Monday, 15 March 2010

Rusty Cooley: shows off the new Dean RC 8

Ok shredders here's a quick run down of the new Dean RC 8. Sorry no playing examples yet but those are coming. Special thanks to Sebastian for helping out with the cam.

Rusty Cooley Talks About The New Rusty Cooley


Rusty Cooley Pro Tone Pedals Booth NAMM 09(Why Synyster Gates is a SHITTY emocore guitarist) :)

Mike Keneally: Baked Potato

Mike Keneally Band with Rick Musallam on drums!

Mitch Perry, George Lynch: Black Sheep rides again?

"writing & recording songs for a new solo album due out on my indie-label,
Currently in production on the album with my dear bro,
legendary Led Zeppelin / Rolling Stones engineer/producer, A N D Y J O H N S

So far, Willie and Andy have produced the album's single, "BREAK AWAY"
(look for it streaming online everywhere
by the end of March 2010)

It features GEORGE LYNCH (Dokken) on lead guitars,
MITCH PERRY on guitars,
JAMES KOTTAK (Scorpions / Kottak) on drums.
"It's a simple stripper song about me going solo. Kind of a true story - currently where I'm at in my career" says Willie
"The song makes you wanna take your clothes off
and D A N C E ! "

George Lynch says:
"Working with George Lynch again is amazing and we're enjoying lots of creative fun! We can actually do anything and go anywhere without limits," commented Willie Basse. "His contribution to my project, along with unmatched professional musicianship enlightens me, and inspires me to new heights."

"Ok. First you have Andy Johns. Hello, Andy Johns?! He's done a few records... LED ZEPPELIN, ROLLING STONES," added George Lynch. "Then you've got Willie, who I played with back in the '80s, so we've got some history.

"Willie is so passionate about the music that he lives and breathes.

"Working on these tracks is liking going back in time, in a good way! It's very reminiscent of PRIEST and other hard rock bands of that era. And everything starts out analog. You just can't beat tape. I felt like I was back in 1987 recording a classic DOKKEN record!"

Richie Blackmore: blackmores night Euro dates

5 - Leising - Kloster Buch, Germany
8 - Venue TBA - Prague, Czech Republic
10 - Prinzgegententheater - Munich, Germany
16 - Theatre des Westens - Berlin, Germany
18 - Rhein - Main Theater - Niedernhausen, Frankfurt, Germany
23 - CCH Saal 2 - Hamburg, Germany
26 - Theater am Marientor - Duisburg, Germany

Blackmore's Night - Locked Within The Crystal Ball

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g elixer interview

Interview with Gus G at NAMM '10

Stephan Forte: CD re releases and tour dates

ADAGIO's back catalog will be reissued through XIII BIS Records, featuring bonus material and — in the case of 2003's "Underworld" — new artwork. Also being released is the "A Band In Upperworld" live album — previously only available in Japan — which was recorded at the last show the French neo-classical metallers played with British singer David Readman (PINK CREAM 69) on February 21, 2004 in Paris, France.

"Sanctus Ignis" (2001) reissue track listing:

01. Second Sight
02. The Inner Road
03. In Nomine…
04. The Stringless Violin
05. Seven Lands Of Sin
06. Order Of Enlil
07. Sanctus Ignis
08. Panem Et Circenses
09. Immigrant Song
10. Nozam (instrumental demo version) (bonus)

"Underworld" (2003) reissue track listing:

01. Next Profundis
02. Introïtus / Solvet Saeclum in Favilla
03. Chosen
04. From My Sleep… To Someone Else
05. Underworld
06. Promises
07. The Mirror Stage
08. Niflheim
09. Nifhleim (instrumental démo version) (bonus)

"A Band In Upperworld" (2004) reissue track listing:


01. Introïtus
02. Second Sight
03. Choses
04. The Stringless Violin
05. From My Sleep… To Someone Else
06. Promises
07. Seven Lands Of Sins
08. In Nomine…

CD 2 (bonus):

01. Panem et Circenses (live)
02. Missa Aeterna (unreleased track)
03. Chosen (demo version)
04. The Stringless Violin
05. Promises (video)

"Dominate" (2006) reissue track listing:

01. Dominate
02. Fire Forever
03. Terror Jungle
04. Children Of the Dead Lake
05. R'Lyeh The Dead
06. The Darkitecht
07. Kissing The Crow
08. Fame

Bonus tracks:

09. This Ending Chapter (unreleased track)
10. Kissing The Crow (unreleased track)
11. Undying (unreleased track)
12. Dominate (demo version)
13. Fame (demo, different bridge version)

Kamalot, Adagio tour

25 - Charleroi, Belgium - Le Coliseum
26 - Tilburg, Holland - O13
27 - Amsterdam, Holland - Paradiso
28 - London, UK - Koko
31 - Paris, France- Elysée Montmartre

1 - Pratteln, Switzerland- Z7 Kulturfabrik
2 - Montpellier, France - Rockstore
3 - Barcelona, Spain - Salamandra
4 - Madrid, Spain - La Riviera
7 - Dortmund, Germany - FZW
8 - Köln, Germany - Live Music Hall
9 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle

Emiliano Sicilia: I lost my way on the neck the other day

Got enough strings for you?


Sloth Chubsteen: guitar wars

Sloth Chubsteen reminds me there are other competitions out there...

Welcome to the 2010 Baton Rouge Music Studios Guitar Wars! Check out the video above for sponsors, prizes, contest rules, and more! The contest roles from February 1st 2010 to June 1st 2010. Enter as many times as you like! Be sure to visit for the backing track and to see what our unique business offers. Happy shredding!


This is me and my good friend David attempting to play over this backing track. Thanks BRMS for the contest. We just came off playing a bunch of funk and blues with Slimer the past two hours and this is our second take is all.

Sick shredders please be kind, I have been playing for three years and David has been playing for 2 years. Thanks Slimer for filming us. Sorry about the bad language. Was just being honest, lol :) Thanks for watching!

Check out Davids channel @

Check out Slimer at username
slimerandtheslob, or look in my favorites

BRMS Guitar Wars- Jp 6 vs. Jp 7

Koji Tsumoto,German Schauss: live at cranes in Hollywood

Koji Tsumoto & German Schauss, Live at Crane's Hollywood Tavern
Date: Friday, 28 May 2010
Time: 19:45 - 22:45
Location:Crane's Hollywood Tavern
Street:1611 N. El Centro
Town/City:Los Angeles, CA

Guitarist Koji Tsumoto and German Schauss join forces again to bring great instrumental Rock Guitar Music to Los Angeles. This time, they will be performing an amazing show at Crane's Hollywood Tavern.

Please send email to: management AT for more information and flyer for special discounted tickets. All emails/ messages will be entered into a drawing for great prices.

Glenn Proudfoot: new CD Lick 'Em is available

Glenn Proudfoot say:

My album is now available on ITUNES world wide

01 The Five O
02 Sterling
03 S.R.Vicious
04 Evangel
05 Escape
06 Truffle Shuffle
07 Snot Machine
08 Greenwood
09 Grunta's Boot Scoot
10 Father
11 Solo From Hell
12 Just For You

Guitar World America is doing a special editorial on myself in the next 2 months, will keep you posted! Also Australian Guitar player will do 4 months of editorial.

Glenn Proudfoot interview:
So how did you manage to find yourself on the other side of the world as the lead guitarist in a Czech rock band?

I was playing guitar for Brian Mannix from the Uncanny X-Men at the time, Brian was and still is a massive support in my life and music. Brian had told me about this drummer, Klaudius Kryspin, who
he had met. Klaudius was a big rock star in Europe. In turn Brian was talking me up to Klaudius. We eventually met in Melbourne and I had prepared a video of myself playing a 5 minute guitar solo
(great to watch hard to listen to…. hahaha!) which I gave to Klauda in the hope that he would watch it. Turns out he did watch it many times; so he took it with him to Europe and showed the other
guys in the band. But it wasn’t until 7 years later that they called me and asked if I would like to come and record with them. Before I knew it I was in the band and on stage in front of 40′000 people!
It was truly unbelievable. The solo I wrote for that video took 3 months and had over 5′000 notes in it, people thought I was crazy but it worked!

Tom Quayle: tq105 delivers rock fusion

Rock Fusion Improvisation

Craig Goldy: Dio Tornado extremely limited edition CD

Limited Edition of 1,500, signed and numbered

Killing the Dragon CD
Evil or Divine DVD/CD
DVD Bonus Material
Photo Gallery
Never Before Seen Behind the Scenes Footage
Promo video for “Push”
Bonus CD single “Elektra”
Exclusive DIO Photo Cards
PAL format (It was made for Europe)

News: Non Brewed Condiment passes away RIP.

Posted: 09:46 15-03-2010...

The end of an era... my cat passed away today... god speed NBC: Non Brewed Condiment... my baby girl... a tribute from the master to my black star.

Yngwie Malmsteen - Black star

this pretty much sums up NBC

Simon's Cat 'Cat Man Do'

Andy Timmons: Italian tour dates plus

Mar 16, 2010
Teatro Masciari
For info: 
Mar 17, 2010 7:00 PM 
Andy Timmons Clinic Info:  
Mar 17, 2010 10:00 PM 
Mar 18, 2010
venue info
Mar 18, 2010
Andy Timmons Clinic INFO -339-4208060 338-5216984
Mar 19, 2010
with: w/Ciro Manna Band
venue info
Mar 20, 2010 12:00 AM 
with: w/Ciro Manna Band
venue info
Mar 21, 2010
venue info
Mar 22, 2010
venue info
Mar 24, 2010
venue info
Mar 25, 2010
venue info
Mar 25, 2010
Andy Timmons Clinic
venue info
Mar 26, 2010
venue info
Jul 23, 2010 12:00 AM 
Raleigh Music Academy
Guitar Clinic/Workshop
show details
Jul 24, 2010 12:00 AM 
Raleigh Music Academy
Guitar Clinic/Workshop
show details
Jul 27, 2010
Guitar Workshop Plus
venue info

Frank Gambale: at musikmesse 2010 and other tour dates

MARCH - 2010

24-27 - Frankfurt Musik Messe, Germany
APRIL - 2010

- 29 - FG TRIO TOUR IN ASIA with Joel Taylor - drums and Stu Hamm - bass. Fly to Singapore

MAY - 2010

1 - Arrive Singapore

2 - Group Clinic morning, Concert evening in Singapore

3 - Fly to Mumbai, India

4 - Concert Mumbai, India

5 - Day off Mumbai, India

6 - Fly to Japan, day off

7 - Concert at Gate's 7, Fukuoka, Japan

8 - Concert at Red Box, Kurashiki, Japan

9 - Concert at Janus, Osaka, Japan

10 - Off - travel to Tokyo, Japan

11 - Concert at STB 139, Tokyo, Japan

12 - Concert at STB 139, Tokyo, Japan

13 - Concert at Enn, Sendai, Japan

14 - Fly Home from Tokyo, Japan

JUNE - 2010

JULY - 2010

FG TOUR - EUROPE with new G-FORCE BAND ( More dates to come )

18 - Concert Aosta, Italy

24 - Concert Alatri, Italy

26 - Concert Reggio Calabria, Italy

AUGUST - 2010


23 - Oct 3 Tour in South America ( Chile- Brazil ) with Natural High Trio

Brett Garsed, Andy Timmons, Greg Howe, Michael Angelo Batio, William Stravato,Richard Hallebeek: an incredible rock show!

Bucharest to host mega fusion guitar show... a date not to be missed.

Claudio Mariola passed me some news which is hot off the presses: Claudio says:
I was in Italy a few days ago and met up with my mate William Stravato at his gig. He told me that there was a plan for a guitar festival in Romania in the pipeline, which is now finally confirmed! William will be a special guest at the festival on the 10th of April in Bucharest, along with Brett Garsed, Andy Timmons, Greg Howe, Michael Angelo Batio and Richard Hallebeek.

More details when I get them.