Monday, 12 April 2010

Jeff Loomis: promo for new CD

NEVERMORE - The Conspiracy Pt. 2

Marcos De Ros: Lee Peterson's Competition

Lee Peterson's Competition - Marcos De Ros.

Steve Hubbard: BB Preamp Giveaway - WINNERS!

BB Preamp Giveaway - WINNERS!

Johan Randén: live at Skara Mop, fusion joy!

Johan playing his song Country maniac live at Skara Mop .
Johan Randén - Country maniac

Johan Randén - Cheese and Miller solo

Carl Roa: Progressive Influences Allan Holdsworth and Eric Johnson

Guitar World and Carl Roa bring you "Elf Riffs," a guitar lesson series from the Magic Elf guitarist. This month Carl discusses incorporating ideas from your favorite guitar players into your own style. Carl looks at two of his own early influences, Allan Holdsworth and Eric Johnson. Using riffs from his solo recording "Eternity" and the Magic Elf "Heavy Meddle" record, Carl exemplifies the influence of these two ground breaking musicians in detail. Grab your axe and get ready for an intense chops workout!

Elf Riffs #7 with Carl Roa - Progressive Influences (Allan Holdsworth and Eric Johnson)

Thiago Trinsi: Ziua Chitarelor photo fusion overload!

Thiago Trinsi also had a rip roaring time in Romania featuring Thiago Trinsi, Marius Pop,William Stravato, Michael Angelo Batio and Richard Hallebeek. Check out facebook for more: Don't you just wish you had been there too?!?!?!

Thiago Trinsi and  Marius Pop

Thiago Trinsi and William Stravato

Thiago Trinsi and Michael Angelo Batio

Thiago Trinsi and Brett Garsed

Thiago Trinsi and 

Ron Jarzombek: Watchtower the size of the matter available!

April 12, 2010 - 'The Size of Matter', the first new offering from Austin, TX technical metal godfathersWATCHTOWER since their seminal 1989 release 'Control and Resistance', has been added to download store and can be purchased at .
Engineered and mixed by Ron Jarzombek, with vocals mixed by Jon 'Jonny Rod' Ciorciari and mastering done by Jacob Hansen (BLOTTED SCIENCEVOLBEATDESTRUCTION), 'The Size of Matter' features the'Control and Resistance' line-up consisting of Alan Tecchio (vocals), Ron Jarzombek (guitar), Doug Keyser (bass),  and Rick Colaluca (drums).
'The Size of Matter', which is slated to appear on the band's forthcoming album 'Mathematics', will be performed live for the first time when WATCHTOWER take the stage at the Keep It True Festival in Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany on April 23, the group's first European show since headlining the Headway Festival in Holland in 2004. 
"We actually had our first rehearsals in 20 years with Alan (Tecchio) over the weekend", revealed drummer Rick Colaluca.  "Alan flew down from New Jersey so we could go over all the songs together rather than flying completely blind.  We will have a full hour set at Keep It True and, yes, we are throwing in some wacky things that you'd expect from WatchTower and baptize 'The Size of Matter.'   It's been way too long since we had a new song to play.  The online response to 'Matter' has been great so far so we're really looking forward to playing it live in front of a sold out house."

Greg Howe, Richard Hallebeek, Michael Angelo Batio: shredding Michael Angelo's double neck!

Cristina Postolache posted some great photos from the Romania clinic: here's just a selection of crazy shots!

Michael Angelo Batio and Richard Hallebeek

Michael Angelo Batio, Richard Hallebeek and Greg Howe

Greg Howe with his own double neck ;)

Greg Howe with Michael's double neck

Greg Howe and Michael Angelo fight over the guitar

Richard Hallebeek with his version of a double neck

Greg How wins the battle for the double neck guitar!

Stuart Bull: lick library head honcho is on facebook

Stuart Bull is on Facebook:

Hedras Ramos: guns and roses cancel tour date in Guatamala

I feel for Hedras Ramos, a chance of a life time to play guitar in a support act for Guns and Roses and meet Ron Thal, but all to nought. But due to the recent earthquake in Costa Rica the tour was called to a halt before the last date on the tour in Guatamala. So my thoughts are with the fans of Guns and Roses and Hedras Ramos... rest assured your times will come again!

The details posted on facebook:

Axl Rose says:
We're lookin' at gettin' bk 2 a place or 2 in SA asap. Hope everyone enjoyed the shows. Big thanks 2 everyone who came out n' supported us!!"

Guns N Roses are set to continue their South American tour with a show in Guatemala on the ominous date of April 13th.

The reason:
The newspaper reports that the employer chapin responsible for the Costa Rican Central American tour of the famous rock band, Federico Zamora explained that the same equipment that was damaged in Costa Rica and caused the cancellation of the concert in that country, is the same as was to be used in Guatemala for what they have been obliged to suspend the show.

Brett Garsed: loving Romania... a big thanks

Brett Garsed says:
Had a great time in Romania! Many thanks to Corrado Sgandurra for putting on an amazing show and to all the wonderful people that attended. Also, a huge thank you to Andy, Greg, William, Richard and Michael for not only being the greatest players but also the greatest people.

Vuk Mirasevic: Merakli Cocek

Vuk Mirasevic - Merakli Cocek

Krisztian Lovrek: three scorching solo section from upcoming CD

LOVRECK - Akarom solo by Krisztian Lovrek

LOVRECK - Soul-Slayer instrumental section

LOVRECK - Akarom by Krisztian Lovrek

Andy James: talks about his ESP guitar and the winners of the free show tickets

Andy James talks about his preferred brand of guitar, ESP.

In these sessions Andy James answers some of our members questions.

Andy James - Q&A - Session 1

There were only three people who won tickets for the show:

Dave Thompson
Pedro Santos Merino
Mandeep Lakha

The Online competition continues

Andy James: Shred competition. Ends on the 30th April 2010

Michel Angelo Batio: double necks in Romania

Michel Angelo Batio 7.69.MOV

Andy Timmons, Brett Garsed, Michael Angelo Batio, Greg Howe, William Stravato, Richard Hallebeek: Hendrix Jam

Ziua Chitarelor 2 -6.min. Bucuresti, teatrul Bulandra ! Andy Simmons, Brett Garsend, Michael Angelo Batio, Greg Howe, William Stravato & Richard Stravato playing together Hendrix... more

big jam part 1 -Ziua Chitarelor 2 (Hendrix Jam)

big jam -Ziua Chitarelor 2 part 2 (Hendrix Jam)