Dimitar Nalbantov: shred knowledge interview

10. You were once going to change your ibanez wood body did this ever happen and what did you do in the end plus tell us about your gorgeous custom shop Ibanez and your pickup endorsement .

It does not happen, eventually tried several guitars with mahogany and alder body woods. But ended up again with my basswood body. Basswood guitar with Dimarzio Breed pickups draw sound that resembles a singing voice or a wood wind instrument.

The Custom Ibanez is my first Japanese Ibanez RG450 I bought back in 1995 for $ 800.
Over the years I had many other guitars but this always remained. "She" brings a memory of my grandfather. He was an amazing person who gave me a great support with great passion and love. Two years ago decided to made a complete change. I found a local luthier and he did everything on it.

Dimarzio. It is a dream come true.
All the guitar heroes of my childhood playing with DiMarzio pickups.

After all my demos for Magix and IK Multimedia I got connected with the company.
The song "Dome of Heaven" from my new album is on their web site for DiMarzio Breed pickups demo. I am proud of this! Thanks DiMarzio!