Saturday, 4 December 2010

Jeff Kollman: Empower... Devour!!! new CD

JKB: Empower... Devour!!! (CD)

Guitarist Jeff Kollman and drummer Jono Brown have put the finishing touches on the 10-song JKB sophomore album, Empower... Devour!!!. The follow-up to 2006's "Bleeding The Soul" features appearances by JKB alumni Kevin Chown (Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats, Tarja Turunen) on bass and Charlie Waymire (Speak No Evil) on drums. Special guests include drummers Shane Gaalaas (B'Z, Cosmosquad) and Joel Taylor (Allan Holdsworth, OHM) on one track each. Empower... Devour!!! features plenty of riffs and solos for the guitar fanatics. BUY

Joe Satriani: Guitar Player January 2011 issue.

Dimitar Nalbantov: solo on new song

Dimi - improvising on a new song

Andrey Soloviev: Arpeggios from seventh chords using slurs and mezhstrunnyh jumps

Andrey Soloviev:
Arpeggios from seventh chords using slurs and mezhstrunnyh jumps.


Mark Musicman: Playing With Emotion

Original Guitar Soloing (Playing With Emotion)

News: win a Bernie Rico Jr. Guitar!!!

First off, I (Keith Merrow) am not judging the contest. I am just promoting it. The winner will be chosen by Bernie Rico Jr.

Bernie Rico Jr. Guitars- "30 Seconds of Fame Guitar Give-Away"

Submit your video to-

Submit 30 seconds of your guitar playing to Bernie Rico Jr. Guitars by January 1st, 2011 for your chance to win a hand-built custom guitar by Rico Jr.! Any and all styles of guitar playing welcome. Three winners will be picked by Bernie Rico Jr. on January 1st, 2011. Enter now for you chance at an exceptional guitar, and other prizes!

The Prizes-
1st place- Hand Made BRJ "Hesperian" 6-String Guitar
2nd place- A set of Guitar Pickups (Your choice from our in-stock pickups)
3rd place- BRJ T-Shirt and Guitar Strings

Contest rules-
* The video must be at least 30 seconds long, but no longer than one minute.
* The riffs (or song), must be your own, original material, played by YOU.
* You must state your name at the start of the video, and note that you are submitting it to the BRJ contest.
* You may only submit one video
* Artists sponsored by Bernie Rico Jr. guitars are not allowed to enter the contest.
* You must agree to let us use your video in our social network, in order to let others see the progress of the competition.
* Full bands can submit videos, but the emphasis must be on the guitar player fir the sake of the competition.
* We reserve the right to disqualify any video if we have doubts of it's authenticity.

Winners will be chosen based on any or all of the following characteristics: skill, technical ability, speed, groove, melody, mood, presentation, audio quality, tone, originality, etc.

The winner is responsible for shipping fees on the prizes. It is open to international players, but keep in mind the shipping costs from the USA.

Bernie Rico Jr. Guitar Give-Away! - Contest

Andy Wood: web site coming soon

ANDY WOOD is generation Y's emerging guitar rock phenom. You may be saying to yourself, "Then why have I never heard of him?" That's because up until the age of eighteen he was busy mastering the mandolin and bluegrass.

Hi, I'm Andy Wood...

Alan McKenna: tribute to Carol Vorderman

Countdown theme on guitar!

Ignazio Di Salvo: guitar fusion contest

Ignazio Di Salvo guitar fusion contest

Enter: Guitar Fusion Competition

Paco Hernandez: Melodic Improvisation

Join Paco Hernandezon facebook:

That's it. I got my new webcam, an escort, my third-hand guitar and my PODxt and I improvised 3 or 4 shots. This is what I liked.

For those who may desire to purchase the instruments, the sound here is that you can get a pileup of 20000 pesetas. The best tools are the hands and the head of one! :-)

And yes, I changed the PC site. Now is plugged into my HD TV and my stereo, lol

Paco Hernandez: Melodic Improvisation

Chris Brooks: Velvet claws full tab available

Available now - Chris Brooks'new singleVELVET CLAWS

Get the single, the video, thebacking track and the 17-page transcription

at (

Chris Brooks - Velvet Claws [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Gerson Antezana: alerta maxima

PROGRESION -alerta maxima

Nor­zamri Lagenda: spinning a plate on his foot... and playing guitar!



Ake Parethas, Fabiano Rodriguo: Thailand and Brazil jamming!

I really liked this song I wanted play it with my friend Thailand I knew his work in Contest Burning fire he is a great player guitar Rock! I hope you like, I followed only a little with some ideas The song was composed by Ake Parethas. Thank you very much!
Version Original

Eu gostei muito essa música que eu queria jogar com meu amigo Tailândia
Que eu conheci o em BurningFire Contest ele é um ótimo guitarrista Rock!
Espero que gostem, seguido apenas um pouco com algumas idéias
A canção foi composta por Ake Parethas. Obrigado

JAM Distance Thailand and Brazil - "SPIN"- Ake Parethas

Eric Maldonado: A merry shredding Christmas!

- We Wish You A Merry (Guitar) Christmas - Eric Maldonado - 2010 -

the album, "Into The Moonlight" is finished!! You can order it at

Dimitar Nalbantov: Testing Logitech HD C910

Testing Logitech HD C910

t-cophony: 2 hands 2 capos, the invention continues!

December (2 capos) - T-cophony

Adam Ironside: Christmas Giveaway!

Hey guys, sorry for the poor lighting in the video.

All the rules and extra information can be found here - as this video is meant more to advertise the giveaway than go into it in detail too much. All questions should be answered in that thread but if not then please feel free to ask either here or in the forums.

Good Luck!

DirtBox Christmas Giveaway

Nico Stufano,Giacomo Anselmi: 2010 - Stratus Jam

Giacomo Anselmi (guitar), Daniele Chiantese (drums), Lorenzo Feliciati (bass), Nico Stufano (guitar). Parco Rosati 2010 - Roma

Nico Stufano 2010 - Stratus Jam

Mike Campese: Paganini Caprice lessons with tab

Welcome back! In this lesson I will be showing you the next section of Niccolo Paganini's Caprice No. 1. If you haven't read Part 1 and Part 2, be sure to check those out. This piece will do wonders for your sweep picking technique and other areas of your playing. Also, be sure to analyze the progression while you are going through this.

The techniques are similar to the previous sections, but this next section is in a minor key. This piece originally was based on the E major scale (E–F#–G#–A–B–C#–D#) and then switches to E minor (E–F#–G–A–B–C–D), the parallel key. For the first four measures, Paganini uses the V chord (B major) derived from the E harmonic minor scale (E–F#–G–A–B–C–D#). The second beat of the fifth measure is a little tricky because of the stretch for the C on the 1st string. We can consider this a D7 arpeggio with an A in the bass and then to a regular D major arpeggio with the A in the bass. I love the last few bars of this section. In measure six, the second beat begins with a G major arpeggio (G–B–D) that continues to the end of this section, except the top note changes on each arpeggio. The first G major arpeggio has a D on top on the first string, the second one has a G on top, the third one has a B on top and the last one has a D on top. More

Tommy Emmanuel: The Essential 3.0

Spanning almost 25 years, a collection of Tommy's most loved tracks.
Features songs with his brother Phil, other collaborating artists, and tracks from his Grammy winning album with the legendary Chet Atkins! This 3-CD set is being released only in Australia in conjunction with Tommy's tour, and has it! Available for just a limited release, this will not last!
click here for a full track listing and to order

Magnus Olsson: the Ibanez man demos TSA15H Tube Screamer head & TSA112C speaker cabinet

Magnus Olsson is a classy products demonstrator and he gives you a once over of the TSA15H Tube Screamer head & TSA112C speaker cabinet. For those who are into hybrid picking and classy fusion licks, just check out the super cool solo at 06:30.

Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer head & TSA112C speaker cabinet

Shred Junior: Shred Junior is eleventy continued

The birthday celebrations continue today with laser quest and the continuation of Dio day.... Dio day II! We Rock!!!