Thursday, 4 March 2010

Fran Alonso: DirtBox Valvette competition

Fran Alonso wringing out those notes fro the DirtBox Valvette competition.

Fran Alonso - DirtBox Competition Entry !! .mpg

This backing track is much shorter and requires some emotion to be expressed... so give it a go!

Adam Ironside: Valvette Custom Drive competition. Ends on the 31st March 2010

Silvio Gazquez: DirtBox Valvette competition

Silvio Gazquez does not disappoint with his cool entry for the DirtBox Valvette competition.

DirtBox Competition - Silvio Gazquez

This backing track is much shorter and requires some emotion to be expressed... so give it a go!

Adam Ironside: Valvette Custom Drive competition. Ends on the 31st March 2010

Bub Roberts: closer to the string

Bub Roberts - "Captain Kurbis" - Godin ACS-SA

Julien Damotte: trapped new cd demo #3

Here is a last teaser for my solo album "Trapped".
It will finally be available on March 9th on the following websites:

Later on, it will also be available on:

Trapped Teaser III.wmv

Ruben: DirtBox Valvette competition

Dirt Box Competition Ruben.wmv

This backing track is much shorter and requires some emotion to be expressed... so give it a go!

Adam Ironside: Valvette Custom Drive competition. Ends on the 31st March 2010

Alejandro Abellán: DirtBox Valvette competition

Alejandro Abellán - DirtBox Competition solo!

This backing track is much shorter and requires some emotion to be expressed... so give it a go!

Adam Ironside: Valvette Custom Drive competition. Ends on the 31st March 2010

Javier Fernández Liébana: DirtBox Valvette competition

dirtbox competition: Javierflguitar

This backing track is much shorter and requires some emotion to be expressed... so give it a go!

Adam Ironside: Valvette Custom Drive competition. Ends on the 31st March 2010

Neal Nagaoka: the third coming #2

Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am

Michael Bianco: hollywood love fest

Michael Bianco playing @ Love Fest in Hollywood Florida. Love Fest was a series of concerts started by Angel Spence in memory of artist James Morlock . Video by Andrew Singer (


Richie Kotzen: wow what a line up!!!

Atma Anur, Richie Kotzen and TM Stevens ripping it up!

Atma, Richie, and TM Stevens

Jon Bloomer: guitar noize Megadeth - Lucretia

Jon Bloomer:
Using a backing track and Amplitube 3 set to the preset "Silky Lead" I attempt to recreate the classic Marty Friedman solo from the awesome Megadeth album Rust In Peace.

The setup is my Suhr S4 direct into a Tapco Audio Interface with Amplitube 3 running as a plugin in Ableton Live.

Megadeth - Lucretia Marty Friedman solo cover

Ariel Ferreyrola: a little light blues

Ariel Ferreyrola impro Blues menor

Alex Turbé: bluesy shred

Alex Turbé dit "Alesk" - Wipe Out Shred' - VLEFFECTS - Loïc Lepape - studio Kaktus

Ed DeGenaro: demo's the Baker b3

The super tall guy with the cool licks is back, this time demoing a Baker b3

Baker b3 demo

Neal Nagaoka: the third coming

Improvisation in C min

The Octagon

Rodrigo Zapata: solo selections

A super solo selection from a super player, nice and melodic... right up my street

AdA - Acida Lluvia - guitar solo by Rodrigo Zapata

DASEIN - La maquina - Guitar Solo (by Rodrigo Zapata)

DASEIN - Horas Nocturnas - Guitar Solo (by Rodrigo Zapata)

Adam Ironside: DirtBox Competition Win A Valvette Custom Drive and news update

Adam Ironside dispalys the super cool pedal for his DirtBox Competition Win A Valvette Custom Drive... a cool looking beasty... well worth checking out!

This backing track is much shorter and requires some emotion to be expressed... so give it a go!

Adam Ironside: Valvette Custom Drive competition. Ends on the 31st March 2010

Random Blog / Updates

Misha Mansoor: Bulb and the bright lights from Periphery are 46 days away from a new CD

album sampler off their new album!.got it from myspace :D
Check it out!
support them!

Periphery Album Sampler/Preview

Matt Halpern and Bulb doing an impropmtu jam of a section of Racecar for the first time at Taylor Larson's studio. Good times!

Matt Halpern and Bulb jamming on Racecar!

News: Greek Guitar Power, 2-day Korinthos Festival

Greek Guitar Power, 2-day Korinthos Festival - 13 & 14 March 2010

Start Time: Saturday, 13 March 2010 at 14:05
End Time: Sunday, 14 March 2010 at 22:05
Description: The Greek Guitar Power festival 13-14t March 2010 at Sygxrono Korinthiako Odeio
(Koliatsou 33, 2nd floor , Korinthos - tel. 27410-81058)

A 2 day Electric guitar Festival with over 20 different guitar related events!!!

20+ hours of Seminars, masterclasses, Equipment presentations and LIVE performances!

Events start at noon and finish around 10 at night!
This is the Ultimate Guitar Extravaganza you've all been waiting for!!

Contact us for invitation
or call tel. 27410-81058

TOTAL Cost for BOTH days:
40 euros with pre-booking (email to reserve)
50 Euros at the door

Atendance fee includes several promo CDs, DVDs and over 30 pages of notes from all the seminars!!!!

Do not miss the BIGGEST GGP Festival yet!!!

Pablo G Soler, Nicolas Waldo: guitar competition

Lots of cool prizes



Milan Polak: something wicked this way comes

Milan Polak is super busy working on a new competition... and it's going to be a monster!

Mean time another speed picking lesson!

Milan Polak Lick #15 - speed picking

Max Tsinj: D'Addario and Planet Waves

These guys decided to show their heavy metal side in a machine shop, with lots of milling machines, lathes and knurled knobs...

D'Addario, Planet Waves, Monkey Lord, Video Yourself Playing In The Strangest Place Possible...
Max and Chester playing in Bater Electrics shop/warehouse. Chester and I brainstormed about this thing for awhile. At first we figured maybe a public stall, however after a short discussion we decided that may be unsafe... Then we figured maybe an elementary school class room with a show and tell sketch followed by metal. Sadly, our request was denied. Bater Electec was kind enough to let us use their space. Bater does repairs and sales on large industrial electric motors. Thank you very much Bater Electric.

Max's D'Addario, Planet Waves/Monkey Lord Strange Place Entry...

Nathan Skoldn: D'Addario and Planet Waves

This one in the basement... what's strange about that? Well his grandmother is buried under the wood pile...

D'Addario / Planet Waves / Monkey Lord Competition - Rock Ballad impro by Skoldn

Steve Brown: D'Addario and Planet Waves

Steve Brown D'Addario and Planet Waves entry... what's odd about this... well there is a guy behind him doing the exact same thing!

Steve Brown: The Last Breadcrumb Studio Jam

Fletcher Barton: D'Addario & Planet Waves... surely a winner?!?!?!?

This has to be the funniest guitar video I've seen yet... 1 mile up and shredding, plus a guest appearance in a cabin overhead locker!!! The video has a large amount of \m/ EPIC WIN \m/ quality to it!!! Makes me wonder... was Fletcher in air traffic control??!?!

10 year old Fletcher has a blast jamming 30,000+ feet up on an airplane (& in an overhead compartment1:34) for D'Addario & Planet Wave's awesome endorsement competition with Rob Chappers... Special thanks to all the flight crew on Northwest Airlines (Delta) guys were beyond unbelievable!!! ...& by the way - Monkey Lord, Planet Waves & D'Addarrio Rock!!!

Fletcher - 30,000 ft. High Entry - D'Addario & Planet Waves "Strangest Place" Competition

News: Win a TREX mudhoney bhargavasmusic competition

Download Track Here (right click "Save Target as OR Save Link As")
Description of the Track
“Playback track is a loop in D with a open tonality.. One can use any Modes or Scales based in D..  Go crazy People… Cheers! ”

“Track length – 1:45 min ..  Please play for the Full duration on 1:45min..”
Also visit to see other entries.. we will upload them soon

Todd Grubbs: no known unknown

Thanks to Michelle Holland for reminding me to post something about this guy:
Todd Grubbs is an internationally respected rock guitarist/composer from Tampa, Florida. His music has been released worldwide and has received critical acclaim as well as commercial success.
Todd has been featured in major guitar magazines and on radio programs in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Todd has dedicated himself to composing and performing mainly instrumental music, focusing his talents on what interests him and is always trying to expand his musical boundaries.
Todd's current CD "Time, Space and the Electric" (Released 2008) is a perfect example of a culmination of years of experiences, experimentation and passion that has brought Todd to where he is today. From the first note, Todd captures the listeners ear with mesmerizing melodies and technical proficiency that takes them to a different plane altogether.

Time, Space and the Electric sounds incredible! Its a rare work of sonic art
20th Century Guitar (Robert Silverstein)

With a clear soaring tone, Grubbs has the chops to keep the shred heads satisfied but it's certainly not his raison d' etre, more interested in melody and feel than speed, Grubbs knows when to hold back as much as when to fire away.
Guitar World
Todd knows that chops without good compositions, original arrangements and a good sense of humor lead nowhere, as he has all the goods; he can go anywhere he wants. Todd boasts a big fat juicy tone, chops to kill for and a predilection for a certain hyperactive musical schizophrenia with compositions shifting stylistically on a moments notice.
Tampa Tribune

1. Has been performing and recording for over 25 years
2. Studied at Berklee college of music in Boston
3. Voted most outstanding guitarist at Tampa Bay Music Awards
4. Named best guitarist in Creative Loafings' "Best of the Bay"
5. Has released 4 instrumental guitar CD’s Time, Space and the Electric, Beautiful Device, Toddities Vol. 1 and Combination.
6. Played on and produced jam rockers 3 Green Windows' debut Red Door
7.Influences run from Steve Vai, Jeff Beck and Alan Holdsworth to John
Coltrane, the Beatles and Frank Zappa

Todd Grubbs Group, Uncle Frebis

The Electric Life

Todd Grubbs Group Size 5 Lightning Boots

News: LickLibrary web cast

Live Webcast March 11th 7pm GMT
Live lessons, special offers and more.

  • Register for your FREE Access All Areas pass online now!
  • The Webcast will feature
  • Exclusive Live Lessons  
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Paul Gilbert: guitar edge article

Paul Gilbert no longer spends hours teasing his bangs. And his pink spandex pants and sateen jackets with poofy shoulder pads are long gone. But that doesn’t mean the fire and dazzling technique that shot him into the guitar stratosphere when he did wear that stuff (back in the mid ’80s) has diminished one iota. If you’re new to the Gilbert game, all you have to know is that the guy wowed the head of that decade’s preeminent guitar label (Shrapnel Records’ Mike Varney), formed a terrifying band called Racer X at Hollywood’s Guitar Institute of Technology, found mainstream success with bassist extraordinaire Billy Sheehan in Mr. Big, and then launched an impressively eclectic solo career that often mixes Beatles-esque vocal harmonies with consistently mind-boggling speedpicking, arpeggios, and legato phrasing. We spoke to Gilbert recently about everything from how he began his career, how he plays some of his most jaw-dropping riffs, and what inspires him today  view article

Michael Angelo Batio: speed kills the definitive collection

For a limited time Michael is personally autographing every DVD cover in the "Speed Kills" and "Speed Lives" series.
This includes -
Speed Kills - advanced picking techniques
Speed Kills 2 - warm-up exercises and intense shred
Speed Kills 3 - advanced shred techniques, very challenging
Speed Lives - teaches the song No Boundaries
Speed Lives 2 - teaches the song Hands Without Shadows
Speed Lives 3 - teaches the song The Finish Line
buy for $94.95 now 

NEW for 2010! Michael will be filming and updating his classic "Speed Kills" DVD! Filming will begin this month in Los Angeles. The DVD will be available in late Spring, early Summer 2010!

Above is a photo of Michael taken during the filming of the original "Speed Kills" DVD. "Speed Kills" is one of the best selling guitar instructional programs of all time and features the famous MAB quote: "I'll give YOU the keys to the Lamborghini!" The new version will include updated lessons and information as well as Michael's amazing song "Time Traveler" in the opening segment.

Ignazio Di Salvo: fusion funk

More great playing from Ignazio Di Salvo, always look forward to new videos from this guy... check him out.

Ignazio Di Salvo fusion funk solo

Tsuyoshi Hayashi: Japan MI Mini-lesson teacher!


Marshall Harrison: 2^3=8 need shades to watch ;)

Incredible note range on this guitar... some monster picking again!

FILE0069 airvideo

Ichirou Minami: prelude to April

More cool playing from "mini me!"

PRELUDE TO APRIL by Yngiwe Malmsteen-My arrangement for the electric guitar

Chris Feener: become a facebook fan

Chris Feener:
Hey guys! I just figured I'd jump aboard the "omg look at me!" fan group wagon as a means to keep the guitar-related Facebook questions directed to one general area. Plus, I figure it's a good way to keep people posted on what I'm doing (whether that be reasons as to why I'm not posting Youtube videos as frequently or what have you)



-YouTube channel:

- Papa String FB Group (a local cover band I'm a part of)!/group.php?gid=19088459062

-Six Story Remedy MySpace (soon to be)