Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Anton Oparin: With Skull Crusher and namm

Anton Oparin With Skull Crusher

Anton Oparin plays live at NAMM 2010

Guthrie Govan: plays "Waves" Live namm

Guthrie Govan - plays "Waves"

Damjan Pejcinoski: Official HD EUROVISION 2010!!

Damjan Pejcinoski for the win! If you not into eye candy then Damjan appears at 2:20

Gjoko Taneski - Jas ja imam silata (Official HD EUROVISION 2010 Video)

Andy Wood: tonight I'm going to show Andy James how it's done!

Andy Wood delivers some devastation over the Andy James shredding track... come on guys we really do need a guitar festival... with all these top shredders!

Andy Wood on Andy James backing track (zoom camera test)

Gary Moore: skid row back to 1971 with a crazy gnome singer!

real Skid Row -Gary Moore- Un-Coup Showband Blues 1971

Adam Ironside: Iron Hulk!

Iron HULK are a five-piece Power Rock / AOR covers band from Sunderland in North East England.

Formed in early 2010 Iron HULK are currently preparing to hit the North East circuit with their blend of Hard Hitting Rock Tunes, Pop-Rock Classics, and Classic Metal Favourites!

Vocals - Laura Armstrong
Guitars - Andy Bell
Guitars - Adam Ironside
Bass - Jordan Miller
Drums - Helen Whitford

Jess Lewis: tribute Alex Hutchings... check this out!

Jess Lewis is here to kick your ass! Top notch playing... you're going to need to work a lot harder to get Jess's level of chops! Jess Lewis:
This alex Hutchings song is Awesome!! so I had to learn it! my cover is pretty bad at the mo, coz have just finnished learning it.. I'll probably upload a better one soon..

Alex Hutchings- Happy as Larry- cover by Jess

another recent posts

Johnny & Mary- Cover by Jess

Alex Hutchings: demos the TU-88

Alex Hutchings shows how the Boss TU-88 Micro Monitor, Metronome and Guitar Tuner all in one, can help you become a better guitarist or bassist. Alex has provided downloadable backing tracks to play along with the video. Find out more and get your own Boss TU-88 here: roland

TU-88 with Alex Hutchings (Part 1/2)

TU-88 with Alex Hutchings (Part 2/2)

plus a snippet of Alex at Musikmesse

Alex Skolnick: jazz DVD

Alex Skolnick has a new three-DVD set "Jazz Guitar: Breaking The Traditional Barriers", his first-ever guitar instructional program, Alex shares his easy-to-understand method for learning how to play jazz music from a rock guitarist's perspective. Starting from blues, which is the pure roots of jazz, he examines the commonality between blues, jazz and rock and show how to apply the principals. Students will learn his unique and groundbreaking way of taking well-known classic rock and metal songs and turning them into jazz compositions.

A trailer for the set can be viewed below.

Pre-sale starts on March 28, 2010 at

Alex Skolnick: jazz DVD

Michael Schenker: MSG Live in Japan 2010

Four pro shot videos from a recent tour date in Japan.

Michael Schenker: MSG Live in Japan 2010

Jeff Loomis: guitar clinic Prague

Three videos from Jeff Loomis at his guitar clinic in Prague.

Jeff Loomis: guitar clinic Prague

Reddy C: Andy James shredding competition

Another new guy loving the Andy James supplied backing track!

Reddy.c andy james contest.mp4

Adam Moore: Dave Martone contest

This guy is freaking talented...

Adam Moore:
Whilst spamming all and sundry over the Andy James solo video I got a note from the very talented and everso Canadian Dave Martone suggesting I enter his I have. Its a bit random in places, but Im sticking with my first take policy at the moment so randoms how its got to be. Enjoy and leave a comment if you can muster one. Adam xxx

Adam Moore's Atonal Ramblings on a Dave Martone Track

Dave Martone: Pigtronix pedal competition. Ends on the 31st May 2010

Jeff Loomis: How A Rock House Guitar Lesson is Born

Jeff Loomis & John McCarthy show you the Rock House approach to a Guitar Lesson and how we put that together in the context of a full program. This comes from Jeff's time at Rock House back in August of 2009. here John and Jeff describe how they will teach a particular section within the program. Jeff's DVDs will be available after April 15, 2010,

Jeff Loomis & John McCarthy How A Rock House Guitar Lesson is Born

Tom Hess: How to Become a Professional Guitarist & Musician ~ Facts and Myths - Part 1

How to Become a Professional Guitarist & Musician ~ Facts and Myths - Part 1

by Tom Hess

“What does it take to become a professional guitar player and musician?” The answer remains a huge mystery for the vast majority of musicians. Traditionally, conventional wisdom has offered three separate statements that are supposed to be answers or explanations to the question. I choose to call them what they are...MYTHS! Here they are starting from the most common myth:
MYTH number 1: If all musicians knew how to do it [become professional musicians] then everyone would be doing it.
MYTH number 2: Musicians have to get lucky, get discovered, and to do that they need to be in the right place at the right time.
MYTH number 3: Musicians have to be talented and have key music industry contacts with important people in the music industry.
Like most guitar players of my generation, my friends and I (back when we were in high school) believed each one of these so-called answers to our own questions about how we could make our records, tour the world as professional guitarists, become rock stars, etc, etc, etc,. Since we all knew absolutely nothing about how the music industry really worked, the types of statements we heard from the adults around us (non-professional musicians who were also clueless about the music industry) seemed logical enough for us.
So in addition to doing all the stuff that music students do (taking guitar lessons, reading about music, listening to music, practicing my instrument, jamming with friends, forming bands and dreaming about making it), I figured I needed to do more than the obvious (improving as a musician). I needed to try to discover how to become a professional guitarist, how to create luck, how to know where the right place and right time is (and then figure out how to get there), how to get discovered, how to become more talented faster, and how to make key contacts with people in the music industry.
Becoming more talented faster was the easiest task since I did have a really good  music teacher who helped me dramatically increase the rate at which I improved my musical skills (you can check out that story here). But all of the other things seemed out of reach (it didn’t help that I lived far away from any of the music centers in the United States.). My greatest perceived challenge was that virtually everything I thought I needed to happen for me was out of my own control (so I thought). In reality, my truly greatest problem was that I was aimlessly chasing all the wrong things (and in the wrong order).
Let’s go back to the conventional wisdom (the myths about the music industry) and we’ll see how it is all wrong.
MYTH number 1: If all musicians knew how to do it [become professional musicians] then everyone would be doing it.
This could not be more false. There are millions of guitar players in the world today who dream and desire to be professional musicians who are successful and famous, or whatever. Now that I actually do know (and have done) what it takes to become a professional in the music industry, I also know that the vast majority of people are simply not willing to do what it takes to make it. Many talk about it, dreams about it and some even try it, but very few musicians have the will to take accurate-consistent-forward-moving-intense-action over the long term. This is also the primary reason why most people in America who want to be wealthy are not wealthy. (the opportunities exist for every American to become wealthy who wants to be). The problem isn’t in knowing what to do. The main problem for most musicians is that they would not choose to do what it takes even if they did know what to do and how to do it.
MYTH number 2: Musicians have to get lucky, get discovered, and to do that they need to be in the right place at the right time.
I could talk about luck for many hours, but instead, I’ll just say this:
“Luck is the residue of design”
“Luck can be created, directed, manipulated and controlled” (at least in how it applies to our topic)
Being in the right place at the right time is very, very, very easy to do. Have you ever heard of music industry showcases? Or Record Label showcases? Or MobFest? These are events (and there are many of these around the world) where you (YES YOU) could go to (for  a very small fee usually) and bring your songs, CDs, etc. and give them to music producers, music publishers, record company, A&R people, etc.
But before you get all excited about these opportunities, you need to know that a very tiny percentage of the musicians who attend these events ever get anything out of it. Why? How can this be? Certainly there are many talented people there who are all in the right place at the right time. So why do so few walk away without anything significant after meeting with key people in the music industry? Think about the answer before reading any further......
Was your answer something like this?: “Perhaps the record companies and music producers, are only looking for 2 guitar players or bands. So if 100 musicians attend the event, 98% of those musicians will go home with nothing.” That would seem to make sense, but is that how it really is????? No, it is NOT!
Many times it is the music industry people who go home with nothing. They meet all of the musicians and most often choose not to work with any of them. It is also very important to know that the music industry is starving for new talent, with great music. Many of the musicians attending these events are very talented and do have excellent, marketable music. So it would seem that everything matches and deals could be made. But it doesn’t generally work like that, it’s not that simple. Music industry companies aren’t going to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into an artist/band's music career unless these companies are TOTALLY CERTAIN they are going to make a lot of money (and not lose their huge financial and time investments). So now, the truth comes out. And that truth is this: Investing large sums of money on Human Beings is extremely risky. When music companies work with you, they are investing in YOU - not just your music. They need to be convinced that an investment in YOU is going to make them tons of money with the least amount of risk. Yes, music publishers want good songs and record companies want good music and musicians, but they want to find the “right people”. That does not necessarily mean only a musician with a name.
I’ll give you a very simplistic example. Let’s say there exists a great musician with a great band and great songs. In addition the band has already established a strong fan base on a regional level and sold a respectable amount of records (for a band without a record company behind it). Now let’s say the primary songwriter and lead singer are unstable, drug addicts. Now, put yourself in the shoes of the manger, record company, etc. Would you be willing to invest your $450,000 into a talented band with great, marketable songs and an established local fan base if the primary musicians in the band did not have their %&#@ together mentally? I wouldn’t and most companies nowadays won’t either. In the past, some record companies did invest in these types of musicians and sooner or later they usually got burned and lost lots of money when the walls around the bands came tumbling down. This was an extreme example, but serves to illustrate how the risks associated with the musicians (people) can kill an opportunity.
For many reasons, it has become harder and harder for record companies to make money. (This is worth going into detail about for your understanding, but is too huge a topic to get into here and now.) The bottom line is this, In searching for musicians to work with, music businesses will be looking for things that go WAY BEYOND the musician’s musical skills, bands, songs or recordings. Many musicians can’t understand why their latest CD won’t attract the interests of the industry (even if the songs and the recordings are amazingly great).
Music producers, music publishers, record companies and music career managers are starving for great new talented bands, songwriters and singers. And if all 100 musicians had everything about them that was ideal in the music industry’s eyes, all 100 of them would have been offered many opportunities.
The fallacy is that the competition is too great, there are simply way too many musicians out there trying to become rock stars. The reality is NOT that record companies have “too many musicians out there to choose from”. The reality is there are not nearly enough of musicians out there who have “the total package together”. That total package goes far beyond music, far beyond your band and far beyond your songs. The secret to what is missing in most musicians, is what is (or is not) in their minds. Joan of Arc once said, “All battles are first won or lost in the mind.” This is perhaps even more true today than it was in her time.
MYTH number 3: Musicians have to be talented and have key music industry contacts with important people in the music industry.
My reply to this is basically the same as my response to myth number 2. I’ll simply add this thought about contacts: Record company A&R guys, music executives, music career managers, music producers, and music publishers know thousands of musicians (and have met thousands more throughout their lifetime). Just because somebody “knows” somebody else doesn’t count for anything – unless two primary things are intact:
  1. You have a high quality relationship with that person (knowing someone is not enough – since they already know tons of other people).
  2. You are the “right person”. Yes, that implies that you must have some musical talent, but as implied above, being the “right person” goes way beyond music. It must be obvious to the-powers-that-be that an investment in YOU will be safe, secure and very profitable.
It took me many years to come to these understandings, and they are true. Certainly we could point out some exceptions to what I’m writing here. The further back in time we look, the more likely we are to discover such exceptions. But the music industry is extremely different now than it was in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and even the first 2-4 years of this decade. It has evolved quickly and the nature of how the game is played has changed dramatically. As a musician, the most fundamental change that you need to understand that has taken place in the industry is this:
  1. Companies are increasingly reluctant to take on significant risk than they once were.
  2. Any company’s greatest risk is in investing in the people (musicians and bands).
This is the primary reason why in my program about building a music career, my first priority is in changing the musician’s mind to help them become the “right person”. Then (and only then) do we begin to work on developing the additional skills and tools to advance the musician's future (or current) career in music. advice to you (those seeking a music career) is:
  1. Focus on your mind and look at the value you have to offer the music industry as well as any possible areas where parts of your personality, habits, actions, or situation may be a liability in the eyes of the-powers-that-be.
  2. Continuously work on your songwriting.
  3. Learn about the music industry that you are seeking to enter into and don’t listen to anyone that hasn’t actually “lived in the music industry”. If you want to tour the world as a professional guitarist, don’t take advice from anyone who has not done that. If you want to sell records worldwide, don’t take advice from anyone who has not done it. This is why going to a music school to learn about the music industry is usually (but not always) a bad idea since most university professors are not (nor have ever been) professional musicians (that’s why they teach at the college and are not out in Europe or South America or anywhere else, “living” what they are talking about. (Although there are some rare exceptions to this and you might find someone that has done things in the past).
  4. Be certain you know exactly WHY you want to become a professional musician. This might seem like a pointless piece of advice, as we all think we know why we want what we want. However, on a deeper human level, people in general, and musicians in particular generally want more than what is on the surface. To read more about this final point, take this music business test.
Tom Hess teaches, trains and mentors musicians from all over the world to build a successful and stable career in music. To discover free music career articles, mini courses, assessments, videos and much more, check out

Krisztian Lovrek: Tiéd Volt

LOVRECK - Tiéd Volt by Krisztian Lovrek

Istvan Cseh,Zalán Kiss,Jani Szentkirályi: Hungarian guitar war hotting up!!


every day of the exciting ujgitaros.hutalent competition, and where is the end? "

We have 47 guitar competitions!

rajongótól almost 9000 more than 20 000 votes were received in the first three weeks of competition.

The current state of competition:

Top 10 Audience

Uj Gitaros

1.Stephen Czech (Isty)1621
2.Horvath squires (small)1481
3.Zoltan Szécsi1416
4.David Saxe (Buci)1369
5.Pfeiffer, Akos1335
6.Bodor Mate1320
7.Z. Kiss Tartars (Z. Kiss, Zala)1246
8.Kemence Laszlo (Laci)1200
9.Illyes Joseph (Joceee)1196
10.Dombóvári Gregory (Tyekvica)1074

Zalán Z. Kiss - A.R.O. A Rab Oroszlán

Yellow Top 10 

1.Z. Kiss Tartars (Z. Kiss, Zala)8.83
2.J. Jani I have it (I have it for Joe J.)8.67
3.Marsh Laszlo (Les)8.50
4.Stephen Czech (Isty)8.43
5.Dombóvári Gregory (Tyekvica)8.00
6.Lovro Krisztián8.00
7.Szabó Gergely (Greg)8.00
8.Stephen King (Pitt)7.83
9.Bodor Mate7.71
10.David Saxe (Buci)7.71

Jani J. Szentkirályi

The Top 10 Professional 5-in in a competitive, who közönségszavazatok under way into the finals, so it is worth assessing the availability of the professional panel, browse, because this side will be competing in the final 10, who was in the Top 10 Audience does not appear. At the moment these are the following:

The situation is constantly changing, as
  • at this time of the first 35 entries Rated been a professional panel (the 7-person panel of at least 5 people a professional evaluation is needed to incorporate a competitive assessment of the overall list. You can also vary according to the partial results, 5 votes when someone left the summary, but the incoming 2 differs from the previous average professional rating. development of the scores in real time anyway nyomonkövetkető the ujgitaros.husite.)
  • continuously arrive at the proposals (proposals received an average of 2 per day.)
  • keep voting on the fans (a fan vote once a day works and subject matter.)
More good music making and listening to music!

News: guitar9 special discout deals and clearance options!

CDs from far-flung and exotic locales such as China, New Caledonia, France, Germany and Canada have turned up on our warehouse shelves recently.  Grab a hold of them while you`re still able.

A reminder, our three promotions which can save you 10% by buying in bulk are still in effect.  They include: Lick Library Grooveyard Records Clearance, Clearence!

Alejandro Vivar: TRex Strings On Fire 2 severe note burn out!

Nice job by a new player to TIS... shred!

"Strings On Fire 2" with Milan Polak - Guitar Solo Contest (Alejandro vivar)

Scott Hughes: TRex Strings On Fire 2... do we have a winner?!

Rock Fusion guys get on over and checkout this video, super creamy tone, hybrid picking, lovely note selection... enjoy!!

Scott Hughes:
Milan's last contest was so fun, I thought I'd try this one too! This was a bit of a stretch for me stylistically, but a neat challenge. Same gear as before: Brian Moore, Xotic BB, Blues Jr

Scott Hughes - Milan Polak's SOF2 contest

Now you've heard it... get your track in!!!

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Inophis: Rock Shanghai

"Rock Shanghai" by INOPHIS

Lukasz Kulczak: TRex Strings on fire 2 - mega soloing

Strings On Fire 2 with Milan Polak - Guitar Solo Contest (Lukasz Kulczak).m4v

Get your solo in... these are mega prizes. I caught up with Thorsten at Musikmesse promoting the TRex pedals... great guy... mega busy, giving away Trex pedals to anyone who would have a Trex logo cut into there hair... man I was tempted...

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Rick Graham: Andy James shredding competition demo.. that's the way you do it!

Had to have a go at andy James' awesome competition backing track so here it is. It's not a competition entry mind you. Cheers!

Andy James BT - Solo by Rick Graham

Tiago de Moura: Valvette Dirtbox competition

DirtBox by Tiago de Moura

Sean Pirie: Valvette Dirtbox competition

OK I think the competition is now closed, just confirming with Adam Ironside

DirtBox Competiton entry by Sean Pirie

Deniz Demiröz: TRex Strings On Fire 2

Yeah... shred!

"Strings On Fire 2" with Milan Polak - Guitar Solo Contest ''' Deniz Demiröz '''

Chris Watson: inner demons new CD currently free to download

Chris Watson former member of NWOBHM band Black Rose has recently completed a 13 track album which he intends giving away free. The album is available at this link:

The pack contains the mp3s, artwork and sleeve notes. Please take a listen.

Chris Watson

This is more a demo of the Sustainiac pickup in a Jackson guitar that I bought than a written track. For the uninitiated, the Sustainiac pickup gives you harmonic sustain at the flick of a switch. It even sustains when it’s not plugged in…which is very weird! I loved the potential but hated the neck. I recorded this one the first night I had it and sold it within a week. I used a backing track for this recording.
2.Armadillo Butter
Inspired by the Ibanez RG470 that I’d just bought, I recorded this one wet afternoon. It came together pretty quickly and the whammy bar would NOT go out no matter how hard I tried. Kudos to whoever recorded the original.
3.High 5
One of my few originals. I was listening to a lot of Doug Aldrich and was trying to get his blazing blues scale licks off though a few people have said the middle section is very Steve Vai but I can’t hear it. PODxt for the guitars, Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro for the bass and the drums put together with Acid Pro and EZ Drummer.
I have recorded about 6 different versions to this backing track and have never been 100% happy with any of them but this one is the best of a bad lot. All the tracks I am listing here were recorded with a Line6 PODxt. Mine is 5 years old and getting a bit grumpy but it works for me.
5.Slowburn Sunday
A bit different for me. This superb backing track is itching for a Jeff Beck style solo over it. I was looking more for a SRV vibe. I used a Levinson Blade Texas Deluxe on this and was able to coax some lovely tones using the tone boost switch. I love to play to this track.
Same as ‘Reach’…I’ve never done a version I can say I’m 100% happy with but again a great backer to play to.
7.Pacific Highway
Again a backer, this was one of the first things I recorded when I got my PODxt in 2004. I always thought it sounded like a theme for a driving or fast car program and the Pacific Highway is somewhere I’d like to drive with the top down.
8.Vegas Viper
Recorded about the same time as Pacific Highway, I always thought this track had a heavy Hendrix vibe to it. This one really annoys me as I’ve never been able to repeat the run at 1:17 since I recorded it. Damn! One of the few tracks with wah wah which completely baffles me as to why I get the nick name. Peavey Wolfgang Goldtop on this.
9.Time To Go
Another original, I wrote this after returning from my Grandad Ernie’s funeral. My son who was only 7 at the time came with me and it really hit home how one generation goes as another arrives. It came together pretty quickly once I realized I wanted to write something as a dedication to him.
10.Heal The Poor
Only realized a year or two after recording this that it was in fact a Robben Ford track. I’ve never heard the original but I imagine it’s a lot bluesier than this version!
11.Stevie’s Dream
Another original but this one was written backwards! I had a decent drum track I’d put together for another song which got binned and thought it was a shame as a lot of work had gone into it. So I put a bass line down and the guitars were written around that. I enjoyed playing the snot green bass on this one and this was another one with the Levinson Blade.
12.Inner Demons
Originally done as a guitar dual with the incredible Jeremy Martens (J-Mart), this was called ‘Riding Higher’ and recorded in 2005. I found a version I’d originally sent to Jeremy with the gaps for his blazing work and thought I’d fill them with a different tone so it still sounded like two guitarists. I’m not sure I managed it but it was fun trying. I tuned my guitar down a whole step to D for this one and the strings were flapping about. It was very easy to get the harmonic ‘squeals’ due to the tuning.
13.Trapped In Ice
An original with some acoustic guitar in. I like the middle section where the drums bow out and when they come back in with the guitar riff, it sounds very like a march to war…or at least it does in my head!

Leandro Costa: tribute to Marco Sfogli

I love Marco Sfogli and Leandro Costa does a great tribute!

Never Forgive me - Marco Sfogli - Leandro Costa

Juan Carlos Portillo,Agustín De Los Cobos: cool rock fusion jam

Finally my dear friend (and teacher) Agustin De Los Cobos came into the studio to record, the result is amazing. Augustine is playing with a Fender Stratocaster Hwy 1 the parties jazz. Thank you, my dearest "skinny."

Finally, my dear friend (and teacher), Agustin De Los Cobos meat to jam at the studio, the final product is amazing. Augustine is playing with a Fender Stratocaster Hwy 1 the jazzy parts. Thanx for this my dear "skinny."

In this video I included for the firs time my MIDI guitar, a Yamaha RGX121Z with a Roland GK-3 MIDI pickup and the Roland GR-20 for the electric piano.

My gear in this recording:
Fender Hway 1 Start
Fender Squire Telecaster
Ibanez RG 400
Ibanez GIO Soundgear Bass
Yamaha RGX 121Z with GK-3 MIDI pickup
Roland GR-20
Boss GT-10
Boss CS-3
etc ...

Nunca-Juan Carlos Portillo/Agustín De Los Cobos

Marcos De Ros: belated birthday wishes

Ok, It's march 30, my birthday, so I pick a Backing Track from the "bluesjamtracks" and have fun!

It's Eric Clapton birthday also! Congratulations and a big hug to you, Eric!

Marcos De Ros - March, 30 Jam. My birthday (and Eric Clapton's too!)

Yngwie Malmsteen: Little Savage 1985

From a Rising Force concert in Stockholm, Sweden, 1985. This also features a brief snippet of the Swedish national anthem.

Little Savage 1985

Martin Miller,Rick Graham: trading solos

Rick Graham & Martin Wichman (Miller)

Yngtchie Blacksteen :a young yng shreds!

Solo over backing track

Rick Graham: 19 year old, just two years playing

Rick Graham, 19 years old

Angel Ruiz: jam over Pink Floyd style track

Ángel Ruiz soloing over Pink Floyd style track

Katalina Gonzalez: kata hot fusion

performance created and directed by Katalin GONZALEZ MOLINA. Low: Eddie Andreas, Drums: Christian Moncada, Dance: Irene velazco and Visual Arts: Jessica Gutierrez


First single from the upcoming album of Katalina Gonzalez, with guest musicians: Eddie Andreas on bass, Christian Moncada on drums and keyboards Diego Aguilera


performance of the other door, presented in Bogota, created and directed by Katalin GONZALEZ

Katalin GUITAR concert GONZALEZ

Pat Wickham: likes to shred

Canadian guitarist in Sudbury Canada ripping my Ibanez Xiphos in my basement a couple of years ago

Better Than You

News: guitar fight club at the musikmesse

Not sure why I missed Thorsten Praest at Musikmesse... may be because it is sooooo big! Apologies to Thorsten Praest... may be next year.... meantime a chance to join guitar fight club!

Guitar Fight Club | New Voices
Mattias IA Eklundh, Kerry King (Slayer), Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Petteri Sariola, Thorsten Praest, Andor Arnold, Gundy Keller.....

Guitar Fight Club Festival 2010 - 18. Juni & 19. Juni 2010 - Bischofswerda
Wettbewerb | Workshops & Clincs | Custom Guitar & Custum Bass Messe
Live on Stage: The Guitar Fight Club (Acht Gitarristen ringen um den Sieg), Mattias IA Eklundh, Petteri Sariola, Jelonek, pARTyzanT, Jonny Cash (Bandana) und viele andere..
Workshops & Clinics: Mattias IA Eklundh, Petteri Sariola, pARTyzanT, Thorsten Praest, Adrian Weiss
Alle Infos unter

Guitar Fight Club | New Voices

Herman Li: Musikmesse 2010 interview

Musikmesse 2010 - Herman Li Interview

News: let there be rock program, includes Gus G

(Band – Song – Album)

1 - Krokus - Hoodoo (Hoodoo)
2 - Ratt - Best of me (Infestation)
3 - Theory of a Deadman - Crutch (Scars & souvenirs)
4 - Halestorm - I get off (Halestorm)
5 - Born from pain - Relentless (War)
6 - Karma to Burn - Nineteen (Almost Heathen)
7 - Peter Pan Speedrock - Cock teaser (Spread Eagle)
8 - Suicidal Tendencies - Get whacked (Lights, camera, revolution)
9 - Iron Maiden - Killers (Killers)
10 - Treat - No way without you (Coup de Grace)
11 - Demonica - Alien Six (Demonstrous)
12 - Airbourne - Raise the flag (No guts no Glory)
13 - Stage Dolls - Highway's open (Always)
14 - Marty Friedman - Kaeritakunnattayo (Tokyo Jukebox)
15 - Charly Sahona - Raise the shadow (Naked thoughts from a silent chaos)
16 - Entombed - Crawl (Crawl)
17 - Infectious Grooves - Please excuse this Funk up (Mas Baraccho)
18 - Arch Enemy - Silent wars (Anthems of rebellion)
19 - Arch Enemy - Demonic Science (The root of all evil)
20 - Opeth - Hex Omega (Watershed)
21 - Opeth - Blackwater Park (Blackwater Park)
22 - State of Rock - Black 'n Blue (State of Rock)
23 - Crazy Lixx - New Religion
24 - Cyrille Achard - Strong hearted (Violencia)

Next on Let there be Rock:

- April 6: Interview with Tony Mills (TNT, ex-Shy)
- April 13: Interview with Rhino (Angels of Babylon, ex-Manowar)
- April 20: Interview with Gus G. (Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne)
- April 27: Interview with Hank Shermann (Demonica, ex-Mercyful Fate)

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Joe Satriani: chickenfoot cabowabo gig

PARTY WITH THE FOOT at the CABO WABO 20th Anniversary Weekend April 23 & 24!

The boys will be helping Sammy celebrate 20 years of the Cabo Wabo Cantina down in Cabo San Lucas April 23-24th, 2010 and want you to come join them!
Sammy is inviting everyone who has ever been there once to be there twice and make this the most fun ever had in Cabo!! The foot plays Friday and Saturday, but the party starts on Thursday. Like Sammy's birthday bashes, tickets will be FREE and *first come, first serve* (No advance purchase). So that's three nights including two free Chickenfoot shows, so that's the why, where, when, so come on down and let's Wabo!!
If you are trying to find your way to the cantina, . Details about when you can line up each day for admission will be announced on soon!

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