Thursday, 29 April 2010

Paul Gilbert: the Kim Mitchell interview

Just reliving the good news about the massive Rush tour in the USA with my Canuck buddy Mike Blackburn... Will there be one in the UK... yes please!!! We were recall all the shows we'd been to see, Mike recalls his first time back in 1976 and me back in 1978, with the Tour of The Hemispheres! What a tour that was ( although my other buddy Brad constantly reminds me the 1977 tour Farewell to Kings was awesome). The support act was Max Webster! Kim Mitchell, what a guy, great singer and guitar player... now that's one helluva intro for the video... which is Kim Mitchell interviewing Paul Gilbert... obviously Rush was a big influence on Paul if you check out the Rush tribute band Cygnus and the Sea Monsters which features Paul and Mike Portnoy.

Kim Interviews Paul Gilbert

João Neto: Andy James shredding competition

Andy James Guitar Solo Contest.mpg

Nili Brosh: new web site goes live

Nili Brosh - Lost In Suburbia at NAMM 2010

Nili just finished working with Inspire on a new guitar for the shows with The Iron Maidens. It is a fat-strat style guitar set to Nili’s specifications, as well as made to complement the style and sound of Iron Maiden guitarist Dave Murray. For more information on this great custom guitar company

Rob Balducci: Lick Of The Week Live at BB Kings!

Welcome to the new Lick Of The Week, This was taken at the BB Kings show on April 27 2010. This is the song Liquid Soul from my CD Violet Horizon. I love this tune and it is always cool to play live. We do it as an extented jam.
I forgot my Zoom q3 at home so the audio is not as good as it should be. This was filmed on a small point and shoot Canon elph camera. This features Ethan Meixsell on Bass and John Celentano on Drums.

I am using my Ibanez S Series guitar and I am plugged into my Cornford MK50 11 and my pedal board. Next weeks LOTW will be on my pedal board as alot of you have sent emails requesting.

I want to thank BB Kings and Venue Productions and Mile Orlando and Joe Stump we had a great night. Special thanks to Christy, Mike Marquez and MKM productions and Mitch Truen from M4 Mgmt and the crew Robbie and Big Mike and Carina. All the people who came out and showed support... we had a great crowd and you guys/gals kicked ass. Thanks to Sam Ash Ibanez and Xotic pedals and ShredNeck for the giveaways.

4-29-10 Lick Of The Week Live at BB Kings 4-27 Liquid Soul extended jam...

Wim den Herder: back room acoustics

Wim den Herder in de woonkamer van Martin Wachters

Daniele Penco: dorian blue

DP himself improvises over his backing track "Am13 to Dm13 Dorian"

Stefan Artwin: relocator live

Some home video footage from our little release party gig on November 27, 2009. We had never played together as a group before this day and the only full-band rehearsal took place about an hour before the gig. This is the last song of the evening, a track called 'Relocator'.

We didn't have a keyboard player at this point, but we really wanted to play, so we re-arranged the material for a quartet - our violinist Bartek Strycharski ended up playing the most important keyboard parts.

You can check out the full Relocator debut (featuring Derek Sherinian as a special guest on keys) on MySpace:

More information about the project (and where to buy the album):

Relocator - Relocator (live, November 2009)

Marcos De Ros: Violin Concert "Am" J.S. Bach

Violin Concert "Am" J.S. Bach. Marcos De Ros - Electric Guitar

Rob Chappers: ghost fret from wood to shred!

second part of our journey through the build process of the Ghost fret, in part one we saw the raw materials, part 2 involves a first look at the jointed bodies and a small part of the test cutting process.

See ya'll soon

Chappers & Jaden

Infinity Guitar Works has "Got Wood" - Ghost Fret Build Blog part 2

Adam Moore: The Colourless Apple

Adam Moore:
I've started going back over tunes from Curious Liquid (2004) and this is the first one to get some treatment. I haven't really played this tune since it was recorded. It's pretty simple, but I really like it, more so than when I made it.

Apologies for the mullet, I'm starting to look more like 70s sitcom actress Wendy Craig by the day. Actually, I played Mullet Top Trumps yesterday, great fun!!

Anyway, you can get Curious Liquid from CD Baby by going to:

Adam Moore - The Colourless Apple

Anthony Mazzella: tapping in NYC

Very interesting playing... I enjoyed... I hope you do.

Blue Note NYC Anthony Mazzella "Searching For Truth" impossible guitar hero

Sergey Eremeev: Andy James shredding competition

Andy James guitar solo contest entry- Sergey Eremeev

One day left!

Andy James: Shred competition. Ends on the 30th April 2010

Tum Siamrath: tribute to Andy Timmons

Andy Timmons Super 70's Cover

A reminder that Tum is on facebook: