Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Brian Auer: Lidless Eye Guitarist jama

Lidless Eye Guitarist Brian Auer

Enver Izmaylov: "The Creation of Peace"

Enver Izmaylov at "The Creation of Peace", Kazan

Maranhão: guitar idol 2010

Three Axes - Maranhão

Michael Knight: Necropolis - official video

Michael Knight:
This is an older song from my Mechanica Diablo CD. This song was about creating that dark mood and atmosphere and pulling listeners into the music rather than showing off my shred skills. I wrote this in the '90's so there is some influence of music I listened to at the time including: Rob Zombie, Manson, and NIN. But, there is also the undeniable riff influences of Sabbath, Maiden, Megedeth, and some Buckethead as well as a deliberately slower melodic solo near the end that touches on styles of Michael Schenker, Wolf Hoffman, & Mathias Jabs.

The concept video footage was all shot by myself. I like breaking up the guitar playing images with concept footage. I feel the image creativity makes the video a bit more interesting.

Anyways enjoy!! Please comment and add to your favorites. Feel free to embed the video on your blogs, websites and myspace pages - especially if you think that other music fanatics out there in the world would want to see & hear this. Welcome to Necropolis: the City of the Dead !!!

Michael Knight - Necropolis - official video

Daniel Garduño: guitar idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010 Entry - Daniel Garduño (MEXICO)

Zoran Starcevic: and sons, Balkan swing!

Stampedo (Trio Balkan Strings) LIVE

Seven Grains (Trio Balkan Strings) LIVE

And the CD dedicated to Anniversary 100th birthday of Django Reinhardt

Balkan Gypsy Swing
1. Swing Time 3' 45'' (Z. Starcevic)♪ 47''
2. Dancing Swing 3' 20'' (Z. Starcevic) ♪ 1' 25''
3. For G 3' 14'' (Z. Starcevic) ♪ 1' 18''
4. Adagio 2' 59'' (Z. Starcevic) ♪ 59''
5. La Bella Swing 3' 14'' (Z. Starcevic) ♪ 48''
6. Balkan Swing No 2 2' 29'' (Z. Starcevic) ♪ 27''
7. Cafe Cheers 2' 51'' (Z. Starcevic) ♪ 1' 06''
8. Golden Gate Bridge 3' 28'' (Z. Starcevic) ♪ 44''
9. A Long Trip 2' 38'' (Z. Starcevic) ♪ 52''
10. A Girl’s Tears 3' 37'' (Z. Starcevic) ♪ 35''
11. Belgrade Chu Chu 2' 25'' (Z. Starcevic) ♪ 49''
12. Chicago 2' 55'' (Z. Starcevic) ♪ 1' 02''


Kouichi Yabori: Faz Jaz play Giant Steps, MUST SEE top notch fusion!

Giant Steps by Faz Jaz : Kouichi Yabori Kenji Hino JINO Masyuki Muraishi Keiji Matsumoto

Maiden Voyage by Faz Jaz Kouichi Yabori Kenji Hino JINO Masyuki Muraishi Keiji Matsumoto

In a Sentimental Mood by Faz Jaz

Craig Erickson: Ride That Train.. funky rootsrock groove

Ride That Train-by Craig Erickson

Pedro Molina: progressive fusion instrumental

ATENEA.-Pedro molina

Wim den Herder,Jos Derks: Hotel California Jam

Wim den Herder & Jos Derks - Hotel California Jam

Eduardo Ardanuy,Pilho: Workshop

#1 Workshop Eduardo Ardanuy e Pilho - 15/05/2010 (Fortaleza-Ce)

#2 Workshop Eduardo Ardanuy e Pilho - 15/05/2010 (Fortaleza-Ce)

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g Elixir Strings

Why Gus G chooses Elixir Strings

George Lynch: the tone box

Tone Box announced a new deal with Guitar Center to retail their brand new Skull Crusher preamp distortion pedal in ten Guitar Center locations. The new effects pedal is available today at the Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, L.A.’s West Pico Blvd, San Francisco, Nashville, La Mesa, Chicago, North Dallas, Houston, and Manhattan locations.

George Lynch And Skull Crusher

Pilho: Alliance a new day original song

Great progressive metal from Pilho

Alliance a new day

Franck Ribiere,Vincent Fabre: drums for Guitar Euro Media project

In this video you can see Vincent Fabre recording drums and speaking about Franck Karmattitude's Project, produced by GuitarEuroMedia from Company

Vincent Fabre in the Studio for

Vincent Fabre in the Studio for

Craig Erickson: Kinetic Motion

Kinetic Motion by Craig Erickson

Andy Wood: A Disconcerting Amalgam

Andy Wood in the studio playing tunes from his solo album, A Disconcerting Amalgam, which is available on itunes and Enjoy!

special thanks to Suhr, Diezel, Red Bear Picks, Xotic effects, Celestion speakers, lava cable, fractal audio, D'addario and Planet Waves, TC Electronics, Anthology straps and the Raleigh Music Academy.

Andy Wood - A Disconcerting Amalgam

Dragianni: 8 finger tapping lesson

Here is my little introduction into "two handed tapping" technique - (both hands over fretboard). I started being interested in this technique around 1992 when i first saw Eddie Van Halen playing his "Judgement day". Playing this way you'll reach very interesting (more like keyboard) sound on your guitar...and it looks very cool on stage ;) Steve Vai does the same in his song "Bulding The Church" ! more

Andy Gillion: Sonic AJG computer game tribute!

Sonic AJG DVD.wmv

Joe Bonamassa: Apollo gig review and CD review

2009 was a great year for Bonamassa capped by an Albert Hall gig with his idol Eric Clapton but this year might even be bigger career-wise; a duet on 'Black Rock' with his hero B.B. King and the launch of Black Country Communion. Joe might even be forgiven for being less solo career focused at the moment, so these UK dates were an opportunity for some re-evaluation.

This was yet another blues rock masterclass but this time topped up with the excellent material from 'Black Rock'. The highlights, though, were some of those previous magical moments, 'Sloe Gin' and 'The Great Flood' came over well , as did 'Happier Times' and a 10 minute-plus acoustic 'Woke Up Dreaming'.
gig and album review

Joe Satriani: get ready to rock review of Manchester Apollo gig

'Back Pain and Weak Bladders' might be a suggestion for the next Satriani album title judging by the to-ing and fro-ing in the front stalls. But those who sought intermittent relief would have missed precious moments from an end-to-end high octane set tonight. Indeed, we expect nothing less from the guitarmeister and, as previously, after two hours he looked as fresh as when he started. more

Jeff Beck: live at the Grammy's

Legendary guitarist Jeff Beck hit the ground running in 2010, kicking the year off by winning his fifth Grammy Award. Just weeks later, the multiplatinum-selling artist scored the highest Billboard debut of his 45-year career with the release of Emotion & Commotion, his first studio album in seven years. Riding high on that red-hot streak, Beck performed an exclusive show at the Grammy Museum on April 22, thrilling an intimate crowd of 200 with his mind-bending guitar heroics.

For those who missed this one-of-a-kind performance, Atco Records relives this special evening with LIVE AND EXCLUSIVE FROM THE GRAMMY MUSEUM. Three versions will be available October 26. Audio and video will be available together exclusively from iTunes for $11.99. All other digital outlets will offer an audio-only version for $7.99. The album will be available on CD exclusively through Amazon’s Disc on Demand service for $8.98.

Track Listing
1. “Corpus Christi Carol”
2. “Hammerhead”
3. “Over The Rainbow”
4. “Brush With The Blues”
5. “A Day In The Life”
6. “Nessun Dorma”
7. “How High The Moon”
8. “People Get Ready”


Richie Kotzen, Daniele Gottardo: clinic at boschello

CLINIC guitarist Richie Kotzen
26 October · 20:30 - 22:30
Via Galilei N ° 2
Mirano, Italy
Created by:
Alessandra Boschello
More info Tuesday '26 October at 20.30, to be held Boschello Music Store' clinic of the great guitarist "Richie Kotzen". Open 'the evening the guitarist "Daniele Gottardo" which will present' some songs from his CD "FRENZY OF ECSTASY" and, from his new DVD "SUPERFINGERING" produced by ESTREMOMUSIC.

Price of admission: € 10.00

For info:
tel 041 570.24.56
alessandraboschello1 @