Tuesday, 8 June 2010

News: the fisherman scale and more really outside licks

You should also try out the Beaufort Scale, the Richter scale, Logarithmic scale and particularly sensitive to guitarists, the pay scale...

 You know those scenes in movies where they cut to the actor's hands and he can suddenly shred? More often than not, those are this guy's hands -- and now you can learn directly from the man behind the magic.

Will Maier from The Whatevs (http://www.myspace.com/thewhatevs) is the special guest host / instructor today on this free video excerpt from ShredTips.edu. He appears in his first ever wide-shot and demonstrates a few "conceptual" licks that are unlike anything C.C. DeVille could play (watch out for that killer vibrato intonation) -- showing the student how to find his own voice on the guitar and make it his own. You'd think it can't get any better than that "exotic" scale... but from there, Will launches straight into teaching you How To Play A Song In 30 Seconds, blowing your mind forever.

It was announced last week that Michael Bay flew Will in as a consultant for his upcoming remake of Crossroads, in which Megan Fox teams up with herself to play a pair of renegade, lesbian, train-robbing demolition experts... and in this video, you'll see why.

Play along, if you can!

Will also played the role of Zac Efron's hands in the upcoming feature called The Sailor's Predicament (http://www.titledsketchproject.com), written and directed by Dan Oster. This talented young artist can be contacted through William Morris Agency (http://www.willmaier.net).

Whose Hands Are Those, When An Actor Shreds On Guitar?

Nikolay Sokolov: tribute to Paul Gilbert, Gargoyle style

Paul Gilbert - The Gargoyle

Steve Howe: jam tracks style file

This STEVE HOWE Audio Style File was originally recorded for the UK 'Guitarist' Magazine. You can now download it absolutely FREE from www.jamtrackcentral.com. Go to....
Full TAB with lots of notes and details are included with the Audio.

Steve Howe Guitar Heroes Style File FREE Download from Jamtrackcentral.com

Michael Schenker: live in Tokyo DVD announced

MSG: Live In Tokyo on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray on October 19th via MVD.  more including how to pre order

'Armed And Ready'
'Feels Like A Good Thing'
'Cry For The Nations'
'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie'
'Victim Of Illusion'
'Are You Ready To Rock'
'I Want You'
'Night To Remember'
'Into The Arena'
'Lost Horizons'
'Rock My Nights Away'
'On And On'
'Attack Of The Mad Axeman'
'Ride On My Way'
'Rock Bottom'
'Dance Lady Gypsy'
'Doctor, Doctor'

Joe Stump, Tom Hess: Holyhell Spain dates

10 - Durango, Spain - Feria de Muestras
11 - Madrid, Spain - La Riviera
12 - Barcelona, Spain - Sant Jordi Club

HolyHell - The Phantom Of The Opera

Robbert Hanenberg: Some semi clean playing

Robbert Hanenberg_Some semi clean stuff.wmv

Daniele Gottardo: "Blues Quartale"

Daniele Gottardo "Blues Quartale"

Alex Milella: "Modulazioni"

Alex Milella: "Modulazioni"

Daniele Gottardo,Simone Salvatore: jazz at Music Italy Show 2010

Simone Salvatore & Daniele Gottardo al Music Italy Show 2010

Orianthi: new release and become a street team member to earn goodies

"Believe (II)" available now featuring 4 new songs including "Shut Up & Kiss Me" & "According to You"!!

 Believe (II) features four newly recorded tracks including current single "Shut Up & Kiss Me," "Courage," and "Missing You," all produced by Howard Benson, plus the RedOne-produced track "Addicted To Love." Also on the album will be selections from the original Believe release, including her debut hit single "According To You," "Bad News," "Feels Like Home," "Think Like A Man," What's It Gonna Be," "Suffocated," "Highly Strung" and "Believe." Grab the album today, in stores or oniTunes. And catch Orianthi in a city near you this summer while is on the nationwide tour with Adam Lambert.

Check out the Orianthi street team! Earn rewards for helping us out!
Don't forget to sign up for Orianthi's street team ! With each assigned task, members have the chance to earn points for exciting prizes, ranging from autographed CDs to concert tickets. http://orianthi.fancorps.com/signup.php?type=member&artist=orianthi&ref=Orianthi_Site

News: let there be rock program

1 - Breaking Benjamin - Lights out (Dear agony)
2 - Lamb of God - Laid to Rest (Killadelphia)
3 - Sleeze Beez - Raise a little hell (Powertool)
4 - Triumph - I live for the weekend (Greatest hits)
5 - Nevermore - She comes in colours (The obsidian Conspiracy)
6 - Wicked Sensation - Track 6 (Crystallized)
7 - Third Eye - Darkness into dawn (Recipe for disaster)
8 - Exodus - Class dismissed (hate primer) (Exhibit B: The human condition)
9 - Absorbing the pain - 20 ton sledge (Absorbing the Pain)
10 - Masterplan - Lonely winds of war (Far from the end of the world)
11 - Royal Hunt - King for a day (X)
12 - Audiovision - We will go (Focus)
13 - Starz - Coliseum Rock (Coliseum Rock)
14 - Annihilator - The other side (Annihilator)
15 - Rhapsody of Fire - Reign of terror (The frozen tears of angels)

Interview with Vincent Cavanagh (Anathema)
16 - Anathema - Everything (We're here because we're here)
17 - Anathema - A simple mistake (We're here because we're here)
18 - Anathema - Universal (We're here because we're here)
19 - Anathema - Presence (We're here because we're here)

The interview with Vincent Cavanagh can be downloaded from this URL:
You are allowed to publish this interview or parts of it in your own media.

Next on Let there be Rock:
- June 15: Interview with Andrew Elt (Sleeze Beez) + Win tickets to see Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots & Sleeze Beez
- June 22: Interview with Jeff Loomis (Nevermore)
- July 20: Jason Becker birthday Special

Ron Coolen

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Rob Chappers: Jet City kit demos


Jet City 20w 1x12 Tube Combo demo

Jet City JCA100H Demo & Rockbox Boiling Point Overdrive (BEST OVERDRIVE EVER)

Ronnie James Dio: the final concert

This is video from Ronnie James Dio's final concert ever fronting "Heaven & Hell" (aka the Dio version of Black Sabbath). It was in Atlantic City, NJ on August 29, 2009 - the final date of the "The Devil You Know" tour. I had two friends travel there in my name and filmed some footage, mostly of the interview type. However, my friends were granted permission to film one song, that being the first one, "The Mob Rules". What we didn't realize at the time was that this clip ended up being the final time that Ronnie ever took the stage for a concert ever.

Those of us at black-sabbath.com are glad to finally be able to bring this video to you. Thanks to Gloria Butler, Wendy Dio, & Ralph Baker for allowing me permission to use this online. A huge thanks to Damian for actually going there and filming this stuff.

I hope you enjoy this footage from Ronnie's final concert. The band did not professionally film this concert, so other than a few short clips from people's iPhones and whatnot, this is the only video clip that you'll see from Ronnie's final concert.

Ronnie James Dio's Final Concert - Aug 29, 2009

Akira Takasaki: King Of Pain and euro tour details

Akira Takasaki and Loudness release "King Of Pain" on June 8th. The CD includes a 32-page booklet, a LOUDNESS original pick, and application card (valid only in Japan).

"King Of Pain" track listing:

01. Requiem
02. The King Of Pain
03. Power Of Death
04. Death Machine
05. Doodlebug
06. Rule The World
07. Straight Out Of Our Soul
08. Where Am I Going?
09. Emma
10. Naraka
11. Doctor From Hell
12. Hell Fire
13. #666
14. Never Comes

Check out the cover artwork below.

LOUDNESS has scheduled the following European tour dates:

July 16/17 - Bang Your Head!!! - Balingen, Germany
July 18 - Zwarte Cross - Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands
July 19 - Dynamo Club - Eindhoven, Netherlands
July 20 - Knust - Hamburg, Germany
July 22 - On Stage Club - Athens, Greece
July 23 - Matrix - Bochum, Germany
July 24 - Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg, Germany

Yngwie Malmsteen: raw live DVD details

Yngwie Malmsteen will release the "Raw Live" DVD on June 29. According to a press release, the set "provides an unprecedented and unique look at the rise of a guitar god. Spanning from 1981 through 1999 and encompassing extremely rare footage of Yngwie's early years in Sweden, this video displays the infancy of Yngwie's prodigious skills well prior to his first worldwide album and travels through Yngwie's masterful career, including his masterful performances from his first solo albums, 'Rising Force', 'Marching Out', and 'Trilogy'. Also included in this unique video are never-released behind-the-scenes footage of Yngwie and newly shot personal touches of Yngwie which open up the viewer to a side of the guitar maestro which is rarely seen by the public."

Paul Gilbert: release dates for all new reissue series

Paul Gilbert/Flying Dog Plus  CDA
1905 yen US$21/92.62  Release Date:2010/07/21
Description:Reissue from Paul Gilbert. Part of a five-album Paul Gilbert reissue series featuring the albums "Flying Dog," "Alligator Farm," "Burning Organ," "Space Ship," and "Paul The Young Dude (Best)."
URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=IECP-10227
Paul Gilbert/Alligator Farm Plus  CDA
1905 yen US$21/92.62  Release Date:2010/07/21
Description:Reissue from Paul Gilbert. Part of a five-album Paul Gilbert reissue series featuring the albums "Flying Dog," "Alligator Farm," "Burning Organ," "Space Ship," and "Paul The Young Dude (Best)."
URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=IECP-10228
Paul Gilbert/Burning Organ Plus  CDA
1905 yen US$21/92.62  Release Date:2010/07/21
Description:Reissue from Paul Gilbert. Part of a five-album Paul Gilbert reissue series featuring the albums "Flying Dog," "Alligator Farm," "Burning Organ," "Space Ship," and "Paul The Young Dude (Best)."
URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=IECP-10229
Paul Gilbert/Space Ship Plus  CDA
1905 yen US$21/92.62  Release Date:2010/07/21
Description:Reissue from Paul Gilbert. Part of a five-album Paul Gilbert reissue series featuring the albums "Flying Dog," "Alligator Farm," "Burning Organ," "Space Ship," and "Paul The Young Dude (Best)."
URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=IECP-10230
Paul Gilbert/Paul The Young Dude (Best) Plus  CDA
1905 yen US$21/92.62  Release Date:2010/07/21
Description:Reissue from Paul Gilbert. Part of a five-album Paul Gilbert reissue series featuring the albums "Flying Dog," "Alligator Farm," "Burning Organ," "Space Ship," and "Paul The Young Dude (Best)."
URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=IECP-10231

Charles Shaughnessy: port city cab gets a spanking and a little tay zonder

OK, I extended the truth a little... no Tay Zonder... and I was a little lonely as you guys don't visit anymore...

Seriously, Charlie Shaughnessy is just spanking the hell out of his guitar, just for the fun of it... although no strings were hurt in the making of this video.

Charlie Shaughnessy - Industrial Rock Improv

Charlie Shaughnessy:
Playing around with this truly amazing sounding cab!

Sound is just from a camera mic, so not amazing...

This guitar sounds great, this amp sounds great, this cab sounds amazingly great!

I run through three of the four channels on the amp, think I start off on the lead channel, then play the rhythm channel for awhile, then a mixture of both of and on and eventually a short amount of clean channel playing at the end.

Charlie Shaughnessy - Port City Cabinet demo with H&K Switchblade and Gibson Les Paul

Milan Polak: How to hold the pick

Milan Polak Question

The Milan Polak answer

Vid On Demand - How To Hold The Pick

Find out how you can get a video made for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmA9AyEOpaw

Allan Holdsworth: incredible 38" Bill DeLap hollow body baritone

This just looks unreal!!!!

Allan Holdsworth playing the custom Bill DeLap 38 inch hollow body baritone. live at The Ark in Annarbor, Michigan on 9/16/92

The person who filmed it did a horrible job at keeping it steady. I apologize if anyone gets motion sickness
Allan Holdsworth - DeLap 38 inch Baritone

Richie Kotzen: Larger Than Life

Richie Kotzen:
This is the music video for the Richie Kotzen song 'Larger Than Life' Directed by Steven Lyon (from the 'Peace Sign' cd)

Larger Than Life (by Richie Kotzen)

Si Hayden: Tango Schitzophrenia

the acoustic theme continues

Si Hayden - Tango Schitzophrenia Live Warwick Arts Centre

Alex Berserker: The Gods Are Here

Alex Berserker:
Hey Everyone! Alex Here!

This time i bring you something different...at last!! If i weren'r a psytrancegressive prog rock metal player,i would be playing latin music!!

This video is also used as part of the Promotional Series im doing supporting and reviewing the new TC Electronic Interface,Twin Impact,it rocks!!!

Alex Berserker - The Gods Are Here

Niko Tsonev: Samurai Guitarisuto

Niko Tsonev:
Well this is the beginning of "Samurai Guitarisuto", the Japanese cartoon-inspired all out shred tune from the Black Feather album (2008).

On the original recording the second verse was demolished by the one and only Mr Fastfinger, that got me fuming and we had to duel it out till the end.
So check it out.

This is the Suhr guitar through a Dime Wah, Xotic BB Preamp into the Brunetti 059 head (Crunch channel, Mellow on, no cab, using the in-built speaker dummy load). Hope you enjoyed it

Niko Tsonev playing "Samurai Guitarisuto" in the Studio