhoads Special
- March 23: Interview with Bruce Kulick (ex-Kiss, Uniom, Grand Funk)
- March 30: Interview with Tony Mills (TNT, ex-Shy)

Ron Coolen

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Let there be Rock banner 2 (small 200 x 226)

Andy James: guitar idol... on hold... but an Andy James competition coming instead!

Owen Vaughan:
Guitar Idol will return, just not yet… in the meantime Andy James , James Edwards and myself and ESP and Blackstar have something that should tide things over nicely. Should be launched any day now…

More details about Andy James competition coming soon...

Chris Brooks: my top 15 shred this too!

Shred This Too competition – Chris Brooks’ Top 15

It was privilege to be one of the judges of the “Shred This Too” guitar soloing competition, alongside my esteemed peers and friends Tom Quayle, Rick Graham, Magnus Olsson and finally Marco Sfogli (respect to all of them!), under the co-ordination of our favourite shred news blogger Laurie Monk, whom we have to thank for such a competition. There were many very awesome and talented guitarists to be seen and heard, and it was a pleasure to watch them jam to our chosen backing track.

Although the top 5 has been announced and the deserving winners notified, I thought it would be cool to send a shout out to my personal top 15, by whom I was blown away. I take my hat off to you guys. I release this list not to cause controversy over the differences between my list and Marco’s winners, but to highlight some of the other talent out there and to congratulate you on being awesome. I’d happily jam with any of you any day.


1. Damjan Pejcinoski
2. Marius Pop
3. Silvio Gazquez
4. Santiago Pagura
5. Tenyu Nakamura
6. George Marios
7. Kenny Serane
8. Chris Pallas
9. Andres Ludmer
10. Rodrigo Viana
11. Martin Wichmann
12. Bryan Aspey
13. Mark McGuigan
14. Vladimir Maisiuk
15. Siamrath Tummachot 

Fran Alonso: The Yann Armellino Contest

Totally awesome shredding from Fran Alonso!

Video que presento al concurso "The Yann Armellino Contest".

Want to enter?

John 5: bet you can't play this... he's right I can't... #2

Betcha Can't Play This #2 with John 5

David Wallimann: modal made easy

Playing modal can be difficult if you come from a blues-rock background.
This lesson should help you play modal without too much of a headache.
The secret is to match minor pr major pentatonic scales with modes.

Playing Modal the easy way

Dimitar Nalbantov: Amplitube 3

Hi guys! Another video with Amplitube 3. This time it is my style of playing
Some clean sounds and then a nice hi gain solo sound.
I hope you will enjoy it!

Amplitube 3 - Clean and Hi Gain Solo Sounds

Mattias IA Eklundh: ICMP masterclass

This masterclass was presented by Mattias 'IA' Eklundh, (of Freak kitchen). Accompanying Mattias were ICMP tutors Dave Marks, Darren Ashford and Charlie Griffiths along with scholarship students Jamie Wilkins, James Neye, Francesco Lucidi....

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) welcomed Freak Kitchen’s Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh on Thursday, 18th February to give exclusive private lessons followed by an interactive masterclass at the ICMP facilities in Kilburn, London.

Considered to be one of the most groundbreaking and innovative guitarists of our time, Mattias is known for his work with Freak Kitchen, Frozen Eyes and The Jonas Hellborg Trio, and has also released several notable solo albums. His work has gained him rave reviews from Kerrang and Guitar Techniques in the UK, as well as a rapidly expanding international following.

Mattias engaged the crowd by blending a great balance of humour, technical precision, stylistic diversity and education in his performance. He shared his influences from all over the world, particularly from India where he felt challenged by interesting time signatures and melodic nuances. He also spoke with the students about finding their ‘moustache’ with their playing and their sound; trying to create something a little different that makes them stand out from the crowd and identifies their music with a particular signature.

The ICMP's student scholarship band, which included James Neye (guitar), Jamie Wilkins (bass) and Francesco Lucidi (drums), gave a high-energy and technically impressive performance of ‘Little Bastard’ with Mattias. ICMP tutors Charlie Griffiths (guitar), Darren Ashford (drums) and Dave Marks (bass) then took to the stage with Mattias to give amazing performances of 'Samba Caramba' and 'Ketchup is a Vegetable'.

Mattias 'IA' Eklundh Masterclass

Anton Tsygankov: anti

"Anti" song from "Anti - Anton Tsygankov Project 2005" album The CD is available at :


Dave Martone: pick melting exercises!

MARTONE Pick one vrs Pick

Sloth Chubsteen: cool funk backing track for you to jam on!

Sloth Chubsteen says:
Funk backing track in D and F. Please feel free to post a video response :)

funk backing track in d and f

Nahuel Schiumarini: so what!

So What Improvisation

Bryan Aspey: Mr Flawless Fluidity says thanks to fans of Shred This!

Bryan Aspey says:
Wow guys, it's a real honor to share a spot in the top 5 amongst these monsters, and it was great to hear Marco share his thoughts on the videos as well!

Thanks so much to Marco, Chris, Rick, Tom, Magnus and of course Laurie for bringing us all together for yet another great guitar competition.

It is both humbling and motivating to see how much awesome talent exists out there!

All the best in life, truth and shredding,

In case you missed it... this is Bryan's flawless work, showing great fluidity...

Shred This Too - Bryan Aspey

Sam Bell: fusion in a small room...

The Tall Room by Sam Bell.

This is a new tune that i am still to record properly, its inspired by brightons many houses with tall rooms inside them. Frank Zappa was going to be mayor of Brighton back in the 70s. Holdsworth is worshiped here in Brighton due to his taste in notes, and i really like Micheal Jackson. These were just some of the inspirations for this tune.

I am using Guitar Pro for the backing track, and i am using a Roland Cube for an thick plastic timbre.

Enjoy, and Sub!

"The Tall Room" By Sam Bell

Chris Geden: Hughes and Kettner Tri Amp MK 2 for sale!

I'm selling this item for a friend. It is in excellent condition and has hardly been used. Two of the plastic protective corners have cracked and broken off. The MIDI switching module has been installed and is extremely useful. Includes the channel switching pedal. An amazing amp!

Technical Specifications:Technical specifications

Model TriAmp MK II
Headline The Ultimate Tube Head
Channels 1A: Vintage Californian Clean, 1B: Vintage British Clean, 2A: Classic British Rock, 2B: Vintage British Rock, 3A: British Hot Rodded, 3B: Modern Californian Hi Gain
Power 100 Watts
Poweramp 4x EL34
Preamp 9x 12AX7
Effects Loop serial/parallel
MIDI built in
Footswitch/Stageboard 7-way Stageboard TriAmp included
Switching Functions 3x Amp, 3x Channel, 1x FX
Special Features RED BOX built in
Speaker Outputs 1x 4 Ohms, 1x 8/2x 16 Ohms, 1x16 Ohms
Suggested Speaker Cabinet CC 412 A/B 25, CC 412 A/B 30, CC 412 WA30
Protective Cover included
Dimensions 750 x 340 x 256 mm
Weight 22 kg/49 lbs
External Fuse (Anode) 1 x T 500 mA Slo-blo
Fuses 230V: T 1,6A, 117V: SB 3,15A, 100V: T 3,15A

Alternative payment methods available. Please email me

Price does not include shipping.

Personal Youtube review coming soon!

Will ship to anywhere  BUY

Alessandro Ragazzo: my attempt at Fives

Guthrie Govan - Fives Cover by Alessandro Ragazzo (15Yrs)

Pedro Santos: tribute to Andy James

Andy James Cover "Live for Today" Pedro Santos & Felix Jimenez

Bill Ruppert: crazy "Welcome To the Machine" on Electro-Harmonix

Bill Ruppert:
"Welcome To The Machine" preformed on just a guitar and effect pedals.
(With the help of a Norelco electric shaver and a telephone!)

Electro-Harmonix Effectology, Vol.13 Pink Floyd Synth Effects

Hi this is Bill Ruppert.
I am writing to tell you of a new Effectology video I know your viewers would have fun watching.
This is the video series I do for Electro-Harmonix on how to produce "impossible" sounds using just a regular guitar and EHX effect pedals.

In this episode I recreate the classic Pink Floyd recording "Welcome To the Machine".
Using just effect pedals, I am able to reproduce the synthesizers and tape effects from this great record.
It so cool to see whats possible!

Electro-Harmonix Effectology Vol.13 Pink Floyd Synth Effects

The How-To and settings are here:

Damjan Pejcinoski: soloing for Eurovision!

Damjan Pejcinoski:
I have some great news to share with you. I am part of the team that will present Macedonia on the Eurovision contest in Oslo
... check out the smoking solo at 2:25!!

(FYR) Macedonia 2010: Gjoko Taneski ft Billy Zver & Pejcin - Jas Ja Imam Silata

Frank Lasa: shred this too... can't stop the backing track!

IF you want to jam and post a video

1 Download the backing track


2 video your response solo

3 and then post your video in response to this video:


[I have to approve all video responses this can take several hours]

Watch the views and comments come in from guitar fans.

I wanted to do something over this great backing track altough i didnt participate, using the new amplitube fender.

Shred this too competition! Amplitube Fender

Einar Grønbekk: frozen fusion hero

It's winter in Norway, -25 degrees outside, but beautiful!
I decided to "revisit" the old Cminor Fusion jam I did about a year ago.
The video and audio is better, the playing, not so much.

I used my Ibanez s2020x running through a TC electronics nova sytstem into a fender deluxe reverb BFRI.

Larry carlton jam track

Suhr Jam - Funky fusion Improvisation