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Stu Hamm: Just Outside Of Normal - new CD chock full of guitar stars

Stuart Hamm: Just Outside Of Normal (CD)

Joe Satriani - Guitar on Tracks 1, 4
Robert Fripp - Guitar on Track 9
Frank Gambale - Guitar on Track 8
Jude Gold - Guitar on Track 1
Mark McGee - Guitar on Track 2

Featuring a stellar array of guest artists including Joe Satriani, Robert Fripp and Frank Gambale on guitar and Stanton Moore on drums, Just Outside Of Normal is the the most compelling release yet from one of our generations most influential and innovative bassists. Through his innovative work as a solo artist and his contributions as a sideman to Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, Stuart Hamm has firmly established himself as one of the most influential electric bassists of the past half-century. Extending the non-traditional function of the electric bass previously revolutionized by Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke in the 1970s, Hamm helped to reshape the contemporary concept of the bass guitar as an unaccompanied instrument with the utilization of polyphonic, two-handed tapping, slapping and popping techniques, chords, and harmonics. Although Hamm certainly wasn't the first bass player to debut during the 1980s and employ an unorthodox approach to playing the electric bass, he was undoubtedly at the forefront of his generation who effectively fused the application of these unconventional techniques. As one of today's leading bassists, Hamm has released four critically-acclaimed studio recordings, including Radio Free Albemuth (1988), Kings Of Sleep (1989), The Urge (1991), and Outbound (2000). Additionally, "Live Stu X 2", the fifth solo project produced by Hamm and his first as a solo artist in nearly seven years, was released in January 2007. buy

Dan McAvinchey: Tell us a little bit about your latest CD, "Just Outside Of Normal". How did you come up with the concept and songs for the album?

Stuart Hamm: I started work on "Just Outside Of Normal" in 2008 and then got a very late call from Satch to do his tour so that put the whole project back a bit. It's a collection of pieces that I have been working on that seemed to fit together to take the listener on a little musical trip Stu-style. The title track is an homage to a childhood spent in the Midwest and my brother plays a solo on his Dotar that sounds like a twisted, fretless banjo! Each song had it's own story of growth which is explained in the liner notes. full interview

Jeff Kollman: JKB Empower... Devour!!! new CD

JKB Empower... Devour!!! (CD)

Guitarist Jeff Kollman and drummer Jono Brown have put the finishing touches on the 10-song JKB sophomore album, Empower... Devour!!!. The follow-up to 2006's "Bleeding The Soul" features appearances by JKB alumni Kevin Chown (Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats, Tarja Turunen) on bass and Charlie Waymire (Speak No Evil) on drums. Special guests include drummers Shane Gaalaas (B'Z, Cosmosquad) and Joel Taylor (Allan Holdsworth, OHM) on one track each. Empower... Devour!!! features plenty of riffs and solos for the guitar buy

Lars Eric Mattsson: Tango new CD

Mattsson Tango (CD)

Mattsson is a name that has become synonymous with melodic progressive metal fused with symphonic, neo-classical and ethnic touches. This direction is continued and taken to a higher level for Tango, the fifth album to be released under the Mattsson banner. Led by guitarist/composer Lars Eric Mattsson, Tango sees the collaboration between Mattsson and vocalist Adrienn Antal who first paired up on 2008's "Dreamchild" release build upon its predecessors impressive foundations for this overall heavier release. Yet Tango is arguably more accessible for the first time listener with tracks such as "Believe", "I'll Find Another Way" and the title track epitomising this commercial aspect. To add another voice to the album Mattsson has called upon Status Minor vocalist Markku Kuikka who darker style contrasts nicely with Antal's. Tango is 11 tracks clocking in at close to 73 minutes of some of the heaviest riffs and most complex musical passages to date from Lars, yet within the musical virtuosity there is a common theme of melody with the albums lyrical inspiration coming from everyday life and the state of the world. buy

Tosin Abasi: Toontrack artist of the month

Toontrack artist of the month DEC 2010: Tosin Abasi

Toontrack interview

Nili Brosh: guitar9 interview

Dan McAvinchey: Nili, when did you first get interested in guitar, and how did you learn and progress as a player?

Nili Brosh: I have three older brothers, and I was always surrounded by music as a kid. I first became interested in the guitar because my older brother Ethan is a guitar player. As a little sister, I have always looked up to him. During my teenage years, most of my growth came from transcribing anything I liked to listen to. Videos were harder to come by at that time (it seems that I have missed the "YouTube age" by just a few years), and tabs always seemed wrong. So the most comfortable way for me to learn was by ear. It is still the quickest way I learn things now.

Dan McAvinchey: Did you feel accepted as an equal when you studied at Berklee College of Music?

Nili Brosh: Definitely. At school, I've never felt like I was judged differently or looked down upon because I was female. I think Berklee is a very positive place, all of the students and teachers are very encouraging.

Dan McAvinchey: Tell us a little bit about your debut CD "Through The Looking Glass". How did you come up with the concept and songs for the CD?

Nili Brosh: Each song in the CD was written at a different time. Some were written when I was 17, some were written by the time I was 19. It was all over the place in that sense, and it took another year or two to get the tunes to develop to the way they sound now. That is how I came up with the concept of the album. To me, "Through The Looking Glass" marks the reflection on my musical growth throughout the last several years. Looking back on my writing and playing at the beginning of the project, and seeing the progress I've gone through to get to the finished product, to the current sound in my musical life. More

Juan Coronado: Economy Picking Demystified

Juan Coronado:
When I was a teenager, I landed the dream job for any aspiring guitarist. Though the job was a one concert gig, it didn't matter as I got to be the roadie for one of the most famous bands back in the late '80s / early '90s in Colombia - "Kraken".

It was the only local band I knew that was really big and famous, so as soon as I had the chance during the sound check, I bombarded the guitar player, Hugo, with all my questions about how to play fast scales. The one thing that stuck with me was his advice to "play circles with your pick". I took the advice to heart and started to work on "playing circles with the pick". Somehow I misunderstood what Hugo meant and ended up doing something a bit out of the ordinary, but I never realized this until many years later when I saw the great Frank Gambale explaining the economy picking technique. That day I found out by pure coincidence that I was doing what Mr. Gambale had developed as a new unorthodox technique to play fast. more

Joe Pinnavaia: Fretboard Visualization

Joe Pinnavaia:
Again we continue onward in the series of practicing techniques that require no physical practice. In this Installment I will cover another technique that I myself still use to this day called Fretboard Visualization. The concept is not a new one but to tap into the power of this can be strenuous in the beginning. I started using this was when I was in high school and college when I was having trouble falling asleep at night - maybe not the best time but the most quiet time for me. After a while I could visualize scales all over the fretboard and after a while I even started transposing them into different positions.

Now I try to work with visualization when it comes to arpeggios and altered scales and when they should be applied as practicing time. You can and should also use visualization as a method of practice in learning a new lick or technique. This will get another part of your brain involved in the process and help solidify a link between your hands and ears.

So how does one start with fretboard visualization? to the lesson

Dave Martone: discusses Joe Satriani tour planning

Dave Martone:
Wow. I'm exhausted. The more days that pass, the more I wish there were two of me to take care of everything.

I have been organizing the upcoming tour for the Canadian dates in support for Joe Satriani's tour as well as a zillion other things.

First off, I did not know it was possible to wear so many hats at the same time! WOW! I have a new respect for tour managers.

The first task was organizing the transport and accommodations. Before I even get into that... knowing your budget is quite important. And I can say this - everything costs! more

Mike Campese: Grinch Lesson

Grinch Lesson: Welcome back! It is in the air, holiday lights, crazy shoppers. We will kick off the season with the theme song from one of the most-liked holiday shows, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss. In this lesson I will be teaching you my version of "The Grinch" from my Christmas CD, "The Meaning Of Christmas". My version is just labeled "Grinch" and I will be showing you just the first section. lesson

Jordan Rudess: special live show

Jordan Rudess of the acclaimed progressive rock band Dream Theater brings his unique musical style to Tarrytown for this rare solo appearance. Joined by special guest Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie, the evening will include progressive classics from Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment and more. He will highlight his Billboard-award winning app, MorphWiz, and will perform the U.S. premiere of Explorations, Jordan’s orchestral piece, which will be played on 2 keyboards with Turkish musical prodigy Eren Başbuğ. Jordan will also be performing music from Project RnL with Eyal Amir and Ray Livnat.
Limited number of "reception" tickets include a meet & greet after the show. tickets

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse Trinity release dates annouced.

EDEN'S CURSE have finished recording their third studio album, "Trinity". The band recorded fourteen songs in total, including two cover versions, for the CD. "Trinity" will be released by Spiritual Beast in Japan on March 16, 2011, and by AFM Records in Europe and Metal Mayhem in the USA on March 18, 2011.

Creation Of Eden DVD Trailer [HQ]

Yngwie Malmsteen: interviewed by Brian Rademacher at Rockeyez

Brian Rademacher: What do you feel your biggest accomplishment in music is?

Yngwie Malmsteen: The most rewarding thing is I’ve never compromised and I’ve done everything from the heart. I wanted to play honest music and a result of that I’ve influenced a lot of people. Growing up in Sweden as a kid they said I wouldn’t make it because I was playing off the beaten path so do speak, I was playing too crazy and too loud and too fucking fast. My music would never be commercial and I said this is what I do take it or leave it. I did everything blood, sweat and tears from the heart and didn’t do things to get on the radio and yeah back in the eighties I wrote a couple more slick tunes, I guess that was a small compromise. I am also happy with the longevity I’m very happy and blessed with that.

Brian Rademacher: How do you feel when a young kid guitarist comes up to you and asks for your autograph?

Yngwie Malmsteen: It’s great and awesome. It’s happens so much these days I think cause the YouTube thing. I remember people coming up to me and saying hey man what band you in and really didn’t know me but knew I was in a band now they know exactly who I am. I drive down the street and people are holding signs saying hey fucking Yngwie. I was a little skeptical with the whole YouTube thing and guitar hero but it all ended up being a good thing to me.

Brian Rademacher: Every time I talked with you, you always seemed gentleman like do you always keep that attitude?

Yngwie Malmsteen: I try to but if you step on my toe I might knock you in the teeth (laughing) I feel that if someone is content and happy there is no reason to be nasty. more

Michael Angelo Batio: Rhoadsfest II

RHOADSFEST II - Michael Angelo Batio - You Can't Kill Rock And Roll Ozzy/Randy

George Lynch, Russ Parrish: steel panther , lynch fueled

George Lynch & Steel Panther - EPIC

Lori Linstruth: How can you write on a “guitar blog” when you no longer consider myself a “guitarist?”

An interesting post from one of the best female rock guitarists around. Lori has decided to stop the guitar after struggling with a bout of depression and come out the other side. Lori has decide that there are other things to do and other things in her life that currently take precedence. I for one will miss Lori's excellent playing and hope it's just an extended hiatus, but wish her well on her future musings.

Lori Linstruth:
I’m going to be making some massive changes here, and want to give my current readers — all five of you — fair warning. But first, some background:

I started writing on the web about my passion for guitar 2003, and moved from a static website to this blog in 2006. In 2007 I went through a major depressive episode (or burnout or nervous breakdown or whatever you want to call it). Bouts of depression have dogged me pretty much as long as I can remember, but the Great Darkness of 2007 was worse than anything I could imagine. It was truly life-changing. I won’t bore you with the details: the important thing is that I got better.

Even so, three years later it is finally sinking in that I crawled out from the darkness a very different person. Some things have changed for the better, some for the worse. Some things are either better or worse depending on how you look at it.

One of the things that changed is that playing guitar no longer gives me pleasure. I’ve fought against this fact for three years and it’s brought me nothing but stress and guilt — I KNOW what I should be doing to “rekindle the flame.” But I don’t WANT to do it. And because I can count the times I’ve played guitar this year on one hand (with fingers left over) I no longer identify as a “guitarist.”

How can you write on a “guitar blog” when you no longer consider myself a “guitarist?”

The truth is, I can’t. And I won’t. And that’s the real reason I’ve not written more the past couple of years.

Fortunately there are still plenty of things that interest me, and plenty of things I want to write about and share. But because of the guitar focus of my blog, I’ve not felt “entitled” to write about them here. I’m sure most would agree that it’s a crappy situation when someone feels that they can’t be themselves on their own f’n blog! So I’ll be reworking this one as a personal blog, and it will no longer be guitar centered.

I still HAVE my guitars, and who knows, I may become passionate about guitar again one day and write about it again. My last “guitar sabbatical” was 10 years long, and when I started playing again a few years ago I was keener than I’d ever been before. But until that happens, I’ll be focusing on other things.

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak blog posted

 A cool new t-shirt is available:

The camp is only getting more and more fun over the years. Much due to the passionate players attending but also because of my tight little combat team where everyone know exactly what should be done. A beefy, beefy thank you to all you lovely guitar maniacs from near and far! Remember, it’s only 4/4…

I already began planning for 2011 and I hope to see as many of you fine musicians in the woods as possible. Registration begins in February. More information can be found at:

Full blog post and photo gallery

Andy Timmons: Guitar Seminar - Niteroi

Andy Timmons Guitar Seminar - Niteroi (Brazil) - Part 2/2

Kirill Konyaev: Marco Sfogli Alex Argento - Genius

Kirill Konyaev LIVE Guitar Solo (Marco Sfogli./Alex Argento's "Seven")

Victor de Andres: Psychotic and hostile

Original song by the spanish guitarrist Victor de Andres on drum track of Lamb of God.

Psicótico y hostil Victor de Andres

Lorenzo Carancini: more Christmas cheer

Auguri "suonati" di Lorenzo Carancini e Peavey Italia

Scott Henderson: Tribal Tech 1985

Gary Willis - bass
Pat Coil - Keyboards
Bob Sheppard - sax
Brad Dutz - percussion
Steve Houghton - drums

Tribal Tech 1985 - Caribbean

Brian Larkin: "Delete You" (Guitar Idol III Entry) staggering chops!

Brian Larkin: "Delete You" (Guitar Idol III Entry)

John Huldt: tribute to Avenged Sevenfold

Nightmare Avenged Sevenfold guitar COVER by John Huldt

Scott Henderson: Tribal Tech 1984

Gary Willis - bass
Will Boulware - keyboards, composer
Brad Dutz - percussion
Land Richards - drums

Tribal Tech 1984 - Solemn

Fernando Soto: Conexiones

Fernando Soto - Conexiones

Prashant Aswani: NAMM 2000

Prashant Aswani NAMM 2k

Thomas Kóródi,Krisztian Lovrek, Mészöly Martin: winners of Mika Birta competition announced

December 2, 2010 Results of the Guitar,
what Medgyesi Hangszercenter Miki Music and the estate settled a Jack Daniels
The 51 winners nevezésből:
3. rated:

Mészöly Martin:

2. Rated:

Chris Lovrek:

1. placed, the winners are:

Thomas Kóródi

Congratulations to the winners!!!!

Sungha Jung,Hata Shuji: Jerry's Breakdown two players one guitar

(Jerry Reed) Jerry's Breakdown - Sungha Jung & Hata Shuji

Dave Reeves: aka Dingle... Dingle Bells

Dingle Bells

Steve Vai: Guitar Institute presents the Steve Vai Scholarship

The Guitar Institute presents the Steve Vai Scholarship

Joe Pinnavaia: Happy Christmas from the Test Tube Rhino

Joe Pinnavaia:
Happy Holidays to you and yours,
I'm thankful for such an eventful and rewarding 2010. I hope 2011 will be just as fruitful. Thanks to all of you who have supported Test Tube Rhino. With out you guys it just wouldn't be the same.
I've uploaded some new videos over at my YouTube channel that you guys should check out. There are more to come but here's one -
I have been working on getting more video lessons up at and there is a DVD in the works for a companion to my "Technique Builders ecourse" that is still available to download at
Also I am very pleased to announce that the compilation CD "Emerging Artists - Into Existence" is now available and features some very talented artists. The first track is a previousl unreleased Test Tube Rhio track called "Ascension in the Desert" - The CD is FREE when you purchase my lastest CD at
Thanks again and All the best,

Rob Chappers: JamZilla insight into jam madness

JamZilla \m/

Andy Timmons: Workshop Brasil

Workshop com Andy Timmons - Niteroi - RJ - Brasil - Parte 1/2 (Legendado)

Workshop com Andy Timmons - Niteroi - RJ - Brasil - Parte 2/2 (Legendado)

Rob Chappers: Ghost Fret unboxed

Unboxing some wooden win - Warning Ghost Fret content

Andreas Skapetis:

Andreas Skapetis - Way Out (Instrumental)

Arnaldo Garcia: tasty rock jam and Jason Becker tribute

Arnold Jam


Bryan Aspey: classical guitar solos

classical guitar solo by Bryan Aspey

Sam Bell: music machinations

This Derelict Coast by Sam Bell Guitarist

Lost Woods (8 String Clip) by Sam Bell Guitarist