Sydnei Carvalho: Full music intensity.

Sydnei Carvalho: North Guitar Jam

Andy Timmons, Sydnei Carvalho, Carmen Carvalho: Samba de Verão

Andy Timmons,Sydnei Carvalho: Teaser DVD/CD Bossa Hits

Andy Timmons, Sydnei Carvalho: Excerpt from future CD / DVD BossaHits - woah great guitar!!

Andy Timmons, Sydnei Carvalho: playing Triste by Tom Jobim - pro shot delight

Andy Timmons, Sydnei Carvalho: Summer Samba EXPOMUSIC 2015

Sydnei Carvalho, Roger Franco: new track Equinox

Sydnei Carvalho,Roger Franco: 4Action live in San Francisco DVD and CD

Alex Martinho,Sydnei Carvalho,Gustavo di Padua: Double Vision - live

Sydnei Carvalho, Roger Franco: excellent live workshop demo

Sydnei Carvalho, Roger Franco: Power One

Alex Martinho,Juninho Afram,Sydnei Carvalho,Gustavo di Padua: Double Vision

Lari Basilio,Sydnei Carvalho: now endorsing NIG pedals

Sydnei Carvalho: Double Vision DVD solo

Sydnei Carvalho: bonus solo Double Vision DVD

Alex Martinho,Sydnei Carvalho: cool solo from Double Vision DVD - these guys rock!

Camila Simont: murdered on her Birthday with her mother... RIP

Sydnei Carvalho,: Sophia a masterclassin dynamics

Sydnei Carvalho,Alex Martinho: the boys from Brazil back for Sophia