Monday, 27 September 2010

Jennifer Batten: ZC3 Michael Jackson and clinician demos

Ziua Chitarelor was my first chance to see Jennifer Batton live. In this special video Jennifer Batton made special tribute to Michael Jackson, playing a compilation of the solos from Michael's songs in Jennifer's own unique style. The crowd were highly enthusiastic and deeply appreciative of this gesture. The video does not include the onscreen back projections produced by Jennifer to go along with the show... for that you'll need to go along to one of her shows.

I think I would describe Jennifer as a guitar artist, painting with music and media. Her two handed approach along with chain of effects enables her to conjure up swathes of colour and texture, emotion and grace. I would certainly recommend checking out Jennifer's live show, particularly with the media back projections.

Main web site: and online shop

Jennifer Batton: ZC3 Michael Jackson Tribute

Jennifer Batton: ZC3 clinician demo #3

Jennifer Batton: ZC3 clinician demo #2

Jennifer Batton: ZC3 clinician demo #1

Eddie Van Halen: Howard Stern talks to Craig Gass

Howard Stern...Craig Gass- Ed Van Halen story 9-27-10

Harry Kapeliaris: blue fusion guy

Harry Kapeliaris - jamming with 4 BLUES

Hetriani: original rocking composition

Internal Combustion (Original) HD

Bruno Albuquerque: Under Quimba from new CD

Bruno Albuquerque Brasilian guitarist playing the theme from his solo CD called "Just Quimba". Bruno Albuquerque is a professional musician and serves on the Brazilian stores for over ten years, teaches at the Institute GTR guitar and guitarist Side Vinyl regard to city pubs. Gavou In 2008 his first solo CD that features the track "Only Quimba" shown in this video. Bruno is the endorsee guitars and strings Tagima NIG.

BRUNO Albuquerque - Under Quimba


Bruno Albuquerque PQP

Estudo de escala pentatônica por Bruno Albuquerque

Bruno Albuquerque: Expomusic 2010

Bruno Albuquerque - Setembro - Expomusic 2010

aftershock expo 2010 - Bruno Albuquerque

Arnaldo Alves: guitar idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010 Entry - Arnaldo Alves - Pulo do Gato

Nahuel Schiumarini: blue jam

Blues Jam (king of the blues backing track)

Rob Scallon: Fingerpicking "Run on Sentences"

Download the song here:

for the full Tab:

Watch more on Ultimate-Guitar:

This is a lesson video I recently made for where I teach my song "Run On Sentences"

Hope you enjoy learning the song, and video responses are always accepted!
Thanks for the support

Fingerpicking "Run on Sentences" Lesson - Rob Scallon -

Luke Fortini: Caprice in E minor


Salvo Vecchio: new CD preview

Salvo Vecchio Intense Horizons

Johnny Ohlin: back to 1995

Nation video taken from the album Whithout Remorse (released in 1995). Video recorded in the swedish metropol of Balsta. January 1998. All acting performed by
members of Nation and close friends and family. Special credits to Patrik "Snejje" Aronsson performing all indoor stage shooting. Edited by Steve Ravic, Australia. This video has never before been shown officially. We are very proud to finally present this converted VHS to all our old and new fans out there, who patiently through all the years have been asking for some Nation material. So, here it is! Keep your eyes open for more material comming up soon!
See ya!/ Johnny and Isaac

See them fall

Bill Ruppert: Electro-Harmonix Effectology, Vol.18 World Sounds

Bill Ruppert:
I am writing to tell you of a new Effectology video I thought your viewers would enjoy. This is the video series I do for Electro-Harmonix on how to produce "impossible" sounds using just a regular guitar and EHX effect pedals. No synthesizers are used! Electro-Harmonix Effectology, Vol.18 World Sounds. In this episode I explore exotic sounds of the world using a guitar and effect pedals. Didgeridoo drones, tabla drums, electric sitars and more! I show the individual pedal settings at the EHX forum listed below.

Electro-Harmonix Effectology, Vol.18 World Sounds By Bill Ruppert

Pedal settings and how-to:

The entire series can be viewed here:

Nikolay Sokolov: tribute to Chris Impellitteri

Chris Impellitteri - 17th Century Chicken Pinking

Mateus Starling: improvising over "A Cruz"

Mateus Starling quarteto - improvising over "A CRUZ"

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: Black Country CD charted at #13 in the Official UK chart

Black Country Communion’s self titled debut album has charted at #13 in the Official UK Top 40 Album Chart -

The album has also hit #1 in Official UK Top 40 Rock Album Chart ( and #2 in the Official UK Top 40 Indie Album Chart (

The album, produced by Kevin Shirley (RUSH, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Black Crowes), features vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath), award-winning guitarist Joe Bonamassa, drummer Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin, Foreigner) and keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Billy Idol, Dream Theater).

Having recently performed a secret concert to a select audience of 160 people in London on September 20th, BCC are finalizing details of concerts in the UK this December.

Official BCC press release -

Allan Holdsworth: trio and tribute

Allan Holdsworth Trio

Allan Holdsworth (FRED) at the Iridium NYC 9-19-10

plus this tribute to Allan Holdsworth

My keyboard rendition of Allan's solo from Joint Ventures, off of the Heavy Machinery album by Jens and Anders Johansson. I always liked Allan's (and Jens' of course =) playing on this album.

Some of the faster bits are a bit sketchy, since they were so... fast. Anyway - it was interesting to try and transfer his guitar lines to the keyboard. Some of the things work better than others...

Allan Holdsworth solo from Joint Ventures, on keyboard

Atanas Shishkov: two handed lessons with tab

Atanas Shishkov in association with presents "Dorian
Floyd Jam"!
Full tabs, slow, medium and fast runs of the examples here :

"I hope my stuff will be useful and exciting for you!" -

Atanas Shishkov - Dorian Floyd Jam ( Lesson at Guitar Playback)

Thiago Trinsi: Shredknowledge interview

Thiago Trinsi
I still need to think about my CD,I was working on it around April when I came back from the Festival in Romania (ZIUA II )I got so many ideas to develop after this Fantastic Experience to be playing there for those people and being around Artists like Brett Garsed, Andy Timmons, Greg Howe, Michael Angelo Batio, Willian Stravato, Richard Hallebeek.

Its very fun when I can re-open my files and listen to my records, but I had to take a break from this project now I recently finished my Orchestration Course and I have been working and experimenting a lot since then, I really need more time to digest all the Material and the result of my experimental ideas, its a lot of information and the music in my head is playing a little different now I think it's better to get some time now than to finish my records soon for the CD and regret after all. more

Eric Mantel: Win a Cort Guitar competitions!!!


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