Charly Sahona, Franck Hermanny: remote jam with Ibanez RG1127PBFX & EHB1505MS

Franck Hermanny, Charly Sahona: RETORT IN Am - great progressive music by two master musicians

Charly Sahona: Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop OW demo - awesome tones

Charly Sahona: FredAmp#2 demo (based on AC30TB)

Charly Sahona: Ibanez RGKP6 test with Two Notes Le Lead and Torpedo Studio

Charly Sahona: 3 channel FredAmp Eustache Cornwell - Clean, Crunch and Lead

Charly Sahona: Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 - Montpellier-France

Charly Sahona, Fabien Paraillac: Sahona - Caught in Heaven - promo video

Charly Sahona: Under My Skin - Sahona performance play through

Charly Sahona, Fabien Paraillac: The Fires of Passion - Sahona

Richard Daudé, Pierre Danel, Charly Sahona, Sam Bell: Legato Battle - massive shredathon!

Charly Sahona: Noodling over a Backing track with an Ibanez Prestige with EMG 57-7H and 60-7H

Charly Sahona: shredding solo for JTC Solo Contest 2015

Charly Sahona:Ibanez Iron Label 7-string RGIX27FEQM with EMG 707 Playthrough

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Charly Sahona,Franck Hermanny: BTB7 and Iron Label 8 string - killer licks

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