Monday, 20 September 2010

Andreas Oberg: ZC3 a little night time warm up #1

Andreas Oberg: a little night time warm up. Mr Oberg has to be seen to be believed. A really excellent master class, plus the ability to mix jazz with his own acoustic style... shredding with the best of them! Don't miss an opportunity to see this guy play. Note this is just a snippet to test out the new YouTube upload option from Sony Picture Motion Browser.

Andreas Oberg: ZC3 a little night time warm up #1

Floyd Fernandes: master class clinic

Clinic planned for 27/09/2010. View the poster for more details.

Michael Angelo Batio, Alex Stornello, Ignazio Di Salvo, Tommy Ermolli, Gianluca Ferro, Daniele Gottardo: just some of the names at Milan guitar day 6!!!

Milan Guitar Day 6 set for 09/10/2010 is full of guitar stars, including Michael Angelo Batio, Alex Stornello, Ignazio Di Salvo,  Tommy Ermolli, Gianluca Ferro, Daniele Gottardo!

Atanas Shishkov: ZC3 photo gallery!

Atanas Shishkov's full album:

Jennifer Batten and Atanas Shishkov

Atanas Shishkov and ZC main man Corrado Sgandura 

Atanas Shishkov and Dave "Demon Eyes" Martone... that old hammered toilet look!

News: London guitar nation 2010 - get a stand to sell your gear!

Billy Gibbons: Kit Carson Jewellery guitars

Damir Puh: live4fguitar interview

Damir Puh:
Thank you for having me on your site!

Being active in the virtual world for quite some time now, I’ve found out that entering online competitions in general is a very efficient way to build a name and following, discover amazing upcoming players, make new connections and see what is new and popular in the guitar world. When I first listened to the backing track for this competition, I immediately started to hear the licks and the melodies I was going to play and when that happens, the rest of the process is very fun and enjoyable. I decided to enter and here I am.more

Keith Whalen: Clean and Tritone tuning

Keith Whalen - Clean and Tritone tuning

Jennifer Batten: ZC3 Michael Jackson tribute 2010

Jennifer Batten - Michael Jackson Medley (Live in Bucharest 2010)

Rob Chappers, Ben Wilshire: ML2 Prototype 2 unveiled at Bristol guitar show!

Malmsteen Style Shred on the ML2 Prototype 2

Chappers unveils the Chapman Guitars ML2 Prototype 2 at the Bristol Guitar Show \m/

Plus Rob Chappers will be all day live on UStream 21/09/2010 right here:

Here's a pre recorded example:

Angel Ruiz: tribute to Chick Corea

Chick Corea "Spain" cover por Ángel Ruiz

Christian Clemente: notte bianca live

notte bianca (solo luce )max campioni group

Jennifer Batten: ZC3 live videos

Jennifer Batten put together a great masterclass play pieces and then explaining the techniques used. Interesting overview of the whammy pedal too. Jennifer Batten comes across as a humerous, likeable modern day artist, in the truest sense of the word, painting with music. Here Jennifer Batten is playing three pieces live @ Ziua Chitarelor 3, Bucharest, Romania, 18th of September, 2010

Jennifer Batten - Cruzin' the Nile (Live in Bucharest 2010)

Jennifer Batten - Whatever (live in Bucharest 2010)

Jennifer Batten - Flight of the Bumblebee (live in Bucharest 2010)

Santiago Díaz Garcés: guitar idol 2010 and then some!

Santiago Díaz Garcés "Revolution" - Guitar Idol 2010 entry

Eight fingers tapping etude 1

Sweep picking etude

Ake Parethas: guitar idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010 entry "Spin" (original) - Ake Parethas

Dragianni, Ignazio Di Salvo: ZC3 photo galleries

Ignazio Di Salvo ZC3 photo Gallery:

Andreas Oberg and Ignazio Di Salvo

Damjan Pejcinoski, Ignazio Di Salvo and Ivan Mihaljevic

Ignazio Di Salvo, Guglielmo Malusardi and Dave Martone

Dragianni ZC3 photo gallery:

Mike Vanderhule, Dragomir Herendic, Stuart Hamm, Damjan Pejcinoski, Damjan Pejcinoski

Dragianni, Hedras Ramos and Ivan Mihaljevic

Dragianni, Jennifer Batten and Dmajan Pejcinoski

Jennifer Batten, Dave Martone, Andreas Oberg: ZC3 photo gallery

Cristina Postolache posted a photo gallery from ZC3: Cristina worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep ZC3 running smoothly and making everyone feel most welcome. Here is just a selection of photos, Jennifer Batten, Dave Martone, Andreas Oberg

Sydnei Carvalho, Alex Martinho: Double Vision DVD finalist video!

Some storming performances on this to short list down to 8 who will appear in the final!

Final do concurso Double Vision DVD - dia 20/09 em SP

The details about the finalists and runners up

Joe Satriani: Win An Ibanez Model RG350EX Electric Guitar Autographed by Joe

Enter To Win An Ibanez Model RG350EX Electric Guitar Autographed By Joe Satriani!

Additional Prizes Include:
- $300 Cascio Gift Card
- $200 Cascio Gift Card
- Vox Satchurator Distortion Pedal
- $100 Cascio Gift Card
- $50 Cascio Gift Card


Irene Ketikidi: guitar idol 2010

Irene Ketikidi - Rambler (guitar idol 2010)

Rob Chappers: Monkeylord special gig announced - get your tickets now!

Rob Chappers and the Monkeylord band have a special gig and launch party for the new release to be held at Marshall headquarters.

Marshall Amplification PLC
Denbigh Road
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

You can now buy the tickets for the show:

Lucky Singh: guitar idol 2010

Check out all the latest videos:

Guitar Idol 2010 Entry - "Breathing" by Lucky Singh

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: Black Country secret gig!

BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION play their first ever UK show tonight at a secret London location to launch their debut album, which is out today.

The band will be playing tracks from the album to a very select crowd of invited guests and Planet Rock ticket winners.

BUT you need not miss out.

Tonight we are proud to bring you BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION - LIVE IN LONDON, the whole of the band's showcase performance recorded live just moments earlier and brought to you at around 8.30-9pm during Nicky Horne's show

So be sure to free up some time, get those beers in, take the phone off the hook and get ready for what is sure to be a LANDMARK occasion as the world's finest new supergroup takes to the stage in this country for the very first time.

Listen on DAB, Online, on Digital TV and on your iPhone - however you do it, just make sure you're listening.

George Bellas,Mistheria,Michael Harris,Neil Zaza,Emir Hot,Roger Staffelbach: to feature on new lion releases

01. Dragon Fire.
02. Lies & Deception.
03. Killing The Pain.
04. Two Of Us.
05. Metal Opera pt.1: A.D.1982
06. Metal Opera pt.2: Eye Of The Storm.
07. Now It’s Never.
08. Fire & Flames.
09. Prelude 18 In F min.
10. Chopin Fantasy.
11. The Power Of One.
12. The Beast.
13. A Beautiful Dream.

Mistheria – Keyboards, Piano and Keytar.
John West – Vocals on 1, 3, 7, 11 & 12.
Rob Rock – Vocals on 2.
Mark Boals – Vocals on 6.
Lance King – Vocals on 4.
Titta Tani – Vocals on 1, 8 & 13.
George Bellas – Guitar on 2, 4, 6 & 10.
Neil Zaza – Guitar on 7.
Roger Staffelbach – Guitar on 3, 11 & 12.
Emir Hot – Guitar on 8.
Alberto Rigoni –Bass.
John Macaluso – Drums.

01. Seizure Salad.
02. Wizard of Odd.
03. Rocket Surgery.
04. Blue Shift.
05. Left of Right.
06. Nitrous Oxide Strut.
07. Professor Grunklesplat’s Math Assignment .
08. Pathos.
09. Prosthetic Brain .
10. Ocean Blues .

Michael Harris – Guitar, Guitar synth, Keyboards
Adam Nitti – Bass
David Harbour – Bass
James Martin – Bass
Bunny Brunel – Bass
Mike Haid - Drums
Marco Minnemann – Drums
Bernard Wright – Keyboard solo on “Seizure Salad”

Johan Liefvendahl: Seventh Wonder video getting significant air play

Seventh Wonder and Lion Music are pleased to announce the release of the band's debut video for the track 'Alley Cat' taken from the bands forthcoming fourth studio album entitled 'The Great Escape, set for release in late 2010.

The video recorded, edited and produced by Johan Larsson is the perfect backdrop for the mood of the new song which sees the band deliver their trademark brand of progressive metal.

The album 'The Great Escape' is in the final stages of production and in spite of some delays is scheduled for a release later this year on Lion Music.

Seventh Wonder - Alley Cat

The track list will be as follows:

01. Wiseman - [5:42]
02. Alley Cat - [6:06]
03. The Angelmaker - [8:29]
04. King of Whitewater - [7:20]
05. Long way home - [4:26]
06. Move on Through - [5:04]
07. The Great Escape - [30:14]

Timo Niemistö: Anthriel - The Pathway details


With their spectacular debut “The Pathway”, Finnish progressive metal outfit ANTHRIEL have produced an album which has all the potential to be hailed a classic and is guaranteed to fascinate metal fans worldwide.
Anthriel - the Archangel of balance and harmony is the perfect name for the bands music. With a sound driven by big guitar riffs, deft keyboard touches, a rock solid articulate rhythm section and a healthy dose of expressive vocals high in melody built into intricate yet digestible arrangements this is metal that is easily appreciated on first listen – yet where further plays reveal numerous hidden depths that will keep the listener coming back for more. The quality of material would not be best represented with anything less than a superb production and this is exactly what the “The Pathway

serves up being an impressive self production.

Fans of the likes of Symphony X, Adagio and Yngwie Malmsteen will not want to miss this release.

Mathias Holm: MindSplit - Charmed Human Art Of Significance new CD

Two of our most anticipated releases of the year are unleashed on 17th September 2010.


01. Prologue - The Awakening.
02. Silhouettes.
03. The Traveller.
04. Presence Of Time.
05. ...elsewhere?
06. Inside The Heart Of Silence.
07. Battle Of The Mind.
08. Visual Minds - The Eternal Flame.
09. NMe - Myself and A Child.
11. A Room With Thousand Doors.
12. A Purpose Of Circumstance.
13. Abandoned Echoes.
14. Epilogue - The Imaginary End.

MindSplit are a new band yet one with years of experience behind its individual members. With a style planted somewhere between straight metal, progressive metal and classic rock the band deliver a truly epic tale with their debut album “Charmed Human Art Of Significance”.

To tie in with the albums release today a special video has been produced for the track "Battle Of The Mind" which was produced by Longshot Video Production.

NEW -- Battle of the Mind by MindSplit (concept video)