Rob Chappers: and Stick to lose to their hair for disaster relief!

Stick and I have been so moved by what we have seen in Australia, New Zealand and now Japan that we decided we just had to do something to help.

We don't have a lot of money but we do have a lot of hair, and around 25,000 people who we really hope will help us with our with our appeal.

Please visit this link:

This means an awful lot to us, we personally have family and friends in these countries but being Youtube based artists to be honest the whole world sometimes feels like our family. If there is any way that you can help to spread our appeal via Facebook, Youtube blogs, Myspace, Twitter or just running around town naked and shouting... please help us.

Chappers & Stick

by the power of monkoshop an artists impression the great cranial dome of the Monkeylord is revealed