Sunday, 17 October 2010

Krisztian Lovrek: Test of Fender Jeff Beck Strat

Krisztian Lovrek - Test of Fender Jeff Beck Strat, American Special Tele and Gibson Les Paul

Zoran Starcevic, Muris Varajic, Emir Hot: the old rail

Zoran Starcevic, Muris Varajic, Emir Hot - Stara Pruga (The Old Rail) -

Peter Holmgren:The Blue Album promo

Peter Holmgren - The Blue Album promo video

Atanas Shishkov: "Emotional Dorian Ballad"

Full tabs, slow, medium and fast runs of the examples here :

Atanas Shishkov - "Emotional Dorian Ballad"( Lesson at

Stan Lassiter: I = me² live #2!

I = me² with Stan Lassiter - An Inch Ahead, A Foot Behind

Max Dible: when talent is hidden.... private videos

Max Dibble videos on youtube went private. Shame as Max is a super talented player... you can still find them on other video channels... see here:

Matt Chandler,Vinai Trinateepakdee,Nikolay Karageorgiev: top three announced in Blue Noize solo competition!

It's been a long time coming but the results are finally in and we have the Top 3 and the Grand Prize winner of the Blue Noize contest to win a PRS 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24 gutiar!

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who entered for making this such an amazing competition, not sure how I can top giving away a PRS Guitar next time though!

Thanks also to the judges:
Andy Wood -
Rick Graham -
Tom Quayle -

Blue Noize Blues Solo Contest WINNERS!!

See if you were in the honourable mentions:

News: Live4Guitar market launch photo gallery

A special thanks to Shred Medium, aka Dan Monk for taking the photos. Not bad for the first time he has used this camera.

Emir Hot

Emir Hot

Muris Varajic

Zoran Starcevic

Muris Varajic

All the guys from Live4Guitar

George Stergiou

George Stergiou

Muris Varajic, Emir Hot: Live4Guitar market place - flight of the bumble bee

Muris Varajic, Emir Hot were just two of the players at The Gunnersbury Chiswick in London. The show was a presentation of the new guitar lesson market place where players can now either contribute lessons and earn some revenue or consume lessons prepared by others. This is a great idea for those more talented to gain some revenue from their not inconsiderable skills. The bonus is the person learning is not stuck with a subscription model that they might not be able to afford. But can purchase specific lessons for easy to advanced.
Check out the sample lessons from:

Andreia Gomez:

Alexander Sukovic:

All Tutors:

Other instructors include Emir Hot, Damjan Pejcinovski, Muris Varajic, Dragianni

Vicki Genfan: Concerts In your Home Demo

Vicki Genfan - Concerts In your Home Demo

Andreia Gomez: featured live4guitar tutor has two top shredding lessons

I was born in a small fishing village in the south coast of Portugal. I picked up the guitar when I was 14, after watching a video of Guns N’ Roses on the “Appetite for Destruction” tour and falling in love with Slash, lol! After four years of playing the same three chord songs and beginning to believe one had to be God gifted to learn the guitar, I learnt of a school that could teach any ignorant how to become a professional musician (so they say…haha). In September 2002, I came to the Guitar Institute in London to do a three month course and ended up staying for the whole year to complete a diploma course. Thrilled by all the information available to me and the consequent fast improvement of my skills, I decided to enroll in a degree in music performance. My musical taste matured and I took interest in several music styles of which prog rock, world music and fusion became strong influences. A metal head at heart, I decided to merge these with heavy metal riffs and I found my path as a songwriter. Last year, after many atribulations and 2 and a half years off due to health reasons, I finally started my progressive metal band M.I.N.D. It paid off, within 2 months we were voted Best New & Unsigned Band 2009 and I'm now on the way to finishing our first album. My time is split between teaching, writing music, gigging and managing my band.

You can view the lessons:

There are demo videos and downloadable lessons. When you buy the lesson you get:

  1. a main video at full speed
  2. slow close up shots of each lick
  3. Guitar Pro 5 tab
  4. scale and arpeggio diagrams
  5. slow, medium and full tempo backing tracks
  6. a detailed description of the playing
  7. The videos in the lesson are much higher quality than the previews!

In the meantime here's an old solo posted on youtube:

Insight Guitar Solo

Katia Prenholato: My Spanish Star - short but sweet

Katia Prenholato - My Spanish Star

Tom Quayle: solo with Alex Argento

Synchronal Steps Keyboard solo - Alex Argento (Tom Quayle)

Chris Brooks: Mark Boals - Fly

Mark Boals & Chris Brooks - Fly

Frank Zappa, Guglielmo Malusardi: Vilnius tribute to the man

Guglielmo Malusardi:
I want to spread the new in the whole world: Vilnius, the Lithuania capital, tributed first in the world, a monument to the great Frank Zappa! I was there in my capitals tour 2010 and I invite every Zappa die hard fan to put his/her ass on a fly to Vilnius and have a pic as I had! this is the address 1 K. Kalinausko gatvÄ—
Vilnius 03001, Lithuania...As a reference point, just in front of the Belgian Embassy, on the other side of the street
hey Frank, are you happy upthere???

Jason Becker,Michael Lee Firkins: The End of the Beginning

Jason Becker - The End of the Beginning