Thursday, 17 March 2011

Scott Tarulli: Xotic namm

Booth Interview with Scott Tarulli at NAMM 2011

Rob Balducci: Xotic Guitars namm

Booth Interview with Rob Balducci at NAMM 2011

Gannin Arnold: Xotic interview NAMM

Ben's NAMM 2011 Report Xotic Effects Custom Shop Wah

Jeff Kollman: Xotic interview NAMM 2011

Booth Interview with Jeff Kollman at NAMM 2011

Nili Brosh: Xotic NAMM 2011

Nili Brosh will be touring with with Tony MacAlpine and Virgil Donati - Seven The Hardway (hopefully):)

Booth Interview with Nili Brosh at NAMM 2011

Adam Rogers: Phunksion!

Adam Rogers Funk/Fusion

Daniele Gottardo: new competition coming soon!

Daniele Gottardo:
Hi guys, the "Daniele Gottardo's guitar competition" coming very soon!!!

Marty Friedman, Jason Becker: Jackson for the Becker auction!

Dave Lopez
Marty Friedman sent me his Jackson for the Becker auction..this the guitar he played on dragon's kiss and megadeth's rust in peace..

Tony MacAlpine: New CD release and tour announced

Tony MacAlpine:
New album details #2: Drums - Virgil Donati on 3 tracks, Marco Minnemann on 4 tracks, Toontracks on 3 tracks. Virgil & Marco NAILED it!! New album details: Self-titled, due out in early June world-wide. 12 tracks. Being mixed now by the amazing Ulrich Wild.

I'm experimenting with different set lists for a future tour. What are your favorite tracks from my solo catalog?

YOUNG GUITAR Special DVD Trailer 2011 April

Chris George: Marshall AFD demo

Marshall AFD video review demo Guitarist Magazine HD

Rob Chappers: and Stick to lose to their hair for disaster relief!

Stick and I have been so moved by what we have seen in Australia, New Zealand and now Japan that we decided we just had to do something to help.

We don't have a lot of money but we do have a lot of hair, and around 25,000 people who we really hope will help us with our with our appeal.

Please visit this link:

This means an awful lot to us, we personally have family and friends in these countries but being Youtube based artists to be honest the whole world sometimes feels like our family. If there is any way that you can help to spread our appeal via Facebook, Youtube blogs, Myspace, Twitter or just running around town naked and shouting... please help us.

Chappers & Stick

by the power of monkoshop an artists impression the great cranial dome of the Monkeylord is revealed

Tom Quayle: PRS Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield

PRS Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield Guitar Demo / Review With Tom Quayle iGuitar Mag

Jeff Loomis: Extreme Lead Guitar

Rock House instructor Jeff Loomis of Nevermore from his 2 DVD video set from Rock House, Extreme Lead Guitar, Dissonant Scales & Arpeggios.

Jeff Loomis- EXTREME LEAD GUITAR (Trailer 2)

Ethan Brosh: Betcha Can't Play This

Betcha Can't Play This with Angels of Babylon's Ethan Brosh

Steve Stevens: Xotic interview

Steve Stevens: Xotic interview

News: Truth In Shredding Recommended releases

Rock Fusion Compilation: Top Notch Buy the CD

Rock Fusion at it's best... Marius Pop: First Step Buy the CD

Jon Finn: Bull in a China Shop Buy the CD

Dimitar Nalbantov There is something else new CD Buy the CD

Ray Riendeau Incredible new CD Buy the CD

Ulf Katschrowski: ACDC revisited!

Let there be Rock

Diego Budicin: The Glass Prison -cool covers

The Glass Prison - Dream Theater Cover by Diego Budicin


Ritual Dance - Kaki King - Michael Hedges

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse “Trinity” samples

Eden's Curse have taken over for the next few days in conjunction with their US label Metal Mayhem Music to celebrate the release of their new album Trinity.

Metal Mayhem are running a special offer where you can get "Seven Deadly Sins" or "Condemned To Burn" free if you order Trinity.
Trinity (US Version) comes with an exclusive bonus track "Never The Sinner".
To grab this special offer visit here now :- where you can also hear 1 min samples of the entire album.

Silvio Gazquez: live4guitar 4 competition - smooth jazz!

4th Live4Guitar competition by Silvio Gazquez

live4guitar 4 competition

Bill Ruppert: Electro-Harmonix string synth and tin whistle!!

Bill Ruppert:
I am writing to tell you of a new Effectology video I thought your viewers would enjoy watching. This is the video series I do for Electro-Harmonix on how to produce "impossible" sounds using just a regular guitar and EHX effect foot pedals.
In this episode I show how to turn a regular guitar into a string synthesizer and Irish tin whistle. Celebrate St. Pat's day and the sound of Ireland with a guitar and effect pedals!

Electro-Harmonix Effectology, Vol.21 "Turn you guitar into a string synth and tin whistle."

Pedal settings and how-to:

The entire series can be viewed here:

Daniele Liverani, Tommy Ermoli,Alberto Rigoni: Twinspirits The Making Of "Number One"

TWINSPIRITS - The Making Of "Number One"

Alex Skolnick: 'Veritas' new CD

"Veritas" Due on March 29,track listing:

01. Panna
02. Bollywood Jam
03. Song of the Open Road
04. Veritas
05. Fade To Black
06. Alone In Brooklyn
07. 99/09
08. Path Of Least Resistance
09. Reflections
10. The River Lethe
11. Bollywood Jam - Club Remix Version

Alex Skolnick Trio - 'Veritas' Album Preview (Release 3/29/11)

Joe Satriani: Music Rader interview

At what stage are you with the album? Have you finished tracking?

"Last week, we finished 99 percent of the drums, bass and guitars. Because we're not always in the same room together - or the same town - there's always a little bit of hesitation of where to go with the finishing touches. In this particular case, Sammy and I have been watching each other as to how we're developing our parts over what the entire band did when they were together. So the songs are still developing lyrically and vocally, and I don't want to commit 100 percent what the guitars will do until I hear Sammy's finished vocals.

"We're at a very exciting point in the development of the record. I think I can definitively say that the album sounds heavier and that it sounds like Chickenfoot. [laughs] I can't say too much about the lyrical aspect because I haven't heard everything Sammy's going to do - he wanted to come back from the book tour he's on before he made up his mind on a couple of songs.

"But I can tell you right now that the sound of the album is tremendous. The guitars are out of this world, and we haven't even done the real mixes yet." more

Thomas Youngblood: PowerMetal interview

KAMELOT: Interview with Thomas Youngblood - (14-03-2011)

Akira Takasaki: Loudness 30th-anniversary tour dates USA +date added

6 - The Boardwalk - Orangevale, CA
7 - Dante’s - Portland, OR
8 - Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
10 - Avalon Nightclub - Santa Clara, CA
11 - Key Club - Los Angeles, CA
12 - Club Red - Tempe, AZ
13 - Galaxy Concert Theatre - Santa Ana, CA
14 - 4th & B - San Diego, CA
15 - Cheyenne Saloon - Las Vegas, NV
17 - Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO
20 - Token Lounge - Westland, Michigan , US
21 - Reggie's Rock Club - Chicago, IL
22 - Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland, OH
23 - Mercy Lounge - Nashville, TN
26 - Samurai's - Oklahoma, OK
27 - Trees - Dallas, Texas, USA, TX
28 - BackStage Live - San Antonio, TX
29 - Warehouse Live-Ballroom - Houston, TX

1 - B.B. King Blues Club & Grill - New York, NY
2 - Looney Tunes Records In-Store - Long Island, NY (7 PM)
3 - JAXX Concert Venue & Nightclub - West Springfield, VA
4 - The Chance Theatre - Poughkeepsie, NY
5 - Crazy Donkey Bar and Grill - Farmingdale, NY

Sean O'Donnell: Shawn Lane engineering

Sean O'Donnell guitar solo Shawn Lane engineering

Niels Vejlyt: Infinity Overture - Angels

Official promo video for the track "Angels" taken from the Infinity Overture album "The Infinite Overture Pt.1" out now on Lion Music. Full album info at
Niels Vejlyt - Guitar, Orchestrations and growl.
Kimmie Tenna Nielsen- Vocals.
Jakob Vand - Drums.
Bernardo Fesch - Bass
Infinity Overture - Angels (official music video)

Simone Fiorletta,Davide Perruzza: No Gravity - Worlds In Collision released tomorrow

No Gravity are a new progressive power metal outfit and the brainchild of renowned guitarist Simone Fiorletta. Their debut release ‘Worlds In Collision’ features some of the most illustrious vocalists in the power/prog metal field and sees release on Lion Music on 18th March 2011.

Conceived in early 2010 from the ashes of Italian progressive metallers Moonlight Comedy, Simone Fiorletta’s intention was to enclose in a single album the best singers of the Power/Prog world with each track tailored for each vocalists individual style; and what a selection of vocalists No Gravity have enrolled!

With Andy Kuntz (Vanden Plas), Michele Luppi (Killing Touch, ex Vision Divine), Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Vision Divine), Mark Basile (DGM), Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) and Emiliano Germani (Moonlight Comedy) providing the vocal angle this release makes a serious statement of intent from this new band.

The No Gravity line-up is completed by an equally skilled band. In addition to Simone Fiorletta’s virtuoso guitar work we have second guitarist Davide Perruzza, keyboardist Andrea De Paoli, bassist Andrea Casali and drummer Marco Aiello who all form a formidable unit with instrumental prowess and the delivery to rival the genre’s big names.

Full album info at:

Lars Eric Mattsson: "Aurora Borealis" new CD is Lion Music's 300th release

Lion Music celebrates 300th release on 15th April 2011 of Lars Eric Mattsson's "Aurora Borealis"

Marking Lion Music's 300th release, guitar virtuoso / composer Lars Eric Mattsson returns with the ultimate neo-classical experience in which metal and rock guitar, bass and drums meets classical music for the harmoniously rich ‘Aurora Borealis’.

This new wholly instrumental 12 track release takes a fresh approach to the blend of guitar and orchestra for a musical experience as uplifting as seeing the wonder of the northern lights, from which the album gets its title.

Whilst the combination of orchestra and guitar may have been done before by amongst others one of Mattsson’s influences Uli Jon Roth; ‘Aurora Borealis’ takes the range of sound and expressions further that what has been heard before and places as much emphasis on each tracks backing as with its guitar work. The result is a highly captivating and listenable experience. Lush in textures and timbres, ‘Aurora Borealis’ comes across at times like a film score; sometimes fast and exotic whilst at others sweet and luxurious. Many moods are covered and all of which see Mattsson deliver impassioned guitar work in his own inimitable style.

Mattsson made a big point during the albums compositional stage to deliver an album that could theoretically be performed live within the right setting. To achieve this there is only ever one guitar heard at a time, sometimes playing the lead part but not always. Lars Eric Mattsson comments, “I tried to compose the music with enough variations and the right flow from start to end and keep things listenable by using the right arrangements”.

To ensure his guitar would work as cleanly as possible with the orchestral parts Mattsson kept his signal chain as pure as possible with only the occasional wah pedal between guitar and amp (with some delay and reverb added in post production). The result is a clean sounding release with strong dynamics and a wide tonal palette.

Despite its relative complexity ‘Aurora Borealis’ may well be easier on the listener than some of his previous vocal progressive metal releases such as 2010’s critically acclaimed ‘Mattsson – Tango,’ although Lars concedes with a smile, “It might sound less complex though I am not sure it actually is!”.

As a final comment when asked to sum up the new release Mattsson responds, “Classical music and rock has been mixed before with various results but never this way, I tried to create something very unique and I don’t think it’s fair to label this as just another instrumental guitar album”.

‘Aurora Borealis’ sees Lars Eric Mattsson almost halfway through his third decade in the music business with a new release that is testament to his vision and appetite to ever expand his musical horizons and does so in fine style.

‘Aurora Borealis’ sees release on Lion Music on 15th April 2010.

01. Rising (5:16)
02. Bounce (4:16)
03. Cold Water Spirit (5:56)
04. Forward Thinking (6:17)
05. Revolutionary Star (4:40)
06. The Heart (3:55)
07. Eternal Cycles (4:19)
08. Clear Skies (4:06)
09. Planetary Strength (3:17)
10. Parisienne Etude (0:55)
11. Midnight Sun (7:43)
12. Starfall (5:26)

Lars Eric Mattsson – Guitar and bass.The Astral Orchestra.
Eddie Sledgehammer – Drums.

Composed, arranged, recorded and produced by Lars Eric Mattsson between August 2010 and November 2010.Mixed and mastered by Lars Eric Mattsson at the new Lion’s Cage in November 2010.


News: Lion Music working on Earthquake and Tsunami benefit

All at Lion Music have been deeply saddened by the terrible recent and ongoing events to have hit Japan. Instead of sitting watching events unfold and doing nothing we have decided to put together a benefit album from which all artist royalties and the label profits shall be donated to the Red Cross benefit for the victims of the March 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.
Full details to follow soon at