Saturday, 3 April 2010

Daniele Gottardo: demos Frudua Direct Deal GFF.

Daniele Gottardo plays "Lovin Sophia" excerpt from his last CD album using a Frudua Direct Deal GFF.

The Frudua Direct Deal instruments are built with luthier concept and design in mind and are sold at 1/3 of their real value thanks to a factory direct price policy.

They features highly professional features such as solid maple drop tops, two pieces basswood body, rock maple necks, professional Frudua pickups and Sperzel style locking tuners.

Exact feature are:

TYPE: solid body
COLOURS: many colours available
TUNERS: self locking Sperzel style
NECK: "Hard Rock Maple".
FRETBOARD: Indian rosewood
TRUSS ROD: Double action truss rod
SCALE: intermediate 641mm)
RADIUS: 350"
NECK HEEL: contoured
FRETS: 22 medium jumbo 6150
BODY : basswood two pieces center joined
TOP: flame maple SOLID drop top mm.7
PICKGUARD: pearloid
TREMOLO: Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG nickel. Steel bsustain block. Push in arm.
PICKUP : H/S/H high quality Alnico Frudua pickups
CONTROLS: volume, tone ( push-pull),
SWITCH: Frudua MIX circuit.
ACCESSORIES: hex keys, gig bag.

Daniele Gottardo - Frudua direct deal GFF - Lovin Sophia

Daniele Gottardo - Frudua direct deal GFF - Juego escondido

Andy James: coming soon... become a six week shred master... only on lick library!!!


Want to learn how to Shred guitar in six weeks? In this series of six guitar DVDs from Lick Library ( ) Andy James teaches guitar shredding from basic scaling, pentatonic scales, covering techiniques of sweep picking, tapping, alternate picking, legato techniques and many more.

These guitar lessons are not only for intermediates, but also beginners. Working at a manageable pace, they take you through the basics of how ideas can be put together on the guitar.

Each DVD includes backing tracks to help you practice and combine your shredding techinques with licks in style of Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dimebag Darrel, John Petrucci and Steve Vai.

This DVD is not yet available to purchase but is COMING SOON to order from

Shred Guitar Lessons In Six Weeks With Andy James

Steve Vai: Vai interviews Vai.

Tell us about the DVD.

SV: I had just finished a year and a half of work on a double live orchestra CD and DVD with the Metropole Orkest called Sound Theories and Visual Sound Theories that came out in 2007.

I was itching to perform so instead of jumping right back into the studio to make a new studio record, I booked a tour of Europe, USA, and South America to satiate the fingers and the ego for a while. I wanted to put a unique band together that could bring a different kind of life to my catalog of diverse musical tracks.

I always like the idea of having a violin player in the band but during auditions I started to have serious concerns because I could not find one violin player that could play in tune and melodiously. Many were shrill sounding metal shredders or classically trained players that sounded wimpy when plugged in.

Then the skies opened up and Alex DePue and Ann Marie Calhoun came into my life. Two elite virtuosos that can play challenging music, but also understand the attitude dynamic of rock music. They have complete control of their instruments and look amazing doing what they do.
more ... more give me more

Kiko Lourerio: clinic dates in Europe and South America

Kiko Loureiro has announced a string of clinic dates in Europe and Brazil. The itinerary is as follows:

6 - Musik Hug - Basel, Switzerland
7 - Pro Music - Bisceglie BT, Italy
8 - De Luca Strumenti Musicali - Cosenza, Italy
9 - Solimeo Strumenti Musicali - Catanzaro Lido - CZ, Italy
10 - Alive Club - Latina, Italy
11 - Centro Comunale Per Le Attività Musicali - Perugia, Italy
13 - Rock & Classics - Barcelona, Spain
14 - Rock & Classics - Madrid, Spain
16 - Café Vinyl, Edifício da Orquestra Metropolitana - Lisbon, Portugal

8 - Salão Nobre da OAB - Botucatu/SP, Brazil
16 - Teatro Metro - Bogota, Colombia

Reb Beach: classic rock "cooowel" interview

Reb Beach is the man... catch him on the current European tour if you can.... if you don't check out the Classic Rock Revisited interview...

listen to the Part 1
listen to the Part 2
listen to the Part 3
listen to the Part 4

Slash: talks with Bruce Dickenson

Slash will be IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson's guests on Friday, April 23 during Bruce's weekly BBC 6 Music radio program, dubbed "The Bruce Dickinson Friday Rock Show". Listen to the broadcast live via the Internet between 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. (midnight) U.K. time at

Timmo Tolkki: Europe 2010

Timmo Tolki: Europe 2010

Ramon Luis Galang: 9 year old wunderkind Guthrie Cover... burn your guitars Now!

Wonderful Sliperry Thing Live 9 Year Old LuisMetalKid

News: the top 100 posts on Truth In Shredding

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News: latest A to Z posted

Latest A to Z available:

Alessandro Ragazzo: 15 year olds' demos his Suhr!

Metal solo by Alessandro Ragazzo 15 yrs old. Alessandro Ragazzo:
I used my Suhr S2 and My zoom G9.2tt.

A lot of solo is improvisated.
Metal Solo - Alessandro Ragazzo

News: 750,000 page views for TIS

Yep... while my back was turned we breached the monumental figure of 750,000 page views. Thanks to you for all your visits and repeated support for TIS... give yourself a round of applause... it would be nice to reach the 1,000,000 figure at some point ;)

Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: guitar masterclass details

Following on from the previous thread, here are the details regarding our masterclass/workshop in association with Suhr guitars and amps:

Date: August 6th - 8th 2010
Place: Saltaire, West Yorkshire (World Heritage Site)
Cost: £200 for the full three days tuition. Accommodation is available to suit all budgets in the area. We will provide help finding accommodation if required.

Classes will run as group sessions with myself and Rick, the focus being on improvisation specific to modern guitar playing. We'll be covering a wide variety of sub-topics including technique, time feel, phrasing, harmony/theory with an emphasis on developing your own sound and becoming proficient in a modern rock fusion context. You can expect a ton of playing opportunities in a fun and informal atmosphere whilst enjoying the historical surroundings of a world heritage site.

Looking forward to seeing some of you guys there!

All enquiries to:

Dweezil Zappa: new Boot Camp... now drop and give me 20!

Dweezil Zappa will be giving musicians the unique opportunity to expand their musical skills and techniques with him and his band during the Dweezilla Music Boot Camp. The camp will be held from June 21-24, 2010 at the Full Moon Resort in New York's Catskill Mountains. find out more

News: super Easter deal on the Shaman JPM Standard

Thanks to Kelcy from the Guitar Boutique for providing me with the details of a super deal on the ast shaman JPM Standard... check out this beauty.

For Easter weekend we decided to put up our last shaman JPM Standard up at an unbelievable price.

We have another shipment arriving in a about a month and would like to clear out what's left so our last JPM PCH-2 is going up for sale for a price to low to adverstise on our site.

Pricing for the PCH-2 has dropped from $1199 to $599. If you are in NYC we will drop it off to you personally.

Guitar is brand new and was serving as a demo model, but still a brand new instrument.

Follow us on Twitter at: cguitarboutique
Phone: 347.229.6256

News: rock guitar... my life

A new blog for guitar nuts and personal insights on the world of rock guitar:

Fran Alonso: a new king of melodic rock on the block?

Top AOR rock soloing from Fran Alonso... check it out!

Fran Alonso - Melodic Rock Jam.mpg

Brian Auer: highintel delivers more high brow.

Cool sounding 4ths Exercise

Easy Classical Chromatic Harmony Application

Clean Shred! LESSON!

Inophis: Beauty In The Chaos

An original track from Inophis

"Beauty In The Chaos" By INOPHIS

Hans Van Even: Musikmesse 2010

Live version of Tribute (an original of my upcoming project) at Musikmesse in Frankfurt 2010 (Agora Stage). Sound is really bad, I should really invest in a better camera :) - Thanks to US Music corp and Arbiter France for the great instruments

Hans Van Even - Tribute - Musikmesse 2010

Hans Van Even - Trilogy Suite Op 5 - Live at Musikmesse 2010