John Huldt: Matchless Spitfire - Demo

Tina Guo, Frank Klepacki, John Huldt: Metal Virtual Collaboration (feat. Frank Klepacki, Jason Charles Miller, John Huldt)

John Huldt: REVV G20- Great amp, tons of functionality

John Huldt: Halloween shred - some stunning soloing

Paul Wardingham, Wes Thrailkill, John Huldt: Kiesel Artists Mega Jam

John Huldt: Guest solo for Andres Yepez

John Huldt: Bretnik is getting married

John Huldt: Guest solo for Shred Sean

John Huldt: New song. Major riffage but no legos hurt in the making of this song

John Huldt: The Longing - Down Came The Rain - in the pink

John Huldt: Guitar into G3 into Kemper.

John Huldt: #dreamrigsolocontest - stunning performance, and how you can play over the backing track!

John Huldt: Kiesel Guitars - Aries 6 review

John Huldt: Simple pentatonic trick guitar lesson - breaking free from the box

John Huldt: Horizon Devices Precision Drive demo

John Huldt: The Longing - Come On - Play Through

John Huldt: ReampZone JSX pack for Kemper Profiler - killer guitar rippage

John Huldt: Dumble ODS 50 HRM Kemper Profiles FT

John Huldt, Sean Maier: The Longing - Silent, Holy Night - Playthrough

John Huldt: MC Systems Dynamic Delay Demo