Sunday, 2 January 2011

News: BRJ 30 Seconds of Fame - Prize winners!

BRJ 30 Seconds of Fame- Prize winners!

1st Gord!

2nd Bernie Rico Jr. 30 Seconds of Fame Entry - Ben Mesick
3rd Francesco Filigoi - Bernie Rico Jr "30 seconds of fame" guitar contest entry

Sean Babiniec: Bernie Rico competition - scortchio!

Sean Babiniec - BRJ 30 seconds to fame entry

Dave Reeves: Bugera 6262, fired up for \m/ Metal Win \m/

Dave Reeves:
Happy new year to everyone. I'vew been getting a lot of questions for over a year now about which amp would do which genre of metal the best. Well for the all the metalcore, and other real heavy music lovers out there, this video should answer those questions. Hopefully it shows that the Bugera 6262 is the ultimate metal amp if one is looking for brutal tone and simplicity. It's my longest video to date, Enjoy!!

Bugera 6262, NONE MORE METAL!!!!!!!

Chris Letchford: The Great Plains on Strandberg Headless 7 String

Chris Letchford Playing "The Great Plains" on Strandberg Headless 7 String • Scale The Summit

Steve Hackett: Happy New Year!

Steve Hackett New Year Greeting 2011

Art Rodriguez -Tu Voluntad on the seven

Art Rodriguez -Tu Voluntad (Delyriüm) Ibanez K7 + Crunch Lab 7 + Liquifire 7

Marcio Okayama: tribute to Mozart Mello

Zen Turtle Marcio Okayama tributo ao Mozart Mello

Anton Oparin: live in West L.A

Anton Oparin live in West L.A - Technical Difficulties

Anton Oparin live in West L.A - Viking Kong

Mats Moland Træen: WinZilla competition

Rob Chappers lick competition - Mats Moland Træen

Rob Chappers: WinZilla competition

Giorgio Rovati: Melodic Guitar Solo

Melodic Guitar Solo - Giorgio Rovati

Jeffrey Thomasson: Al Di Meola style alternate picking

Jeffrey Thomasson:
Al Di Meola ...with a little Paul Gilbert thrown in for good measure. :) Please be gentle with the comments because I'm usually a legato player and am trying to get my picking chops back up to speed.

Jeffrey Thomasson - Al Di Meola style alternate picking

Angel Ruiz: Solo en Mixolidio

Solo en Mixolidio ( Still my bleeding heart )

Col Hicks: pentatonic longitudinal traversal

Col Hicks:
this is a minor penta , but covering most of the board these licks really open the fretboard up so you are not stuck in the box patterns , these also work with the five shapes

pentatonic lick with a difference

Ugur Dariveren: Battle Of The Bands 2010 Finali

Ugur Dariveren @ Battle Of The Bands 2010 Finali

Michael GIlinsky: Guitar Shred For 1/1/11

Guitar Shred For 1/1/11 - Michael GIlinsky

Joop Wolters: signature pick-up's by 4SEASONS

Yes a great start of the year ,presenting here my signature pickups custom to specs handmade by 4SEASONS PICK-UPS in the netherlands.. realy great !!and happy to have found them!!brings your guitar alive!!
here a quick first tes some threechord vamp, recorded in my livingroom with a zoom q3 hd..used amp..ENGL gigmaster 15 thru a kool and elfring cab 2x12
line6 m9 for delay

JOOP WOLTERS signature pick-up's by 4SEASONS

Arnaldo Garcia: Jewel, fabulous tribute to Jason Becker and Marty Friedman

Jewel by Arnold

Jim Machairas: Guitar Addiction solo competition - Slap

Competition is now closed for judging

Guitar addiction contest entry by Jim Machairas

Svein Hovern: Live4Guitar 3rd competition

Svein Hovern in the Live4Guitar 3rd competition

Live4Guitar Win a Dean guitar

Rune Berre: Shadows an original - more classy playing

Rune Berre "Shadows"

Damir Puh: WinZilla competition

Damir Puh - Tapping lick in C minor

Rob Chappers: WinZilla competition

Joe Kataldo: WinZilla competition

Mayones School Lesson 3 - Shred Blues Lick

Rob Chappers: WinZilla competition

Ben Wilshire: WinZilla competition - DEMO

Chappers Lick Contest! - RE: WInZilla \M/

Rob Chappers: WinZilla competition

Rob Chappers: WinZilla competition

WinZilla \m/
Post a video of your favorite lick as a response to this video, I will pick a winner on the 20th Jan and send you the Box of Mystery and Intrigue!!
You can live anywhere on planet Earth and there are NO RULES ;-)
You can purchase the Chapman Guitars ML1 for just £199 from Andertons here:
Chapman Guitars: Lord Forum: Lord Store: yourself on the Monkey Lord Minion Map:

WinZilla \m/ (New Chappers Competition)

George Lynch: 2011 Lynch Mob Tour dates UPDATED

Opening tour support, Willie Basse is no stranger to Rock 'n Roll. He is best known as frontman of the legendary Los Angeles band, Black Sheep. Willie is currently working with legendary Led Zeppelin engineer/producer, Andy Johns.

2011 Lynch Mob Tour dates include:

1/21/11 Tucson, AZ
1/24/11 Denver, CO
1/25/11 Lincoln, NE
1/26/11 St. Paul, MN
1/27/11 Indianapolis, IN
1/28/11 Westland, MI
1/29/11 Boilingbrook, IL
1/31/11 New York, NY
2/02/11 Cambridge, On
2/03/11 Poughkeepsie, NY
2/04/11 Springfield, VA
2/05/11 Newark, DE
2/07/11 Greensboro, NC
2/08/11 Buford, GA
2/10/11 Kansas City, MO
2/11/11 Oklahoma City, OK
2/12/11 Houston, TX
2/13/11 Dallas, TX

For more details about the new Lynch Mob 2011 US Tour, go to

New: Duke Artisan Arctic Birch carved top semi hollow.. looking good

Duke Artisan:
The Duke Artisan represents what Juha feels a guitar should be and many of his innovations have gone into the design of the Duke.

This lightweight construction of this semi acoustic delivers Piano like resonance and endless sustain. Not only is the Archtic Birch top nitro finish gloss top a first class working instrument, she can sit in any museum and be just as comfortable on the smoke filled stage, as she is just as much of a working musicians instrument as she is a showpiece.

The Cedar body finished in paper-thin nitro also contributes to its' lightweight and robust tone coupled with stainless steel jumbo frets, ebony fretboard and Single Sonic Pickups.

Tom Quayle: clean and bright with Port City

Here's a demo of a few pedals through my amazing Port City Pearl head. I've run the following pedals through it into a Port City OS 2x12 Wave cab mic'd up with an Sm57 just off axis from the speaker cone.

1. Toadworks Barracuda & TC Electronics Repeater (in Loop)
2. Toadworks Barracuda & TC Electronics Repeater (in Loop) with Xotic BB preamp in the front on low Gain. (2:18)
3. Port City Sahana Boost into front of amp with the amps bright switch engaged. Medium gain. (4:09)
4. Suhr Riot pedal in front of the amp with the bright switch off. Medium gain. (6:19)

Notice how dynamic the amp is even with the very high gain of the Riot pedal in front. This amp just makes all my pedals sing in a very musical way.

The recording was done in Logic Pro with a little bit of Plate reverb added for some room ambiance.

Check out: - - for lessons with me.

Port City Pearl - Pedal Demo by Tom Quayle

Ignazio Di Salvo: Serrana Arpeggios

Ignazio Di Salvo - Serrana Arpeggios Studying...

Sascha Scharnowski: guitar addiction contest - contest closed!

guitar addiction contest - Sascha Scharnowski entry

Joe Satriani: Filmore Detroit - 16/12/2010 - 5 videos

Joe Satriani: Filmore Detroit - 16/12/2010

Adam Lajoie: Suhr knows how to create beauty from this guitar!

This guy has a real touch of class, great note choice, real feel.

solo on suhr s3 + zoom Q3HD

Dimitar Nalbantov: what happens when someone uses your music?

What happens when someone uses your music, allegedly passing it off as their own? Well Dimitar Nalbantov ended up in a similar situation.

The background: kvraudio | Cuckos

The initial plaintive plea

Dimitar Nalbantov:
A guy used my backing tracks songs and put them like his own art with different new names!

The protagonist response:

Kelly Mitchell:
I've never claimed to be anything more than a guitarist that plays to backing tracks (legally offered for free at Dimitar's website and other sites).

For you to offer these backing tracks, even going as far to say that the users are welcome to post to youtube etc, then to slander me here is reprehensible.

I'll remove the 3 tracks I spent hours and hours recording.

You should quit offering backing tracks Dimitar, if this is how you react to them being implemented

Moral of the story... I suggest you add the following to your mp3 files to cover you from possible lifting and reuse.

"You cannot copy or reproduce any backing tracks from me except for your own personal use and you cannot alter, modify, publish, distribute, sell, broadcast, transmit, create derivative works from,or edit any backing tracks from me without my expressed written permission."

Claudio Mariola: Guitar Addiction contest - another classy solo!

Claudio Mariola - Guitar Addiction CD - Guitar Solo Contest

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Katrina Johansson: live and interview

Katrina Johansson: live and interview

An original promo video.

Katrina Johansson - Driven

Jodee Frawlee: Guitar addiction solo contest - great style!

Some great touch and feel to this solo. Enjoy!!

Guitar addiction solo contest jodee frawlee

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Atanas Shishkov: Guitar Addiction competition - more monster tapping

Atanas Shishkov just makes that tapping look so easy!

Atanas Shishkov - Guitar Euro Media Contest

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Charlie Robbins: Shred Off Competition


Shred Off Competition

João Luzio: Guitar Addiction Contest - tasteful soloing

João Luzio - Guitar Addiction Contest Entry

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Sloth Chubsteen: Shred Off Competition


Shred Off Competition

Dario Vero: Guitar Addiction solo... tribute to Star Wars!

Sneakily adds a tribute to Star Wars on this solo! Great job.


Guitar Addiction solo competition

David Wallimann: Guitar Fusion Competition

Guitar Fusion Competition

David Walliman is now down to a top 40 for the amazing list of entries. More updates when I know!

News: 2011 New Years Shred Off Competition

Shred Off Competition

I am proud to present the 2011 New Years Shred Off Competition!

This competition is being judged by seven judges, Battleaxbass52195, RyanCmetal, SoftShredding, JackMcGuitar, A1ex1sBB, staaderAHT, and xXGameFanXx!

Entry to the competition is simple! Download the backing track( provided below) and compose a solo over it! Once your done recording your solo, simply upload it as a video response to Battleaxbass52195's video! (link below) AND MAKE SURE THE TITLE OF YOUR VIDEO READS, '2011 NEW YEARS SHRED OFF ENTRY' The judges will get together to choose the Top 3 winners.

Winners will all be put in a Final Winners video, and also receive special promotion from each judge. The promotion will get your channel views to over 10,000 subscribers on youtube, as well as each judges facebook friends.

The final deadline will be February 1, 2011. Any entries made after this deadline will not be judged.

Happy New Years and Happy Shredding!

Link to the Backing Track:

Link To battleaxbass52195's channel and video:

Link to his video, where you should post your original solo as a video response!

Judge Channels!

Other Information:
For anyone that needs it, the Tempo of this song is 105 bpm and the tuning is Drop D.

2011 New Years Shred Off Competition

Elliot Noble: I did say Elliot played piano too, didn't I?

Liebestraume no.3 in Ab: Liszt by Elliot Noble

Marcos De Ros: featured at shred knowledge

Marcos De Ros:
Here's what's sweeping the nation of Brazil: An extravagant pianist (Éder Bergozza) gets together with a braid-bearded metallic guitarist (Marcos De Ros), and they wail on every variety of folk dance, tango, rag and fantasia, accompanied by a percussion track from what sounds like a 1980 Casio toy keyboard. Now that is high concept.

Citing among their influences the three P's of modern Brazilian inspiration -- Piazzolla, Prokofiev and Purple -- the duo sure do tear it up with cuddly enthusiasm. more