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Fran Alonso: Aurora Contest

Fran Alonso - Aurora Contest & Megara !!

Aurora competition

Nathan Doyle: demos and Ibanez and Vigier Excalibur Ultra up for grabs at auction

Nathan demoing his RG with Active EMG pickups, currently up for grabs at auction.

Ibanez 'Doyle' Custom

Nathan Doyle demoing his Vigier Excalibur Ultra which is currently up for grabs at auction, demonstrating through a Laney amp, dry

VIGIER Excalibur Ultra demo.m4v

Vigier Excalibur Ultra Custom video 1

Stephen Ross: rehearsing for the REH video

I was rehearsing the intro for an instructional video for REH. Never was able to finish it due to personal stuff, but have a few clips from the day.

Stephen Ross Shredding Like a Mad Man Back in 1995

Plus some more cover band work, but with Robert Mason from George Lynch band on vocals!

This show was recorded at a club called the China Club in Hillsdale, New Jersey. Robert Mason on vocals (went on to play with Lynch Mob, Cry of Love and currently Warrant), Mark Anthony Gavalis on Keyboards and Neil Prulello on bass. This band was quite popular in New Jersey and played before many national acts including the Beach Boys and Chuck Berry.

Stephen Ross with Flashback and Robert Mason (Warrant) back in 1987 - All Day and All the Night

Stephen Ross with Flashback and Robert Mason (Warrant) back in 1987

Stephen Ross with Adrian Dodz in about 1992 - Highway to Hell

Katsu Ohta: High Dimension Guitar Play DVD

Instructor: Katsu Oota The fast-playing, "Japan's fastest guitarist" and even called: The Katsu Ohta, picking and fingering, from tips about holding people, lyrical vibrato, great, until about the ad-lib commentary. Full of free play only see here.

The Best Shred Katsu Ohta on Young Guitar DVD.flv

Katsu Ohta - Face the Evil Master [2004] [#1] [HQ].flv

Yuki: Shinsaibashi Insutoaraibu

Yuki's D_Drive Cd can be purchased from CD Baby

D_Drive - Something to Drink?

D_Drive Yuki instructional DVD "] play along! Introductory guitar playing very fast," a campaign launched by Miki instrument Shinsaibashi Insutoaraibu was made. D_Drive Yuki & Seiji is played by Mr.Rat Boots.
Atos International Official Web Site My Space Web Site

Miki instrument D_Drive Shinsaibashi Insutoaraibu 2011.1.22

It is not just clean up instrumental!
Driving Rock bands of the comet appeared as a pioneer of D_Drive! !
The long-awaited second album Accelerator  done! !

COTG-2011 Cool Tone Guitar's ¥ 1800 (taxin)

1. Hyper Driving high
2. M16
3. Screw driver
4. Unkind Rain
5. Lost Block
6. Over REV
7. Cassis Orage ~ Over REV ((LIVE)
8. Lost Block (LIVE)

Buy the book here from.
※ Shipping will be February 28.

"Screw driver" D_Drive 2nd Album "ACCELERATOR"

Rick Graham: Splawn Nitro, Splawnage rampage!

Splawn Nitro - od channel low gain

Kenny Serane: Workin' on the Two Notes PI-Free

First take of the new plugin for Two Notes, the PI-Free.
The PI-Free is a speaker simulator based on the Torpedo Technology.

Tom Anderson Drop Top - Elmwood Modena60 (preamp) - RME Fireface 800 - Logic Pro - Two Notes PI-Free

Workin' on the Two Notes PI-Free

Jess Lewis: Jam Track promotion time!

bluesjamtracks says:
Okay, trust us on this one. We don't start featuring unknown teenagers without very good reason. The simple reason is that Jess Lewis is a FANTASTIC guitarist.

She's only 16 years old and already she's effortlessly able to play music by Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Coltrane (seriously!) and our own Alex Hutchings.

She recently visited the jamtrackcentral studio and we filmed her jamming with Alex and playing a couple of his rather difficult solos. You can see the impressive evidence on our Youtube channel or by following the links below.

Jess plays Happy as Larry
Jess and Alex Jam
Jess plays Feeling Fine

Vinai Trinateepakdee: debut package

As promised, we now have a special download package by Vinai Trinateepakdee, a brilliant Thai guitarist who you might have seen in some of the online competitions.
He has loads of technique as well as a great sense for melody, and his superb ballad 'Amen' is now available from our site, complete with video, backing track and full Tab!
Vinai is another great new talent, so be sure to listen to his playing!

Guthrie Govan: Faux Vintage Documentary

We are very pleased to be allowed to show you this trailer from a new documentary which is in the latter stages of completion. The subject is primarily vintage guitars and good old Guthrie is seen playing a few beauties throughout the film. We asked for a version that we could host on our Youtube channel which had a good chunk of the Guitar master at work. We also have had the honour of contributing to the musical side of this fab film with tracks from our shop.
Spot another of our contributors in the film, Guitar Techniques Editor Neville Marten. Neville not only being a fantastic blues guitarist and world respected magazine editor, he is a walking encyclopedia of guitar history!!
Many thanks to Stephen Nugent who directed this film and graciously allowed us to host this sneak preview at such an early stage.
If you are new to Guthrie Govan please check him out at.....

Faux Vintage Documentary featuring Guthrie Govan

Matthew McGhee: 6 String Bass Tapping

6 String Bass Tapping - Standing Still - Matthew McGhee - Original Rock Instrumental

News: Truth In Shredding how view rates have grown charted

News: Guitar Control competition Just go to to enter!

Chord progression is:

A7 | A7 | A7 | A7
D9 | D9 | A7 | A7
A7 | A7 | E7 | C9 D9
A7 | A7 | A7 | A7

Solo Contest

Guitar Control competition

Andy Wood: Down From Up plays a Dumble $50000 head!


Derek Taylor, Scott Stine: jam time... now this is how to play guitar!

Derek Taylor & Scott Stine jamming - awesome guitar shredding!

Pedro Molina: Pedro is Blue

Not sure if this is the Gary Moore effect... but lots of blues playing posted wince the tragic loss of Gary Moore!

Torneo de Blues.-Pedro Molina

Andrea Accorsi: hammer-ons from nowhere, legato and mixolydian improvisation

Licks rock & Dorian Scale

Guitar lesson Legato

Mixolydian Improvisation by Andrea Accorsi


Cat Ginjineko: heavy rotation cover

[Guitar] - [Cover-AKB48-heavy rotation

Pilho: Warrior

Warrior (Matthew Starling) - Cell Metal Version

Stephen Ross: classic video from 1995

Stephen Ross with Taz at Sweeney's in Philadelphia - Knocking on Heaven's Door Guitar Solo Out

Stephen Ross with Taz playing Sweeney's in Philadelphia (1995) - Are You Gonna Go My Way

Stephen Ross with Taz at Sweeney's in Philadelphia - Alive by Pearl Jam

David Wallimann: Overloud TH2 software amps!

Oveloud's TH2 amp modeler is one of the best I've tried!
Check out the free demo at
Subscribe to my channel! Contests, reviews, lessons...

Overloud TH2 review

Isaiah 53-5

Faraz Anwar: Jumbo Jutt

Behind the Scenes of Uth Records 1st Episode featuring Faraz Anwar.

Uth Records - Jumbo Jutt feat. Faraz Anwar (BTS)

Miki Birta: got the encore blues

Blues Guitar (Miki Birta solo live 2011 February)

Atanas Shishkov: LIVE at Jazz Club STAGE

Atanas Shishkov - "Rebirth" - LIVE at Jazz Club STAGE

Jeff Loomis: The Merchant of Menace #2

Jeff Loomis returns to Guitar World with a whole new series of lessons for his column The Merchant of Menace!!! In this lesson Jeff shows you how to play the new Nevermore hit "Obsidian Conspiracy" (Part 2).

Jeff Loomis - The Merchant of Menace #2

Adam Wever: G major / Ionian Improv

G major / Ionian Improv on American Strat

Temur Kvitelashvili Junior: wow the junior is a chip off the old block!!!

Temur jr. Kvitelashvili - Georgian

Alexi Laiho: instructional DVD

2/1/2011 - New Alexi Laiho instructional DVD "IN YOUR FACE GUITAR" Pre- Sale On NOW!Rock House announced today that the new Alexi Laiho instructional DVD pre-sale is now on. This new 2 DVD set titled "IN YOUR FACE" Guitar is available exclusivley . Go there to find some amazing bundle deals that inlcude the new 2 DVD set from Rock House and the new Children of Bodom CD " RELENTLESS RECKLESS FOREVER". You can save some big cash if you order now! READ MORE! or place your order TODAY, CLICK HERE

Ron Thal: nigh hawker!

Ron Thal:
I did a challenging performance art event on Tuesday that friends of mine created, called Blackout Baby. 30 minutes of playing electric and acoustic guitar in complete darkness. As I played, there were things going on in the room, but neither the audience or myself knew what it was (I kinda knew, but couldn't see...) There was a camera crew with night-vision cameras filming it. The next day, the video was edited and everyone in the audience got to *see* what they had unknowingly experienced - sex, food, music...

After the show (and after everyone smelled the delicious Argentinian steak at one point in the show) we were treated to a delicious dinner at Buenos Aires Restaurant in NYC (gracias Ismael!!)

This first show was more of a test run, but we hope to take the party on the road - some talk about Brazil, Moscow... here's some of the night-vision vid...

The guitar tone in the video isn't the prettiest as I gave them a computer-direct-out audio signal, no classical acoustic sound on the vid either, but you get the idea of the overall experience... this was our first run through. Should get crazier from here...

Warren Robert: new instrumental solo album

Warren Robert:
My new instrumental solo album will be released in April. It contains music written in a variety of fusion styles, mixed with influences that include medieval, 12 tone, celtic, jazz, blues, rock and metal.

Here is a preview of a tune that leans more towards the metal end of things. Thanks to Greg Ryan for the solos and arpeggio passages he played on this one...

Web music playerQuantcast

Tristan Klein: marshall JVM

marshall JVM

Damjan Pejcinoski: new Artec endorsement

Damjan Pejcinoski
got an endorsement deal with ARTEC effects.Check them out they are really cool!

Aleksandar Sukovic: tapping anf finger picking JS Bach guitar lesson

Aleksandar Sukovic:
In this two-in-one lesson you will have the freedom to choose: improve your tapping, or your fingerpicking, or both.

The first voice is interpreted with tapping, and the second voice is with fingerpicking.

The first voice lesson contains:

26 video parts showing each section - close up fast and slow, with on-screen tabs
3 speed backing tracks
PDF tab
Lesson explanation in .doc file
The second voice lesson contains:

24 video parts showing each section - close up, right hand angle, fast and slow with on-screen tab
3 speed backing tracks
PDF tab
Lesson explanation in .doc file
There is one main video and Guitar pro tab for both lessons.

J.S. Bach, Invention 13 - Tapping & Fingerpicking

Moutaki Jawad: making wrong notes work

Guthrie Govan making wrong notes work solo ala Steve morse

News: February RiFFiT Guitar Solo Contest

Thank you to everyone who joined the january contest. Congrats to Marco De Francesco, Benny on first and second for January and Sinjan as January's Random Drawn Winner..
Check out this months contest at and clicking on the contest tab, or use this url
Message me with any questions..
Thank You
- RiFFiT

February RiFFiT Guitar Solo Contest - Play For My Gear

Victor de Andres: Aurora competition

The contest is open to any nationality and end on April 19, 2011.
The only prize is a CD of Megara signed by José Rubio and Víctor de Andrés, a BOSS distortion pedal MT2 and an endorsement of Aurora strings, with the advertising package offered by the brand and ropes until the end of the contract.
1) Subscribe to inflamesofillusions
2) Download the backingtrack from here: Record your video only and pubic a video response to this, if your video is not accepted immediately be patient for a few hours will be accepted.
As personal advice, I will tell you to be the most creative in possible, as Aurora seeks guitar strings in this way, good luck and thanks for participating.
Pedro Santos. Rubio. Tejedor.

Aurora contest & Megara

Enter the Aurora competition

David Wallimann: Morley Mark Tremonti Patriotic Wah Guitar Contest

Wallimann Wah Competition Enter