Sunday, 22 August 2010

Andrea Fedeli: prelude in blood

Prelude in Blood

Yvi Wylde: tribute to Richie Kotzen

Testify Richie Kotzen

Paul Gilbert: loves Georgie Fame and his dancing girls!

Jeb: Unlike Vai, your instrumentals feel like songs and not just alien musicians conquering the electric guitar. Unlike Satch, your instrumentals are not so smooth they feel worked on a long, long period of time. How do you differentiate yourself from the other Shred Masters?

Paul: I'm actually not that familiar with most modern “shred” music. I have enormous respect for both Steve and Joe, as well as Eric Johnson, Yngwie [Malmsteen], Tony MacAlpine, Joe Bonamassa; Is he instrumental? Either way, all those guys play so well. But as a listener, I find myself listening to very different music. For this album, I was listening to Melody Gardot, Justin Currie, old Georgie Fame records. You've got to do a YouTube search for Georgie Fame doing a song called “Seventh Son.” It's in 7/8 and there are a bunch of dancing girls dancing to it. I've never seen anyone dance in 7/8 before; the whole song is pretty cool. I took the basic groove and played it Charlie Watts-style on my drum kit. This was the inspiration for the song, “Propeller.” What else? I listened to a lot of Silvius Weiss lute music, a lot of Bulgarian female choir music and old Johnny Cash folk ballads. My biggest guitar influence was probably B.B. King. I pulled up an old live video of his every morning and bent strings along with him to try to improve my vibrato. Oh yeah, and there's the Bach piece. I got some great licks from that violin Partita. Bach is always good.

Jeb: Did you view the electric guitar as a vocal instrument when you create a song like "Mantra the Lawn?" It almost sounds like it is singing.

Paul: Thanks for listening so closely! I actually wrote lyrics for that song, just so I could sing them in my head while I was playing the guitar part. The funny thing is that the lyrics don't have to make any sense because it just ends up on guitar anyway. So I get nonsensical phrases like, “Mantra the Lawn.”

I love playing like this, but it's really new to me. As a teenager, I was always more into the fiery guitar players like Eddie Van Halen and Frank Marino, rather than melody guys like Neal Schon or whoever was playing the solos in Boston. But now, I'm really starting to like playing melody. It might not seem as athletic as the shred stuff, but it's often stronger musically. full interview

Marty Young,Derek Sherinian, Lars Eric Mattsson, Neil Zaza: Show Hand

Marty Young: Show Hand (CD)

Marty Young is a guitarist from Taiwan, and he's recently released his debut guitar album, Show Hand. Fans will rock-out to his music creations, which are hard rock, all instrumental and feature guests, such as on "Young Blues". That track features solos from Derek Sherinian, Lars Eric Mattsson and Neil Zaza. Stuart Hamm makes a guest appearance on bass as well. Now is your chance to experience in high fidelity this guitarist who has been all over YouTube and other video sites.

Desiree Bassett,Johnny Hiland: jamming with Johnny

Desiree' jams with Johnny Hiland

Kozo Tsuji: keys to the rescue


Johansson Enigma Suite keyboard solo cover

Time Requiem Watching The Tower Of Skies keyboard solo cover

U.K. Carrying No Cross piano solo cover

Desiree Bassett,Tony MacAlpine,Vinnie Moore: G-Taranaki 2010 - All Along The Watchtower

Live at the second Midnight Session at G-Taranaki 2010 in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Put together Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore... and Desiree' Bassett!! This was unrehearsed and it is the first time they ever played together, their jam version of All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix

G-Taranaki 2010 - All Along The Watchtower 8-14-10

Buy CD's

1. Power & Force
2. Fretboards on Fire
3. Another Day
4. Never Back Down
5. Pulse
6. Love Her
7. Thru It All
8. Autumn Dreams
9. Broken Machine
10. The Aurora

Tony MacAlpine,Jennifer Batten: Gtaranaki 2010

Gtaranaki 2010 Jennifer Batten vs Tony MacAlpine

Uli Jon Roth,Slash: Gtaranaki 2010

Gtaranaki 2010 Slash & Uli Jon Roth - Little Wing

Gtaranaki 2010 Slash & Uli Jon Roth - Communication Breakdown

Lewis Cannon: fusion crunch

Lewis Cannon:
Difficult changes (for me). I'm suffering from the dorian fatigue these days, so trying to move away from the sadly over used minor funk vamp that has become so popular it is almost a style of music within itself.

fusion crunch

Scott McGill,Michael Manring: The Music Wizard in NJ 2003

Scott McGill Michael Manring Vic Stevens Instrumental Prog Fusion Live!

Scott McGill - Michael Manring Vic Stevens live Ambient Tune at The Music Wizard NJ

Krisztian Lovrek, Balint Virághalmy: Racer X technical difficulties Final Gala 2010 Final Gala 2010 - Krisztian, and Lovro Virághalmy Balint

Tony Waka: rocking hard!

Some strat shred stuff

Ryan Daily: Necrophagist- Ignominious and Pale

Necrophagist- Ignominious and Pale

Krisztian Lovrek,Laci Erdosy: 2010 - super tasty playing alert! Döntő Gála 2010 - Lovrek Krisztián és Erdősy Laci

Vinnie Moore: metal assault interview

Andrew: You were talking about doing another record. So have you had a chance to work on any new material in the past 12 months?
Vinnie: I'm a guy that's always writing and working on new songs, so I always have some stuff laying around. We're about to get started on that, on making another record.

Andrew: UFO has been a band that has influenced so many great bands, most notably Iron Maiden. Kirk Hammett of Metallica is a huge fan too. How does it feel, playing in such a band?
Vinnie: I was one of the guys that they influenced too. When I grew up, I was a big UFO fan and had a few of their records. I used to sit in my bedroom and play guitar with their music and never even for a second imagined that one day I would be playing with them (laughs), so it's a little bit surreal. I agree with everybody else as a fan of the band and it feels good for me to be a part of that band who's had that much influence over other musicians and players. It's a good feeling.

Irvan Kobra: plays Paul Gilbert's GVRO

G.V.R.O. written by Paul Gilbert
Performed by myself and Ferry Fey, my younger brother.
Recorded at my home.

Dear All,
My name is Irvan Kobra.
I'm a musician / songwriter / guitarist in Indonesia.

I hope to write good music and keep improving my skill as a musician, composer and guitarist.
As a growing musician, I'm most welcome to cooperate with anybody to make music together.

I keep on searching for a better opportunity to make my life better through music.

If you are interested in my playing, making an album together, filling a guitar spot in your song, or just about anything, please contact me:
Mobile Phone: +62 818 955 828

Dear All,
I'm entering Guitar Idol 2010 Competition.
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Irvan Kobra plays Paul Gilbert's GVRO