Thursday, 1 July 2010

Manu Allicot: Strato CS 61 Limited Cornford Roadhouse 30 demo

Fender Strato CS 61 Limited Cornford Roadhouse 30

Keith Whalen: Blog Licks lessons!

Keith - Some Blog Licks

Adam Ironside: DirtBox the web site for gear nurds!

Just a video blog discussing DirtBox, why I started it, what it is all about, and what the plans for the future are.

What Is DirtBox?

John Cassio: a little rock fusion

Fusion Rock Guitar Example

Elliot Noble: When new track to download!


Tony MacAlpine,Stefania Daniel: Seven The Hardway - cooking!

The new single from Seven The Hardway - featuring Mark Boals - Vocals; Tony MacAlpine - Guitar; Virgil Donati - Drums; Doug Shreeve - Bass; Stefania Daniel - Guitar.

New album available August 2010.

"Guilty" Music Video (HD) - Seven The Hardway

Thiago Trinsi: Samba de Rua

Samba de

Richie Kotzen: Peace Sign

Richie Kotzen Peace Sign

Rob Chappers: Chappers TV - Episode 3

Chappers TV - Episode 3 (Featuring The Lee, Marshall and a giant sausage)

You can vote on the Chapman Guitars ML2 here:

Chappers TV - Episode 3 (Featuring The Lee, Marshall and a giant sausage)

Gustavo Guerra: crazy synchronisation technique

Lessons ( techniques for synchronization)

Billy Sheehan, Akira Takasaki: Kozo Suganuma

Kozo Suganuma: Convergence (Import)

Kozo Suganuma (Drums); Takasaki Akira, Hori Takakazu arrows (Guitar); Billy Sheehan, MASAKI (Bass); Jin Mina Nishiwaki (Keyboard); Jeremy Cloak (Yidaki); SATOKO (Timbales); Wago Project: Tetsu J (Yidaki), Kobayashi (Precusion), Ichirota (Bass), Pierre Ono (Tsugaru Shamisen)

Kozo Suganuma's 3rd album falls. The theme is "Jazz from the metal to world music!" Kozo Suganuma a carving of musicians in various genres, "nuclear" Rhythm toward "convergence set" to "convergence"? Aruba without being fully demonstrate the variety of all-round player the first time Kozo Suganuma Systems.

Billy Sheehan amazing rock base play involving transcendence of Kozo Suganuma trouble! The counter is Animetal Billy, a renowned demon tapping its base, MASAKI. Top of the world where metal guitar, Akira Takasaki. World top contemporary jazz guitar, joined by two great guitarists Hori Takakazu Arrow, genius producer and keyboardist Nishiwaki contains Jin Mina.

Kozo Suganuma recent years, likes to work with people to approach the film "Zatoichi THE LAST" (directed by Junji Sakamoto) is responsible for the theme song and soundtrack "Project" was great. Australian leader of the union leader brought the didgeridoo in Japan. The player could hang, "Tetsu J". Also could hang (didgeridoo) from New Zealand boasts Jeremy cloak their top player in the world, in Japan to expand the playing of this recording transcendence. Listen to everyone, just super session.

The two songs are bonus tracks of the drum does not contain a negative one. Drummer would eventually want to try "linear rhythm" and "Blast Beat" can practice a new project. Stands that we can practice their favorite drumming, drum industry's first attempt.


1. Katrina
2. Down In The Hole
3. Albatross
4. Something Like This
5. I.N.V.U.
6. Mind Games
7. Convergence
8. Double Eagle
9. Angel Of Wind

Bonus Track Without Drums Track
10. Something Like This
11. I.N.V.

Andy James: web cast, still time to register

Stan Lassiter: Mark Varney recommends #2

Stan from a past NAMM demo does his amazing blazing on a classic. More to come soon!

Stan Lassiter - Music Sweet Music

Gustavo Di Padua, Alex Martinho,Edu Ardanuy: Sunshine of Your Love

Alex Martin, Edu Ardanuy and Gustavo di Padua do a jam on "Sunshine of Your Love" from Cream.

Recorded at the end of Edu Ardanuy Workshop held on 22/06/2010 at the Theatre MFA - NiterĂ³i - RJ.

Realization: School Modern Music and Audio Landscape

For more info about new events:

Alex Martinho, Edu Ardanuy e Gustavo di Padua - "Sunshine of Your Love" JAM

Carl Verheyen,Steve Trovato,Bruce Foreman: NAMM 2010

Carl Verheyen, Bruce Foreman and Steve Trovato jamming at the LSL Guitars booth at NAMM 2010

NAMM 2010 LSL Guitars w. Carl Verheyen

Slimer, Reb Beach: jamming with Reb Beach!

My uncle Sloth found this awesome vid of the amazing Reb Beach! I thought i would jam with Him since Reb was so kind to include rytyhm backing =) Thank you for posting this awesome vid! I have been playing for almost a year and i am starting to play more now =)

Gear used: Ibanez prestige 2550e, Mesa Boggie Express 5:50 2x12, boss me 70 for delay.

10 yr old Slimer jams with Reb Beach

Roger Pedersen: beat this 2010

Roger Pedersen is currently promoting his new album "Kernels in a Popcorn Machine" through the summer 2010. This concert was in front of 400 students (age 6- 14)... at 08.30 in the morning... how unreasonable a time is that ;)
Roger Pedersen has garnered a lot of coverage from serveral Norwegian music magazines, plus the Danish magazine "Musikeren", the UK magazine "Guitar and Bass magazine" and from Guitar Player magazine US!

Roger Pedersen- "Beat this", live summer 2010.wmv

Hassan Hajdi: a brace of live solos.

Le ballon de Billy


Gwamba: excellent review of the Paul Gilbert airplane flanger pedal

gwamba reviews the airplane flanger. i tried to keep things pretty simple. i am not trying to show off playing styles here, more so the tone of the airplane flanger.

paul gilbert airplane flanger review.flv

Marcel Coenen: suncaged tour dates

Graspop Festival !
I Just returned form the famous Belgian festival Graspop where I played as a guest guitarist with the band Channel Zero on the main stage for 45.000 people, it was a blast !!!!
You can check out this link to see what the gig looked like:
New Sun Caged song on the official Sun Caged Myspace !
We just put a new song up on our myspace for everybody to check out.
The song will be featured on our third upcoming record called "The Lotus Effect".
The song is called "Shades Of Hades".
Our Myspace profile:
Upcoming Concerts:

07-07-2010Horst AmericaCartouche (Feesttent)System Pilot
10-07-2010HaelenCafe Harley'sTime Machine
06-08-2010EnschedeCafe RocksSystem Pilot
15-08-2010SwalmenSjwaampop FestivalStormrider
28-08-2010Dessel (Belgium)Dessel Swingt festivalStormrider
04-09-2010Molenbeersel (Belgium)Graasjrock FestivalStormrider
11-09-2010Barlo/AaltenBite FestivalSun Caged
19-09-2010NederweertSanta DomingoChained Alice
09-10-2010Antwerpen (Belgium)PanddemoniumStormrider
06-11-2010UdenDe PulChained Alice
20-11-2010RoermondAzijnfabriekChained Alice
27-11-2010LeeuwardenDe HarmonieSolo

News: Guitar Buyer's Guide 2011

I really like that Epiphone Olympic model at 0:33 I saw it at Frankfurt in Candy Apple Red. Obviously its displayed in a more polished setting this time...

Go behind-the-scenes of the 2011 Guitar Buyer's Guide photo shoot featuring Playboy's hottest Playmates Jayde Nicole, Sara Jean Underwood, Kara Monaco, Kassie Lyn Logsdon & Heather Rae Young.

The 2010 Guitar Buyer's Guide goes on sale July 6th on newsstands.

2011 Guitar Buyer's Guide Photo Shoot with Playboy's Hottest Playmates!!!