Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Lewis Cannon: TRex Milan Polaks Strings On Fire 2

Lewis Cannon... now with happy ending!

Strings on fire 2 competition - lewis cannon

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Andrea Accorsi: classic rock fusion!

Reall like this reminds me of Antti and Richie Generator.

Hybrid Scale by Andrea Accorsi

Damjan Pejcinoski: frying chickens shred style!

Damjan Pejcinoski says:
A compilation of my favorite country licks and players ( Brent Mason - Hot wired, Johnny Hiland).This video is only for fun. I used Fender Stratocaster into Amplitube plugin for Cubase 5.Special thanks to Daniel Joveski (Sustain Studio) for helping me with the setup! The acoustic guitar is recorded directly from the mixer to a computer.Tempo 170 and 200 for the bumble bee . Hope you'll enjoy it! Yahooooooooooo!

Damjan Pejcinoski - "Hunting the chicken"

Dimitar Nalbantov: united souls!

A snippet from the new album - "United Souls"

Daniele Gottardo: plays Frudua GFF

In case you missed these... all four videos posted together.

Daniele Gottardo: plays Frudua GFF

Mateus Starling: Lazy Bird (John Coltrane) improvisation

Mateus Starling with some more superb improvisation.

Lazy Bird (John Coltrane) - improvisation by Mateus Starling

Raúl Erazo: one for wes!

Wes Montgomery-Four on six solo(cover)

Bill Berends, Jens Johansson: mastermind interview

Over what time frame where the songs written and have they changed somewhat since their original conception?

All of the Insomnia material was written shortly after Tracy joined the band in 2001 with the exception of Night Flier which was recorded in a separate session with Jens [johansson] . Once I had a fair idea of what we were shooting for, the material didn't change that much throughout the recording process. The album was basically finished in 2004, it just took 6 years to get it released. Ideally this album should've been released in 2004 but it didn't work out that way. There was another behind-the-scenes element too... we had an A&R guy at a major label very interested in the band and we went back and forth with them and a big management company for almost a year, so that delayed things as well. I suppose that may have had some bearing on the shape of a few songs. I edited some things down to shorter times and cut back some of the solos at their suggestion, but ultimately that deal fell apart and we were still nowhere, but I liked the modern edge the changes brought about and kept them. Inside Out suggested calling it something other than Mastermind, which I considered, but they weren't into the female vocal thing anyway so I thought, this is the same people as Mastermind, calling it something different would be silly. It would be like The Beatles changing their name because Sgt. Pepper didn't sound like Love Me Do... so we soldiered on as Mastermind. In retrospect they may have been correct, who knows. I am better at making music than marketing which is why I prefer being involved with a decent label.

Yvi Wylde: "Overture Of Wien"

Yvi plays her song "Overture Of Wien" All rights reserved by Yvi Wylde 2010

Overture Of Wien

Milan Polak: eternal-terror.com interview

What actually makes a guitarist unique? Feeling or technique? Many people for example cannot stand Satriani...who is absolutely a master when it comes to technique!

A combination of both I'd say. Technique means nothing without feeling and vice versa. To master your instrument you need a certain amount of technique but it also depends who you want to please. For some people David Gilmour or Eric Clapton are the best guitarists in the world, for others it's Satriani or Vai. Music is not a sport IMHO but in regards of technique I'd say Shawn Lane was pretty unbeatable. Paul Gilbert has a great technique but there are so many others out there it would go beyond the scope of this interview...
full interview

and don't forget:

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Charly Sahona: ytse jam interview

As for seeing him bring this solo album live on the road, nothing is planned, but more than likely, these songs will surface in a live set with Venturia, "It depends, if I'm asked to do it, I will...But I have to say I would prefer to tour with Venturia. This way, we can promote both projects and most of all: we play on stage all together. Last time we played in Paris, we did that. I played a couple of songs from Naked Thoughts... during a Venturia gig. I have to say I feel more comfortable this way. Lydie brings a lot to the band. I think our gigs are more interesting when she's on stage with us."

Rounding things out, Sahona's focal points are the solo album and the follow up to Hybrid, no plans are underway to work on any other projects, although if someone asked him to contribute some guitar playing or even keyboard work, he more than likely would; either way more music will he headed our way as he concludes, "I'd like to release one album every year. As I still don't make my living with my music only, I have to play with cover bands. Of course, it takes a lot of time, but this way, I have more days off than a “normal” worker have. So right now I focus on the promotion of Naked Thoughts..., I'm writing for Venturia and after that, I'll write new songs for my next solo album. I guess we'll begin the recording of the new album in May or in September. Before that, I hope we'll play some gigs with Venturia."
full interview

News: lion musics new facebook page

Lion Music is an independent rock/metal label specialising in progressive/neo-classical/hard rock/metal and instrumental releases. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lion-Music-Record-Label/344149693292

Achilleas Diamantis: shredding triads

From the DVD Shredding with triads

Achilleas Diamantis Shredding with triads dvd

Marcos De Ros: C Peruzzo guitars

Hi guys! C. Peruzzo is the brand of this great guitar that I'm using.

If you want to check it out:


Marcos De Ros on - "This is C. Peruzzo! ".

Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner: TRex Milan Polak Strings On Fire 2

"Strings on Fire 2" Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Angel Ruiz: Cardiology tapping

Angel Ruiz gives you his impression of Daniele Gottardo's tapping tour de force.
Daniele Gottardo - Cardiology tapping ( Cover by Ángel Ruiz )

Greg Howe: might be on new U-Z Project release?

U-Z Project-Best of 2009
(1) In the Dead of Night(with John Wetton)
(2) Caesar’s Palace Blues(with John Wetton)
(3) Carrying No Cross(with John Wetton)
(4) The Only Thing She Needs(with John Wetton)
(5) Red(with John Wetton)
(6) One More Red Nightmare(with John Wetton)
(7) Starless(with John Wetton)
(8) Indiscipline(with Adrian Belew)
(9) Lark’s Tongues in Aspic Pt.2(with Adrian Belew)
(10) Vital Transformation(with Simon Phillips)


Darrell Lance Abbott: Dean ML Guitar hand painted by Tommy Lee up for grabs on ebay

Dean ML Guitar hand painted by Tommy Lee of Motley Crue
Motley Crue drummer hand painted guitar Dimebag tribute
Item condition: New
Ended: Mar 31, 201014:54:53 PDT
Bid history: 0 bids
Starting bid: US $2,999.99

Gary Hoey, Jeff Beck: tour dates

Gary Hoey is embarking on an exclusive run of tour dates with Jeff Beck and will perform acoustically an array of favorites. These shows come in the middle of Hoey’s spring run of national guitar clinics running up and down the East Coast. These clinics start April 6th in Allentown, PA and continue 'til the end of May.

Gary Hoey Tour Itinerary - Spring 2010:

6 - Allentown, PA - Dave Phillips Music & Sound
7 - Wheaton, MD - Washington Music
8 - Catonsville, MD - Bill’s Music
9 - Virginia Beach, VA - Alpha Music
12 - Boston, MA - Daddy’s of Boston
13 - Portsmouth, NH - Daddy’s of Portsmouth
14 - Concord, NH - Strings & Things
16 - San Francisco, CA - Nob Hill Masonic Center (w/ Jeff Beck)
19 - San Diego, CA - 4th & B (w/ Jeff Beck)
20 - Exeter, CA - Orange Blossom Junction
23 - Houston, TX - Fuller’s Guitar
24 - Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Theatre (w/ Jeff Beck)
25 - Grand Prairie, TX - Nokia Live (w/ Jeff Beck)
27 - Tulsa, OK - Brady Theatre (w/ Jeff Beck)
28 - Kansas City, MO - Starlight Theatre (w/ Jeff Beck)
29 - St. Louis, MO - Fabulous Fox Theatre (w/ Jeff Beck)

6 - Weymouth, MA - South Shore Music
7 - Hamburg, NY - Music Exchange
8 - Rochester, NY - House of Guitars
11 - Gaffney, SC - Hames Music
12 - Marietta, GA - Ken Stanton Music
13 - Augusta, GA - Portman’s Music
14 - Daytona Beach, FL - Total Entertainment
17 - Manchester, NH - Daddy’s Junky Music
18 - Peabody, MA - Daddy’s Junky Music
19 - Augusta, ME - Musician’s Choice
20 - Brewer, ME - Mark’s Music
30 - Syracuse, NY - NY State Fair Grounds

9 - Salisbury, MA - Tupelo (Salisbury) Music Hall
10 - Londonderry, NH - Tupelo (Londonderry) Music Hall
22 - New York City, NY - BB King’s

13 - Costa Mesa, CA - OC Fairgrounds
14 - Redondo Beach, CA - Brixton South Bay

Borislav Mitic: Promises

Song from my new album "The Absolute" called "Promises" published by Lion Music (2009).
Borislav Mitic - Promises.wmv

Carlos Vamos: Dybdahl damn heart improv

as beautiful as ever.
Carlos Vamos on guitar is improvising over Dybdahl damn heart