News: max ridgway, cheryl pyle. randall colbourne announce new CD

"max, randall ,cheryl pyle and randall colboune have been recording some jazz since feburary and now in march, we have 10 tunes ready for a new cd to be out soon on 11th street music. SOUL DUST. here is the track list and stop by you tube to listen -we have sent the music out there for all the jazz /metal friends to hear -enjoy.

1. descending blue 3:05
2. saturn's moons 4:39
3. temporal gaze 4:14
4. portrait 5:52
5. around the edges 6:34
6. soul dust 6:00
7. new moon 7:30
8. medicine man dances in strange dreamscape 2:38
9. mambo for ides of march 8:45
10. book of secrets 5:59

max ridgway-guitar, acoustic bass
cheryl pyle -flute , electric bass
randall colbourne -drums