Monday, 14 March 2011

Michael Romeo: Symphony X South America tour dates

1 - Santiago, Chile - Teatro Caupolican
4 - São Paulo, Brazil - Via Funchal
5 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Fundição Progresso
7 - Porto Alegre, Brazil - Opinião Bar
9 - Montevideo, Uruguay - Lorente Casa de Espetaculos
11 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - El Teatro Flores

Marko Vesovic: live4guitar 4 competition

4th Live 4 guitar II

live4guitar 4 competition

Leonardo Guzman: Aurora competition, cool entry!

Aurora Contest & Megara by Leonardo Guzman

Aurora competition

Mike Keneally: cool live show videos!

Day of the Cow

Ugly Town


News: Shredknowledge competition announced with a boat load of cool prizes!

1 .Just post a pic of your favorate guitarist and write why he is the best in your opinion
2. Make sure you post this to our forum and/or facebook page with links to and
Entry Rules Anyone can enter but all entires MUST be SK members and have profile pics attched to their profile
Check out the goodies

Shred knowledge competition

News: max ridgway, cheryl pyle. randall colbourne announce new CD

"max, randall ,cheryl pyle and randall colboune have been recording some jazz since feburary and now in march, we have 10 tunes ready for a new cd to be out soon on 11th street music. SOUL DUST. here is the track list and stop by you tube to listen -we have sent the music out there for all the jazz /metal friends to hear -enjoy.

1. descending blue 3:05
2. saturn's moons 4:39
3. temporal gaze 4:14
4. portrait 5:52
5. around the edges 6:34
6. soul dust 6:00
7. new moon 7:30
8. medicine man dances in strange dreamscape 2:38
9. mambo for ides of march 8:45
10. book of secrets 5:59

max ridgway-guitar, acoustic bass
cheryl pyle -flute , electric bass
randall colbourne -drums


Prashant Aswani: New album in progress... studio update

Prashant Aswani:
Just finished writing 10 new songs for a new solo album. Tracking drums this week with Jose Pasillas from Incubus!

Morten Faerestrand: "Troll" Solo piece

Morten Faerestrand - "Troll" Solo piece

News: Guitar Asylum TV highlights

Revocation Plays Backstage

full shows

Lukasz Kulczak: Jazz Fusion Modulation Solo

Lukasz LuKi Kulczak - Jazz Fusion Modulation Solo

News: Jaden Rose Original Series Wenge Custom

Jaden Rose Original Series Wenge Custom

Steve Lukather: Madrid 2011

Steve Lukather Flash in The Pan

Steve Lukather - Out Of Love

Steve Lukather Road Goes On (Acoustic)

Tommy Vitaly: The Raven Attack Lick

Tommy Vitaly - The Raven Attack Lick (Lick 2)

Patrick Fisichella: tribute to Paul Gilbert

Patrick Fisichella Plays Paul Gilbert - I Cannot Tell A Lie

Gustavo Guerra, Buby Guerra: Memories from the heart


Uli Jon Roth: Polar Nights/Third Stone From The Sun 2006

Uli Jon Roth - Polar Nights/Third Stone From The Sun with Francis Bucholz - Cleveland 2006

Darius Wave: original solo, hot playing!

CABINET MIRRORS - oryginal guitar solo composition by Dariusz VAWRZYN Wawrzyniak

Riccardo Vernaccini: Attracted To The Moon new CD

3 note per string- E minor pentatonic, using string skipping technique .The example is played over Em7-Em7/11-Cmaj7-Dsus9/6 chord progression.Try experimenting with different ways,combining string skipping with alternate picking,economy picking,legato,half and half and why not,you can also try to play it with hybrid picking, plucking with your middle finger nonadjacent.
You can order "Attracted to the Moon" at: Also available at Guitar Nine Records:

Riccardo Vernaccini-Jumping Over

Dave Reeves: Tracking leads for "Fallen"

Bugera 333xl in the studio 8: Tracking leads for "Fallen"

Mirko Quaglio: Emin prowler

Mirko Quaglio

Milan Polak: Ernie Ball Gigbag Amp - What a great idea!!!

Ernie Ball Gigbag Amp

Pedro Molina: Fusion jam #3


John Kiefer: allegro con brio

allegro con brio

Marcos De Ros: Legatos lesson

Marcos De Ros - Legatos (hammer on) Guitar Lesson - Descendo a lenha - Stay Heavy.

Alex Milella: top line fusion

Alex Milella - Axe 161 e 162

Gianluigi Giorgino: tapping sequence

Gianluigi Giorgino - tapping 6