Friday, 15 October 2010

Joe Satriani: Holy Smoke!

Joe's smoke machine went a little over the top... and caused the fire alarm to sound... proving once and for all, there's a reason for everything...

Joe Satriani Napa California 10-6-10 EVACUATED OUTSIDE

Ron Jarzombek: prog sphere interview

Nick: Hey Ron! Let’s start the interview by discussing one of your latest releases, a brand new album of music by Watchtower called Mathematics. In April you released The Size of Matter, are the first bits of music since your 1989 album Control and Resistance. How do you feel about it and the band in general, considering you’ve announced that you’re in need of a new vocalist?

Ron: Yeah, too bad we ran into the vocalist issue this time. Seems like whenever we try to complete Mathematics, we hit a snag, roadblock, or wall. We reworked the material for the third time now (2000, 2004, and now 2010), and I’m just tired of talking about it. It’s REALLY getting old. We need to get the damn thing done sometime, somehow, some way. But we have over an hour of good material sitting around waiting to be recorded and released. If we can just get this vocalist situation worked out, we should be fine.

Nick: WatchTower’s Control and Resistance was your first album with the band, after which the band went on an eleven year hiatus, although you reunited in 2000 to play few concerts. What was it like joining them and what happened after the release of Control and Resistance?

Ron: The main issue was my hand problems, which started during the recording of ‘Control And Resistance’. Alan soon realized that we wouldn’t be doing anything anytime soon without a guitarist, so he moved back to New York. We kept writing while my hand was wasted, but we got lost with our musical direction. When I did start playing again 3 years later, I was in a different musical place than Doug and Rick, so I started Spastic Ink with my brother. WatchTower did continue writing, but without a vocalist, and without a sense of where we were headed musically (plus I couldn’t play much of anything). When we got back together in 2000, that’s when most of the writing for what is currently on Mathematics happened. Then in 2004 the same musical direction continued. As far as the live European festival dates go, it’s always good to get back onstage with those guys. full extensive interview

Michael Angelo Batio: German live show videos

Michael Angelo Batio - at Guitar Shop Berlin - burn

12.10.10 Michael Angelo Batio Workshop in Neubrandenburg double axe guitar

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g guitar edge interview

Congrats on landing the gig with Ozzy. How did that all transpire?

It's the biggest of all honors, and it's the best guitar job any rock or metal guitar player could have. It's a big spotlight. The way it happened is I received an email from his management last year, and they asked if I wanted to come down and audition. I guess I made their short list somehow. I went down to LA and learned a bunch of songs and met the band and Ozzy, and we jammed and it went really well. He asked me to come back and do a show with them, and that's how it got started. more

"Days Of Defiance", the new album will be released in Japan on October 18 through Avalon/Marquee. The Japanese edition of the CD will contain two bonus tracks — "Halcyon Days" and a cover of the JUDAS PRIEST classic "Breaking The Law".

FIREWIND's version of "Breaking The Law" originally appeared on volume 1 of the "Metal Forge" series by U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine, which saw nine bands covering the nine tracks on PRIEST's "British Steel" album to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

"Days Of Defiance" is scheduled for release in North America on October 26 (one day earlier internationally) via Century Media Records. The CD's striking cover artwork was designed by the band's longtime partner in all design matters, Gustavo Sazes, and can be viewed below.

"Days of Defiance" track listing

01. The Ark Of Lies
02. World On Fire
03. Chariot
04. Embrace The Sun
05. The Departure
06. Heading For The Dawn
07. Broken
08. Cold As Ice
09. Kill In The Name Of Love
10. SKG
11. Losing Faith
12. The Yearning
13. When All Is Said And Done
14. Riding On The Wind (iTunes exclusive)


Ni,Andy Timmons: new CD features Andy and live dates with the Iron Maidens

Nili Brosh Band Upcoming Events:
Oct. 16 - Xotic Effects clinic at Mr. Music in Allston with Tomo Fujita, Scott Tarulli, and myself
Oct. 23 - The Iron Maidens Halloween show at the Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA
Nov. 1 - Nili Brosh Band CD Release party at Club Church in Boston!
Nov. 16 - Nili Brosh CD "Through The Looking Glass" comes out...

Nili Brosh Through The Looking Glass
Track listing

  1. The House of Tomorrow
  2. Lost in Suburbia
  3. Hat Tricks
  4. High Strung
  5. Through The Looking Glass
  6. Placebo
  7. Wafer(featuring Andy Timmons)
  8. Never be Enough
  9. Typsy Gypsy
I've just been listening to a few tracks from "Through The Looking Glass", this CD is excellent and sure to cement Nili as one of the new upcoming players to watch out for. Look out for Wafer which features the excellent Andy Timmons too. More details about the release nearer the time.

Sergio Silva: Killer Arpeggios for guitar idol 2010

Killer Arpeggios Sergio Silva