Michael Knight: Necropolis - official video

Michael Knight:
This is an older song from my Mechanica Diablo CD. This song was about creating that dark mood and atmosphere and pulling listeners into the music rather than showing off my shred skills. I wrote this in the '90's so there is some influence of music I listened to at the time including: Rob Zombie, Manson, and NIN. But, there is also the undeniable riff influences of Sabbath, Maiden, Megedeth, and some Buckethead as well as a deliberately slower melodic solo near the end that touches on styles of Michael Schenker, Wolf Hoffman, & Mathias Jabs.

The concept video footage was all shot by myself. I like breaking up the guitar playing images with concept footage. I feel the image creativity makes the video a bit more interesting.

Anyways enjoy!! Please comment and add to your favorites. Feel free to embed the video on your blogs, websites and myspace pages - especially if you think that other music fanatics out there in the world would want to see & hear this. Welcome to Necropolis: the City of the Dead !!!

Michael Knight - Necropolis - official video