Friday, 3 September 2010

Carina Alfie,Marcelo Roascio,Vernon Neilly: Guitarras on the rocks

Guitarras on the rocks !!
Public Event

Who: guitar players!
When: Friday, October 01, 20109:00 PM - 11:30 PM ART
Where: Teatro Santa Maria
Montevideo 842
Capital Federal -- -- Get Directions
Carina Alfie - Marcelo Roascio - Vernon Neilly (USA) presentan sus últimos trabajos discográficos.
¡¡¡ Super Show !!! Sets individuales y jam final

Frank Gambale,Stuart Hamm,Victor Lafuente: Festival "raining cats and dogs"

Festival "raining cats and dogs" in the first part of JAS'ROD Frank Gambale and Stuart Hamm (Victor Lafuente Collecti'v and The Groove)

Friday, November 12, 2010
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM CET

Jas Rod to Pennes Mirabeaus
Les Pennes Mirabeau, mouth ...

Rob Chappers: appears at Bristol Guitar Show with the ML2

Reply one - ML2 Body, Bristol Guitar Show

Charlie Hunter: learn the drums to be a guitar god!

Do you think guitar players would be better guitarists if they played drums?

Oh yeah. I think that it’s an almost absolute necessity. If a guitar player came up to me and said, “I want to learn what you do.” I would say, “Ok, you are not going to play guitar for at least a year. You are not going to touch it. You are going to play drums. [Laughing] And then when you come back, you will automatically go to the 90th percentile of good guitar players because you’ll actually be a bonus to people on stage, rather than just kind of there making sounds.” more

Chon Kan Dee Suwan: slapping the plank


Marcos Dicaprio: Hybrid guitar technique fusion

Very cool soloing:
Fusion of Rock, jazz and country technics.

Marcos Dicaprio is a Brazilian guitar

Use Lucas effects hand-made pedals

Hybrid guitar technique fusion style

Começar de novo - Ivan Lins (the Island)Guitar

News: ZC3 - 100% free Entrance!!! It's going to be great!!!

Ziua Chitarelor 3

Time 18 September · 10:30 - 22:30
Location Teatrul Bulandra -Sala Izvor
Bd. Schitu Magureanu 1
Bucharest, Romania
Created by:Ziua Chitarelor, Mihai Alexandru, Laurie MonkShow all (6)
More info Ziua Chitarelor 3
Master Class & Concert with : Stu Hamm- Jennifer Batten - Michael
Lee Firkins - TJ Helmerich - Dave Martone - Andreas Oberg - Damjan
Pejcinoski - Dragianni - Marius Pop !!!!!100% free Entrance


Maranhão: Tagima 2010


Eric Mantel: Win a Cort Guitar competitions!!!

These contest starts this September 1st 2010!!! You have until December 30th 2010 to learn and master the song TRIBUTE by ERIC MANTEL. 10 Winners will be announced on December 31st 2010.



Dimitar Nalbantov: shred knowledge interview

10. You were once going to change your ibanez wood body did this ever happen and what did you do in the end plus tell us about your gorgeous custom shop Ibanez and your pickup endorsement .

It does not happen, eventually tried several guitars with mahogany and alder body woods. But ended up again with my basswood body. Basswood guitar with Dimarzio Breed pickups draw sound that resembles a singing voice or a wood wind instrument.

The Custom Ibanez is my first Japanese Ibanez RG450 I bought back in 1995 for $ 800.
Over the years I had many other guitars but this always remained. "She" brings a memory of my grandfather. He was an amazing person who gave me a great support with great passion and love. Two years ago decided to made a complete change. I found a local luthier and he did everything on it.

Dimarzio. It is a dream come true.
All the guitar heroes of my childhood playing with DiMarzio pickups.

After all my demos for Magix and IK Multimedia I got connected with the company.
The song "Dome of Heaven" from my new album is on their web site for DiMarzio Breed pickups demo. I am proud of this! Thanks DiMarzio!


Eric Mantel: The Unstruck Melody CD

Chicago guitarist Eric Mantel signs with Steve Vai’s  Digital Nations label to release The Unstruck Melody. 

Chicago guitar virtuoso/songwriter/vocalist/tone master/eclectic stylist Eric Mantel is internationally acclaimed as a musician of the highest order. Mantel is proud to announce inking a deal with Digital Nations, the all-download arm of guitar icon Steve Vai’s Favored Nations record label. Digital Nations will give worldwide release and distribution to Mantel’s latest recorded effort, The Unstruck Melody. The album gives listeners a dose of everything Mantel is known for the world over, including virtuoso guitar instrumentals (“Tribute”, “Tai Chi”, “Wings Of Fire”) and vocal-oriented pop/rock songs (“Simple Things”, “Shine On”, “True Home”) plus much much more and will make Mantel’s longtime fans very happy. It will also serve as a great introduction to those who are new to Mantel’s music and will make them want to learn more about this award winning, talented, and compelling artist. Eric Mantel is that rare musician who is able to turn his own internal inspiration into extraordinary guitar music seemingly at will and in a seemingly endless parade of styles. 

A guitar prodigy since the 70s, Mantel’s influences range from Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Morse, Chet Atkins and Jimi Hendrix to Wes Montgomery, Andres Segovia, Albert King, SRV and Albert Lee and many others. Mantel moves easily from rock, blues, jazz, and fusion, to country, acoustic fingerstyle, classical, and funk, etc. while always maintaining an intelligent and informed compositional approach topped off with his own original voice. He has shared stages with the likes of Allan Holdsworth, Vinnie Moore,Danny Gatton, Scott Henderson, Robben Ford, Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani), Michael Angelo Batio and many other elite instrumentalists and is known to be an uncommonly versatile performer. Although Mantel can shred with the best of them, his main focus is always melody, great tone and musicality, which helps set him apart from many other high-end guitarists working today. Mantel is also heralded as a world class songwriter who has drawn comparisons to Sting, Todd Rundgren and The Beatles which again sets him apart from many of his guitar contemporaries. In a nut shell, Mantel simply does it all! A true modern day musical wizard with no musical boundaries, a very very rare bird in deed. Eric has been featured in Guitar Player, Guitar World, 20th Century Guitar, Premier Guitar, and Modern Guitar magazines, etc. as well as in countless music publications, webzines and websites all around the world. Eric is also a popular and well respected guitar instructor who has taught thousands of students since first hanging out his shingle in 1979.

Eric recently returned from tour dates in Europe on his F3 Tour (The Fret Pack) with guitarists Neil Zaza and Florian Opahle (Greg Lake, Ian Anderson), and now, with the global release of The Unstruck Melody, plans on hitting the road to support the record in the USA, revisiting Europe and also performing in Asia, South America, and everywhere else where great music is appreciated. 

For more information, go to and

Saggese Francesco Antonio: gtarman tribute to Europe!

metal riffs n.2 EUROPE ON THE LOOSE

Jon Bloomer: blues my arse... I love to shred!!!

There will be a lesson uploaded soon to cover some of the riffs from this intro but in the meantime I thought I would post the performance part.

Check out my review of Fuzz Universe -

Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe intro cover

Daniele Tornaghi: tribute to Eric Johnson

Daniele Tornaghi - Cliffs Of Dover (Eric Johnson)