Thiago Trinsi: Shredknowledge interview

Thiago Trinsi
I still need to think about my CD,I was working on it around April when I came back from the Festival in Romania (ZIUA II )I got so many ideas to develop after this Fantastic Experience to be playing there for those people and being around Artists like Brett Garsed, Andy Timmons, Greg Howe, Michael Angelo Batio, Willian Stravato, Richard Hallebeek.

Its very fun when I can re-open my files and listen to my records, but I had to take a break from this project now I recently finished my Orchestration Course and I have been working and experimenting a lot since then, I really need more time to digest all the Material and the result of my experimental ideas, its a lot of information and the music in my head is playing a little different now I think it's better to get some time now than to finish my records soon for the CD and regret after all. more