Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Emil Werstler, Eyal Levi: Daath reveal new CD details

DAATH will release its third, self-titled full-length album on October 26 via Century Media Records.

"Daath" track listing:

01. Genocidal Maniac
02. Destruction/Restoration
03. Indestructible Overdose
04. Double Tap Suicide
05. The Decider
06. Exit Plan
07. Oxygen Burn
08. Accelerant
09. Arch {Enemy} Misanthrope
10. Manufactured Insomnia
11. A Cold Devotion
12. N.A.T.G.O.D.
13. Terminal Now

Derryl Gabel: DVD 20$ discount and Guitar Pro 6 endorsement!

Derryl Gabel:
Hi Guitar Friends! Hope you are all doing well out there. For a limited time most all DVDs and down loadable videos are 20% off. If you were waiting for a sale now is the time!

The Ultimate Fusion 10 pack DVD set with Interactive Guitar E-Book was $199 and now is only $159.95! That's only $16 for each DVD and the e-book for free!

The Ultimate Fusion 10 pack DL set with Interactive Guitar E-Book was $149.95 and now is only $119.95! That's only $12 for each video and the e-book for free!

Each instructional DVD was $35 and now is only $27.95

Each instructional DL video was $29.95 and now is only $23.95

Hurry now! This offer will end soon!

Go to the "Store" page of my site to place your order today!

Additional News

I now proudly endorse Guitar Pro 6 which is a very intuitive program that helps me create scores quickly and easily with a professional look and sound. One of the many things that impresses me about this particular program is it's ability to notate my fingerings correctly when playing my MIDI guitar. This helps speed up my notation process immensely. Thanks Guitar Pro team! I highly recommend importing all your Power Tab files into Guitar Pro for more versatility and a lot better sound.Check out the free trial version at

Currently I am working on a Supersonic Sweeping part 2 and Outside Secrets part 4 DVDs.

I still have some openings for online guitar students. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Thanks for all the encouraging emails and your support!

News: Win An Exodus-Signed ESP Viper!

Win An Exodus-Signed ESP Viper!: Bloody-Disgusting love you readers! To show our love, here is another badass contest for all of you! In celebration of legendary thrash metal band Exodus hitting the road, we're offering you all a chance at a guitar autographed by the band! Check after the jump to find out how you can enter!

News: let there be rock program

(Band – Song – Album)

1 - Madina Lake - Let's get outta here (Attics to Eden)
2 - Anvil - March of the crabs (Metal on Metal)
3 - Bumblefoot - Piranha (Abnormal)
4 - Slash - Rise today (Live in Manchester 3 July 2010)
5 - Slash - Sucker Train Blues (Live in Manchester 3 July 2010)
6 - George Bellas - Suns of andromeda (The dawn of all time)
7 - Ozzy Osbourne - Let me hear you scream (Scream)
8 - Masahiro Aoki - Spirits (Guitar Idol 2008)
9 - Soilwork - Distance (The panic broadcast)
10 - Soilwork - King of the treshold (The panic broadcast)
11 - Balance - Undercover man (In for the count)
12 - Warning - Fire Fire (II )
13 - Jorn Lande - Song for Ronnie James (Dio)
14 - Sortilege - D'ailleurs (Metamorphose)
15 - Korn - Pop a pill (III)
16 - Korn - Fear is a place to live (III)
17 - Nevermore - The termination proclamation (The obsidian Conspiracy)
18 - The Parlor Mob - Tide of tears (And you were a crow)
19 - Tony Harnell & The Mercury Train - Northern Lights              (Round Trip)
20 - Christopher Amott - In the pale moonlight (Follow your heart)
21 - John Norum - Over and done (Playyard Blues)
22 - Code of Perfection - evilo:FEX (Last exit for the lost)
23 - Terry Brock - No more mr. nice guy (Diamond Blue)
24 - Bodine - Shout (Three times running)
25 - Bad moon rising - one night in tokyo (bad moon rising)
26 - Seether - No Jesus Christ (Finding beauty in negative spaces)

Ron Coolen

Let there be Rock on Boschtion FM
Every Tuesday 9 - 11  PM (CET - Amsterdam time)
Cable FM 87,5  // Ether FM 95,2

- Website ‘Let there be Rock’:
- Free downloads of Radio interviews:
- Follow us on Twitter:
- Live internet stream:

- Cell phone: +31-(0)6 523 25893

Every TUESDAY:  London 8 – 10PM,  New York 3 - 5PM, Los Angeles Noon – 2PM,  Rio de Janeiro  5 – 7PM,  Moscow 11PM – 1AM
Every WEDNESDAY: Tokyo 5 - 7AM,  Sydney  7 - 9AM

Carl Mörner Ringström: jamming at The Baked Potato Part 3

Carl Mörner Ringström jamming at The Baked Potato Part 3

Simon Lees: mixloydian it up a bit - this time in pink!

Party Time Improvisation in C Mixolydian.wmv

Marcos De Ros: the names Ros... Marcos De Ros

Marcos De Ros seems a little shaken, but not stirred for his rendition of the classic Bond theme...

007- James Bond Theme. Marcos De Ros.

Mathias Holm: features on the new Subway CD

Dear Subway fans and friends, (Ex-Francis Soto Band)

It's been 3 months since we signed a deal with Fastball records/Sony Music and the preparation phase for the release of our new album is finally at an end. The album, "Lola's Themes" will be available in the shops as a normal CD and in the internet as an MP3 download from the 8th of October 2010.
For those of you who can't wait, the album can be ordered directly from us for the more favourable price of 12 Euros plus 2 Euros for postage costs. Simply send an email to

and put the words "Order album" as the subject. Your album will be posted to you within a few days. Payment can be made with a bank transfer or via Paypal.
Keep on rocking,
Francis Soto (Subway)

Lukasz Kulczak: blue noize

Blue Noize solo contest - Lukasz Kulczak

Lukasz Kulczak | MySpace Music Videos

George Balulis: tribute to George Lynch - Mr Scary!

Five weeks of dedication to get this one down on video. Lots of cool licks in this homage to the great Geroge Lynch. George Balulis explains:
Respectfully submitted as a tribute to George, I've made every attempt to create a definitive, end-to-end performance of the original recording. This was quite a bit of work (to say the least).

This song has wowed and inspired me for years. THIS IS ALL ME. I recorded all backing tracks and programmed all the drums (in GarageBand).

While I am proud of this performance, it pales in comparison to the incredibly creative prowess of the real Mr Scary who brought this wonderful tour de force to us all.

I hope you enjoy it.

George Lynch's "Mr Scary"

News: Guitar World Blips bites the dust

JP over at StratOBlogster: broke the news to me today. Guitar World news feed has gone along with the bloggers forum. I'm looking for a new home for both the aggregated feeds and the guitar bloggers forum... anyone know of a good home?

Mean time "So long and thanks for all the fish"
Thank you for your interest, but the website you are trying to visit is no longer being supported. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our bloggers, visitors, and advertisers who have supported our sites.

Dragianni: Tapping in E Minor lesson

Tapping in E minor: Here is my first lick for all of you! This lick is totally legato/tapping lick - no pick used at all.
Basic scale is E minor pentatonic but i've added F# and Bb here and there :) see the lesson

News: Omiš guitar festival set for 5th - 10th April 2011

Association "Little strings" organizes
the second international guitar competition
in Omiš on the 5th - 10th April 2011.
The festival will take place at hotel Plaža premises in Omiš. As a part of this event, a competition will be held for classic and electric guitar including a discipline "Guitar and voice". In addition, within the festival, presentations by supreme guitar builders Stefano Robol (Italy) and Mato Blažanović (Croatia), concerts and copyright workshop will be held, guarantying a good time for all festival attendees.

You are kindly invited to demonstrate personal guitar skills and win great rewards, or simply to enjoy good music and amusement.
Artistic and competition director:
Neno Munitić mr art

Emir Hot: 10 useful guitar web sites

Emir Hot:
There are tons of guitar related websites on the internet. I found that very few have content easy to understand, nicely organised and worth checking out. Today I made a list of 10 useful sites that I found very interesting, educational and easy to navigate. Most of them have free content so I hope you will enjoy your time when you visit them. Check them out

Plus check out Emir Hot's Tapped Arpeggio Lesson on

Rob Chappers: live4guitar interview

Tell us about Monkey Fest!

“Unfortunately Monkey Fest has been postponed until next year. I have so much stuff going on that it’s impossible to manage everything. There are lots of legal issues to consider when organising a festival and I don’t have a dedicated events organiser for it. If I had done the festival this year I would have completely ruined it! Guthrie Govan had to pull out of it to play with Dizzie Rascal so that was the last straw. Fear not though, Monkey Fest should be organised for next year, providing that I can find a reliable and trustworthy person to do this for me. full interview

vaisatchatrucci: Monkeylord competition

A very tasty solo for the competition. May be the guitar strap is coming his way?

My Entry for The Epic Monkey Lord Signature Strap Competition \m/

Have your shot at the competition:

Maxime Cottin: blue noize competition - vigier style

Guitar Noize contest - Blue Noize - Maxime COTTIN entry

Sam Bell: Jackson DK2N for sale

Jackson DK2N
Transparant Red
Licenced Floyd Rose
2x Seymore Duncan Pickups
Strap lock ready.

Great guitar, ideal for anything from Metal to Jazz Fusion, Blues, to Indy rock!

(See video link to see guitar in action!)

*Slight damage to neck pickup ring, replaceable (see pictures)

*Avalable for Collection

Looking forward to hearing from any potential buyers!

The guitar in action

Shred This Three Brett Garsed - Sam Bell

Osman Cenan Cigil: Monkeylord competition

The Epic Monkey Lord Signature Strap Competition Entry by Osman Cenan CIGIL

Eric Maldonado: HALO Morbus burn in!

This is a demo video for the fantastic guitar that HALO sent me a few months ago and the DiMarzio Crunch Lab Pickup. This video is just me messing around over the backing track. This guitar is very nice, it has a great neck and great feel. Overall a fantastic guitar. The neck is really fast and easy to get around with.

This pickup(DiMarzio Crunch Lab) is probably the COOLEST bridge pickup ever. It's high output yet gives you a warm sound that doesn't have a lot of sharp edges. It's great for any style but definitely the best for heavy rock or metal.

Go check out HALO Guitars & DiMarzio Pickups TODAY!

I hope you enjoy the video, it has some cool licks in it I think ;)

- SHRED! - HALO Morbus & DiMarzio Crunch Lab Demo - Eric Maldonado -

Jon Bloomer: jamming to Rick Graham... and you can too!

Rick Graham recently released "Insideout", a guitar instrumental album and now Rick is selling backing tracks so that you can play along or just improvise and jam over the top of them. This is an example using the track "Edge Of The Earth", I actually tried to play the proper melody and solo but didn't quite have the chops to get Rick's phrasing down so some of it is just me noodling, but I thought that was a good demonstration of what you can use the tracks for.

You can purchase the album "Insideout" and the backing tracks from Rick's website -

Check out my review of Rick's excellent album "Insideout" here -

Gear used:
Suhr S4
Amplitube 3
Red Bear Classic II pick

Rick Graham Backing Tracks demo - Edge Of The Earth

Geoff Whitehorn: new Vintage Signature Guitar

Geoff Whitehorn:
“As regards moi, yes, I have handed in my notice as guitarist with Elkie Brooks, which I’ve been doing for while now. Too much schlepping up and down the motorways of Blighty, and the traffic EVERYWHERE (well, until you get to Scotland..) is so bad, it just wasn't worth it anymore. 550-mile round trips to Lancaster in 16 hours just ain't my thing at my age, thank you very much!... That’s coz you ain’t been singing really badly and blubbing your eyes out on crap shows like the appalling ‘Pop Idol’, mate... Oh, I'm also doing another solo album... Well, not really – but I AM thinking about it!” full details

News: guitar sidekick an iphone fans dream.


The Guitar Sidekick is a neck-mounted clamp system designed to hold a SmartPhone, MediaPlayer, recorder, or tuner. The system enables you to easily use any of the music/guitar apps available for smart mobile devices, such as: video lessons, lyrics teleprompter, audio recorder, metronome, tabs display, and instrument tuner. Compatible with any guitar, it does not affect playing or tuning, and accommodates the iPhone, iPod touch, PSP, iTab, and others.


Cool list of iphone guitar applications too:

Rob Balducci: Burrata Live @ Sweetwater Sound

8-24-10 Lick Of The Week - Burrata Live @ Sweetwater Sound

Belial Baez: Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature Review

Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature Review (Part I Metal Rhytmn Guitar)

Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature Review (Part II Metal Solos)

Rob Balducci: tweet trail

You can follow Rob Balducci's tweets here:

Joe Satriani: VOX Ice 9 overdrive pedal

Loaded with personality, the Ice 9 overdrive pedal is fourth in a series of effect pedals created in collaboration between world-renowned guitarist Joe Satriani and VOX. With two distinct overdrive modes, versatile tone-shaping, and the ever-popular "More" switch, the Ice 9 delivers a wide range of inspiring tones, yet remains remarkably easy to use. The name comes from the title of one of Joe Satriani's popular songs on his smash album, Surfing with the Alien (1987).
Ice9 features

Two voices of overdrive: Vintage or Modern
Gain and Volume knobs offer exacting distortion control
Tone and Bass controls deliver detailed tone-shaping
The signature Joe Satriani 'More' button

Richie Kotzen: new single and tour details

Richie Kotzen:
Hello Friends and Fans,
Hope you are doing great!
I wanted to let you know that I will be going back out on the road this October/November. There will be a 'warm up' show in Los Angeles, Ca. at the 'Viper Room' on October 8th. This will be a full 90 minute set with a 10:30 start time.
I also have a new single called 'Angry Boy' which will be released October 1st.
You can preview the song at
Hope to see you at one of my shows.
Best Wishes,

Larger Than Life (by Richie Kotzen)

10/8 Viper Room Los Angeles, Ca
10/14 Istanbul (Turkey) tba
10/15 Madrid (Spain) - Sala Caracol
10/16 Bilbao (Spain) - Sala Rockstar Live (Festival)
10/18 Lisbon (Portugal) - Music Box
10/19 Sevilla (Spain) - Sala Q
10/21 Roma (Italy) - Jailbreak
10/22 Forlì (Italy) - Naima
10/23 Trofarello (Italy) - Il Peocio
10/24 Milano (Italy) - Legend 54
10/29 Pisa (Italy) - Borderline
10/31 Roccaforzata (Italy) - Go West Saloon
11/03 Lille (France) - Le Splendid
11/04 Kerkrade (Holland) - Rock Temple
11/05 Zoetermeer (Holland) - Borderij
11/07 Glasgow (UK) - O2 ABC2
11/08 Liverpool (UK) - O2 Academy 2
11/09 Birmingham (UK) - O2 Academy 3
11/10 London (UK) - Islington O2 Academy
11/12 Aarburg (Switzerland) - Moonwalker
11/16 Prague (Czech Republic) - Matrix
11/17 Wien (Austria) - Reigen
11/18 Zagreb (Croatia) - Boogaloo
11/19 Velden (Austria) - Bluesiana
11/21 Habach (Germany) - Village
11/24 Kassel (Germany) tba
11/25 Torgau (Germany) - Kulturbastion
11/26 Hamburg (Germany) - Blues Garage
11/27 Koln (Germany) - Live Probearum