Derek Taylor: An Evening with Derek Taylor (shred lesson)

Derek Taylor, Bryan Geddie: Jedi School

Derek Taylor, Cheza Taylor: melt faces performing Wanted Man (RATT).

Cheza Taylor, Derek Taylor: Protos Heis - Full Set 2018 Aselia Con March 16, 2018

Cheza Taylor, Derek Taylor: All I Want For Christmas is You

Derek Taylor: Where's RJ

Derek Taylor, Bryan Geddie: Jedi School - guitar melt down - stunning guitar overloaded

Derek Taylor, Cheza Taylor: practicing some new licks for this weekend's performances

Derek Taylor, Cheza Taylor: Protos Heis - live date announced

Cheza Taylor, Derek Taylor: Jingle Bell Rockin'! Happy Holidays 2016

Derek Taylor, Scott Stine: Star Wars Theme opens a bit of history - Tommy Lamey Live at the Basement Dallas, Tx 1992

Brett Stine: joins Derek Taylor with Swiss Picks - Endorsement

Derek Taylor, Bryan Geddie: Jedi School - using the force 1993 - guitar the way she is meant to be played!

Cheza Taylor,Derek Taylor: PROTOS HEIS: KARMA - Tales of The Abyss

Derek Taylor, Cheza Taylor: announces debut instrumental guitar album

Derek Taylor, Scott Stine, Kyle Honea: Tommy Lamey - Live on March 19th, 1992

Derek Taylor, Brett Stine: The Whiskey Jam - oh the insanity - Christmas came early!

Ray Riendeau,Derek Taylor,Francesco Artusato : Star Monarchy crowned!

Scott Stine,Eddie Head,Derek Taylor: Hajis Kitchen 1996 and clinic jam

Ray Riendeau,Francesco Artusato,Derek Taylor: Star Monarchy promo