Sloth Chubsteen: guitar wars

Sloth Chubsteen reminds me there are other competitions out there...

Welcome to the 2010 Baton Rouge Music Studios Guitar Wars! Check out the video above for sponsors, prizes, contest rules, and more! The contest roles from February 1st 2010 to June 1st 2010. Enter as many times as you like! Be sure to visit for the backing track and to see what our unique business offers. Happy shredding!


This is me and my good friend David attempting to play over this backing track. Thanks BRMS for the contest. We just came off playing a bunch of funk and blues with Slimer the past two hours and this is our second take is all.

Sick shredders please be kind, I have been playing for three years and David has been playing for 2 years. Thanks Slimer for filming us. Sorry about the bad language. Was just being honest, lol :) Thanks for watching!

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slimerandtheslob, or look in my favorites

BRMS Guitar Wars- Jp 6 vs. Jp 7