Thursday, 2 December 2010

Andy Wood: Devil Went Down To Georgia

Andy Wood:
Here is my first attempt at Mark O'Connors outro on Devil Comes Back To Georgia. Had to make a few small changes to make it somewhat playable at the breakneck speed. i changed the line right after the arrpeggio and the outro descent was changed to fifths then octaves then an inversion with root on top to help emulate the fiddle bowing. its still not perfect but im getting close

hope you enjoy!

Andy Wood Devil Went Down To Georgia

Lucas Zembrzuski: Blue Bug Competition

"Blue Bug" competition Lucas Zembrzuski

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Otto Reina: Blue Bug Competition

"Blue Bug" Competition by Milan Polak & T-Rex entry - Otto Reina (Cali - Colombia)

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Rafa Guarneros: Blue Bug Competition

Rafa Guarneros - "Blue Bug" Competition

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Tommy Harris: Blue Bug competition

Blue Bug competition Entry by Tommy Harris

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Michael Dolce, Jon Bloomer: studio interview part 2

Michael Dolce shows me the guitars used on his album 'Everything Til Now'

During my interview with Michael Dolce he kindly walked me through the custom Charles Cilia guitars used for recording his album 'Everything Til Now' and The Sonic Factory's Fulvio also joined us to talk about tracking the drums.

Check out my review of 'Everything Til Now'

Ignazio Di Salvo: Techniques for contemporary jazz guitar-rock clinic

Ignazio Di Salvo:
I wanted to inform you that Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 18.30 at Agrigento Castronovo Music will be held on my master "Techniques for contemporary jazz guitar-rock." For reservations write or call to to 348.56.68.374.

Rob Favotto: Heavenly Regions


Track from the CD "Lift Off" , guitars , keys , bass , vocals = Rob Favotto . Drums percussion = Jim Yannieh . Progressive guitar , new age , metal power drumming off the hook.......
Rob Favotto ©.

Todd Duane: virgin run of a Cameron CCV

Cameron CCV

Daniele Gottardo: Superfingering DVD example
"Superfingering" is Daniele Gottardo's new revolutionary method to play contemporary guitar, based on the way to develop a simple act of great control on the instrument.
Two hours of contents, 100 lessons in order of difficulty, more than 100 pages of transcriptions, application examples for each topic and musical backing tracks, interviews (amplification, studio footage, re-amplification techniques, teaching, etc. ..)
This DVD discusses the main traditional problems found by all guitarists and that create confusion in the infinite training course of a guitarist:

Visualization, organization of musical material
- Technique
- Harmonic - Melodic control
- Connection of all aspects
- Musical application

Visualization, organization of musical material
- Visualization and development of musical material in a simpler way.
- "Superfingering" don't proceed as in the traditional guitar methodology , but is following a logical numerical order of notes that starts from consonance to dissonance.
- Dual visualization of forms.
- Simplification of the number of fingerings and musical choice of fingering.
- Fingerings "changed" and logical.
- Fingerings "anti-academic"
- Sweep Picking
- Hammer on - Pull off; Legato
- Hybrid picking
- Alternate picking
- Sliding
- Position Shifting
- Grouping
- Improvisation techniques
- Connection techniques

Harmonic - Melodic control
The delicate aspect of the harmonic - melodic material follows " The overtone series", the musical material is developed following a numerical order of notes "from consonance to dissonance".
- Knowledge of the fundamental note across the neck
- Triads
- Quadriads
- Pentatonic Scale
- Esatonic Scale
- Diatonic Scale
- Chromatism and Altered scales
Connection of all aspects
All main topics during the course of the lessons are fused together starting with one note, as in music practice, and aren’t separated as in the didactic, which is an end in itself.
Musical application
For each main topic, we suggest application examples in various musical genres (blues, fusion, metal, jazz) with backing tracks.
and more....
This method is therefore appropiate both for beginners, who seriously wants to know its instrument - and professional guitarists, who are looking for new ideas to deepen the complicated world of the guitar!!

Daniele Gottardo from his " Superfingering" new DVD by Estremomusic

Ruan Cruz: R&R World - Melt Your Face Competition WINNERS announced

R&R World - Melt Your Face Competition

Congratulations to Ruan Cruz for winning the top prize.

Ruan Cruz - Tender Surrender (Steve Vai Cover)

Zeke - Green Day Brain Stew

Blueprints of a masterpiece

Bruce Arnold: two new CD's available

Bruce Arnold: The Art Of The Blues (CD)

Great musicians have been doing their own take on the blues since the form was created, and now Bruce Arnold joins their company with The Art Of The Blues. Arnold has exhibited astonishing versatility with his various projects, tackling pieces as disparate as Olivier Messiaen’s “Quartet for the End of Time” and Native American chants. He is best known however, for his explorations into the application of 12-tone theory in jazz improvisation. Arnold here applies a similar intellectual rigor to the 12 tracks that are by turns lyrical, spare, haunting and always intriguing. As Bruce explains it: “In The Art Of The Blues I have applied the structural rhythmic and harmonic ideas that I have been working with over the past several years to the blues form. These structures deal with small three note groups and the superimposition of time fields over a basic pulse. I’ve used the unit of a half step and a minor 3rd as my motif, and composed twelve blues, one in each key. You’ll also hear some fun with time signatures and the use of a dotted quarter note as a vehicle for multiple time layering.” Joining Bruce on this bracing set and negotiating the tricks and turns are stalwarts Tony Moreno on drums and Dean Johnson on upright bass. Although Bruce’s composition is forward thinking, his chordal accompaniment style throughout Art of the Blues conscientiously harkens back to the roots of Rhythm and Blues guitar. All these elements combine to create a collection of tunes that while sounding like a traditional jazz guitar CD also presents a personal new approach and direction for the blues.

Bruce Arnold: Heavy Mental (CD)

Reviewer Bill Milkowski says it better than we can, "The outcome of this inventive trio session is a fresh amalgam of visceral rock bombast, jazzy harmonies and cutting edge sonics, the likes of which haven’t been heard since Terje Rypdal’s wildly experimental mid ‘80s power trio, The Chasers. His 28th release overall, Heavy Mental is easily Arnold’s most hard-hitting and audacious outing to date. In 2001 Bruce Arnold came out with “Give ‘Em Some” a jazz-rock n’ funk blast. Now Arnold comes roaring back with Heavy Mental, another return to his love of all-out electric guitar-driven, distortion drenched, high octane music. But as with all of Arnold’s ventures, this is music with an intellectual backbone. Arnold brings to bear all his investigations into 12-tone theory, hexatonics, and sound collage (Using SuperCollider) and together with Andy Galore on Bass and drummer Kirk Driscoll creates a powerful and mature musical statement that satisfies on every level. In the 9 years since Arnold’s ground breaking “Give ‘Em Some” he has immersed himself in a plethora of differing genres. From exhilarating jazz adaptations of 20th century classical masters, to straight-ahead-with-a-twist jazz duets, Arnold has relentlessly pursued his passion for musical innovation. Heavy Mental comes full circle in a sense, as he returns to his rock roots, bringing along a rucksack of theoretical constructs, all of which have been thoroughly explored. Sit back, turn up the volume and get ready for some serious musical stimulation."

Dave Kilminster: Acoustic Guitar Lessons
Click Here to Purchase this DVD.

Acoustic guitar for beginners is an essential for any new guitarist starting out. Dave Kilminster gives guitar lessons for the beginner guitarist. Showing you how to tune your guitar, how to play easy chords, how to strum the guitar, and much much more. A great dvd for those guitarists just starting out.

To get this DVD follow this link to the product page on our website:-

Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners With Dave Kilminster Licklibrary

Dave Reeves: Guitar fusion contest

Guitar fusion contest - Dave Reeves entry.

News: Guitar Addition solo competition get your solo in!

Great news... were adding some more days to allow you get your solo in to this once in a lifetime competition... get your soloing on a CD with some of the best top name players in the world!

Enter: Guitar Addition solo competition

Another super competition, this with an awesome prize of special guest solo on a new CD what will be packed with top name guitar players and featuring the drumming skills of Atma Anur amongst others. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your soloing onto a cool CD!

Guitar Addiction CD - Guitar Solo Contest

Guitar Addiction CD - Guitar Solo Contest

Showcase your guitar playing skills to the world by entering this online You Tube contest, and get a chance to appear on the "Guitar Addiction" CD !!

To enter first download the backing track (Tempo is 108, starting on 0 point) here

Once you have the backing track, record your solo and upload your video to YouTube as a video response. (direct link is

(To do this first upload your video as per usual, then go to the competition video click in the post comment textarea and a "attach a video" link will appear to the right, click on that and select your video it will be automatically added.)

Send us an email with your full name and the link to your YouTube video here

In the end the judges will choose what they believe to be the best solos. All entries will be valued based on creativity, composition, sound and technique.
The competition actual closing day will be 15 December 2010.

The Judges are: (by alphabetical order)

Cyril ACHARD(Solo, Taboo Voodoo, Sessions..)

Atma ANUR(Jason Becker, Richie Kotzen, Tony MacAlpine...)

Ludovic EGRAZ(Editor in Chief of GuitarExtreme paper Magazine)

Franck KARMATTITUDE(Solo, Double Heart Project, Music Distribution..)

Laurie MONK from the great "Truth In Shredding" Blog

Some Rules: * The Contest is open to anyone, from anywhere, and of any age, gender. * The video submitted must show you playing live over the backing track provided. * Only the judges will choose the winner, and their decision will be final.

All informations on

Here's a little edit of my last recording session at D Studio for a guest solo on Guitar Addiction CD. There's not a lot of material though to show here but it was fun to be there and great to contribute the guitar addiction's album. The perfect excuse to ride to Klaukkala and have fun at my fav "D Studio" with the great Jarno Hänninen at the mixdesk!
(we chat actually in a mixture of finnish and english, should be hard to understand everything)...
Check out:
for the updates and infos!

Recording session for Guitar Addiction album project at D Studio (Nurmijärvi-Finland)

Tosin Abasi, Paul Gilbert: top ten in 2010 for guitar edge

2010 may be winding down, but it's been a great year for Guitar Edge which featured some of the hottest artists over the past 12 months. Let's take a look at some of the most popular artist interviews from 2010 as determined by you, the Guitar Edge reader. 
10. Alice in Chains - All Secrets Known
9. Paul Gilbert - Shredified
8. Tosin Abasi - 8-String Animal
7. Iron Maiden - In Search of the Final Frontier
6. Stone Sour: Stone's Secret
5. Avenged Sevenfold - Emerging From the Nightmare
4. Derek Trucks - Long Haul Trucker
3. Mark Tremonti - The Tone Behind the Man
2. Zach Myers - Inside the Madness
1. Daughtry - Fire It Up

Carlos Vamos,Lindsay Buckland: The Famous Unknowns

The Famous Unknowns / How it all began... Carlos Vamos - Lindsay Buckland

Tom Hess: Songwriting - Part 3

In previous articles about songwriting techniques for guitarists, I addressed several approaches to beginning the songwriting structure, focusing primarily on starting with chords and melody. In this section of the songwriting series I'll go into greater detail about other processes that I briefly mentioned in past articles.
If you are familiar with previous articles I wrote on this topic, you have probably figured out that these articles on songwriting are on a more advanced level than is typical of songwriting articles or most books. If the content you read below is deeper than you are ready to understand right now, don't give up on it! Instead, find a great guitar (and music composition) teacher who can help you to understand and master applying these concepts in your guitar playing and songwriting.
If you do understand this material already, great! Begin applying these ideas right away in your music.
Begin with Rhythm first
Combine 2 or more completely different rhythmic ideas into a single idea. Take two of your favorite rhythmic patterns and combine them into a single idea.
Augment Rhythmic Values
Create a short rhythmic pattern one measure in length. Write it down on paper. Now increase the value of each rhythmic event (note or rest). Here is an example. Let’s say you have this pattern: One quarter note, two 8th notes, another quarter note, then four 16th notes. Now "augment" all of these rhythmic notes by doubling their length.
Change all quarter notes to a half notes.
Change all 8th notes to quarter notes.
Change all 16th notes to eighth notes.
The example above now gives you a rhythmic pattern that is slower and twice as long but using the same number of events and the exact same pattern (just slower now).
Diminish Rhythmic Values
This is the same concept as augmenting rhythmic values except now you do the opposite. Shorten each rhythmic event, the result is the same pattern but in shorter (faster) rhythmic values. Using the above example, you would now:
Change all quarter notes to 8th note.
Change all 8th notes to 16th notes.
Change all 16th notes to 32nd notes.
Yep, it's cool. The examples above are pretty basic, because I told you to either double the length (in the augment section) or cut in half (in the diminish section) above. But there are cooler combinations such as adding a dot after each note or change to triplets, these also can be done with augmentation or diminution.
Destructive Rhythmic Creation
I wrote an article called Creativity and Expression (in 2 parts). In Songwriting Techniques - part 1, I wrote about a concept called "Destructive Creation" Which I personally find to be a fascinating subject. I purposely did not give any examples of this process in that article so people would ponder the concept and may think of original ways in which to use the Destructive Creation. This concept has been extremely helpful to me when writing some of the very progressive rhythmic ideas on my HESS ~Opus 2 CD. I strongly recommend to read that article before reading any further. Here is the link, Musical Creativity And Self - Expression For Guitarists- Part 1
Here is an example of Destructive Creation. Do this: Get a pencil, eraser and a sheet of paper. Write down thirty-two 16th notes. (in 4/4 time this will be 2 measures of steady 16th notes). Now randomly erase 7 (or 11 or 14 or any other number) 16th notes. Now play the resulting new rhythm on your instrument (you can also do this on a drum machine, computer, etc. If you don't like the results, try erasing more or less notes or change the order of the notes.
Once you have a new rhythmic idea that seems to have potential, apply the other ideas on rhythm already discussed to this rhythm. Augment the rhythmic values, diminish it, play it in retrograde (play it backwards) or do some combination of these ideas, the possibilities are endless. If none of these ideas seem to be helping you, it might be because you have not yet written an interesting melody for these rhythms. So begin composing new melodies, or chord progressions, or riffs, etc. for these new rhythmic ideas. Then they will begin to come to life.
About the author:
Tom Hess is a professional touring guitarist and recording artist. He teaches guitar players around the world via online guitar lessons, Visit to get free guitar playing tips, assessments, surveys, mini courses, and to get more guitar playing articles.

Irene Ketikidi: "Blue Bug" competition

"Blue Bug" competition - Irene Ketikidi

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Wagner Silva: Blue Bug Competition

Blue Bug Competition - Wagner Silva Entry

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Anthimos Manti: new CD released now

Order the CD

ANTHIMOS MANTI new album released now

David Locke: Cavatina on electric guitar

Cavatina - David Locke - Laboga Alligator

Daniele Penco: Guitar Addiction Solo Contest

Daniele Penco - Guitar Addiction Solo Contest

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Nick Meares: Guitar Fusion Contest

Guitar Fusion Contest - Nick Meares

Enter: Guitar Fusion Competition

Michael Dolce, Jon Bloomer: studio interview

Michael Dolce talks about recording his album 'Everything Til Now'