News: the fisherman scale and more really outside licks

You should also try out the Beaufort Scale, the Richter scale, Logarithmic scale and particularly sensitive to guitarists, the pay scale...

 You know those scenes in movies where they cut to the actor's hands and he can suddenly shred? More often than not, those are this guy's hands -- and now you can learn directly from the man behind the magic.

Will Maier from The Whatevs ( is the special guest host / instructor today on this free video excerpt from He appears in his first ever wide-shot and demonstrates a few "conceptual" licks that are unlike anything C.C. DeVille could play (watch out for that killer vibrato intonation) -- showing the student how to find his own voice on the guitar and make it his own. You'd think it can't get any better than that "exotic" scale... but from there, Will launches straight into teaching you How To Play A Song In 30 Seconds, blowing your mind forever.

It was announced last week that Michael Bay flew Will in as a consultant for his upcoming remake of Crossroads, in which Megan Fox teams up with herself to play a pair of renegade, lesbian, train-robbing demolition experts... and in this video, you'll see why.

Play along, if you can!

Will also played the role of Zac Efron's hands in the upcoming feature called The Sailor's Predicament (, written and directed by Dan Oster. This talented young artist can be contacted through William Morris Agency (

Whose Hands Are Those, When An Actor Shreds On Guitar?