Istvan Cseh,Zalán Kiss,Jani Szentkirályi: Hungarian guitar war hotting up!!


every day of the exciting ujgitaros.hutalent competition, and where is the end? "

We have 47 guitar competitions!

rajongótól almost 9000 more than 20 000 votes were received in the first three weeks of competition.

The current state of competition:

Top 10 Audience

Uj Gitaros

1.Stephen Czech (Isty)1621
2.Horvath squires (small)1481
3.Zoltan Szécsi1416
4.David Saxe (Buci)1369
5.Pfeiffer, Akos1335
6.Bodor Mate1320
7.Z. Kiss Tartars (Z. Kiss, Zala)1246
8.Kemence Laszlo (Laci)1200
9.Illyes Joseph (Joceee)1196
10.Dombóvári Gregory (Tyekvica)1074

Zalán Z. Kiss - A.R.O. A Rab Oroszlán

Yellow Top 10 

1.Z. Kiss Tartars (Z. Kiss, Zala)8.83
2.J. Jani I have it (I have it for Joe J.)8.67
3.Marsh Laszlo (Les)8.50
4.Stephen Czech (Isty)8.43
5.Dombóvári Gregory (Tyekvica)8.00
6.Lovro Krisztián8.00
7.Szabó Gergely (Greg)8.00
8.Stephen King (Pitt)7.83
9.Bodor Mate7.71
10.David Saxe (Buci)7.71

Jani J. Szentkirályi

The Top 10 Professional 5-in in a competitive, who közönségszavazatok under way into the finals, so it is worth assessing the availability of the professional panel, browse, because this side will be competing in the final 10, who was in the Top 10 Audience does not appear. At the moment these are the following:

The situation is constantly changing, as
  • at this time of the first 35 entries Rated been a professional panel (the 7-person panel of at least 5 people a professional evaluation is needed to incorporate a competitive assessment of the overall list. You can also vary according to the partial results, 5 votes when someone left the summary, but the incoming 2 differs from the previous average professional rating. development of the scores in real time anyway nyomonkövetkető the ujgitaros.husite.)
  • continuously arrive at the proposals (proposals received an average of 2 per day.)
  • keep voting on the fans (a fan vote once a day works and subject matter.)
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