Saturday, 19 March 2011

Adrian English: top notch soloing for Shred Knowledge, a full trick bag of high end licks!


Adrian's release start on March 1st at our online store! Secure ordering through Paypal.

Patrick Phillips: cool Exivious and Cynic covers

Exivious - Embrace The Unknown (intro solo)

Cynic - Celestial Voyage solo

Chris Lasegue: Jag Panzer Burn

"Burn" is taken from Jag Panzer's highly acclaimed album "The Scourge Of The Light" available on CD, Vinyl, Download via SPV/ Steamhammer


Eric Johnson: back on Guitar Player

Eric Johnson returns to the cover of Guitar Player magazine’s March 2011 issue. As its inside six-page spread notes, it was after his appearance on the cover of their December 1982 issue that Johnson ascended to the rarified realms of guitar greatness that he continues to occupy nearly 30 years later.

The article highlights Johnson’s latest studio album, Up Close, and includes a breakdown of each of its tracks by the famed guitarist. For instance, Johnson reveals that the song “Traverse” includes 16 or more recorded guitar parts!

John 5: Snake Head Tele

John 5 owns a Fender Telecaster from almost every year, here's his latest Snake Head Tele.

Paul Antonio Ortiz, Sam Bell: ALIASES special show

Time 24 April · 19:00 - 22:00
The Hope
Queens Road
Brighton, United Kingdom

More info
The 'Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself' rolls into Brighton, featuring some of the best Tech/Djent bands around!

ALIASES (Basick Records)
CHIMP SPANNER (Basick Records)
CYCLAMEN (Realising Media)
ONCE A WOLF (Origin Agency)
MASK OF JUDAS (Origin Agency)

Bank Holiday Sunday, April 24th. 7pm. £4 OTD.

Be sure to arrive EARLY and grab a beer downstairs as this will be PACKED - and with NO ADV TIX it will be your own fault if you don't get in!

The Hope - 11 Queens Road (between the train station and the clock tower).

PLEASE NOTE - PRESS/PHOTOGRAPHERS ETC. Please email to discuss guest passes - due to the venue capacity these will be STRICTLY LIMITED!

See you all there ;)

Sam Bell: Skype Guitar Lessons - top tips for an 8 string super shredder!

You will need Paypal, and Skype. Payments must be made 10 min before lesson begins. Please email for more information, bookings and arrangements.

Sam Bell Skype Guitar Lessons

Frank Gambale: Baked Potato

Don't blame me about the video, but the sound is cool!

Frank Gambale - Otmaro Ruiz - minor blues

Otmaro Ruiz

Matthew McGhee: 8 String Guitar Tapping - Original

YouTube - 8 String Guitar Tapping - Delay - Matthew McGhee - Boss ME-70 - Original.flv

Ray Goodwin: 8 Finger Tapping Shred

Ultimate 8 Finger Tapping Shred Guitar

8 Finger Tapping Shred Demonstration

Keith More: Unopened Book - Guitar Stories

Fusion guitarist Keith More's 'Unopened Book' Video taken from the Album 'Guitar Stories'
Buy this amazing album from
Go to... is one of the UK's finest session players, and he's also an accomplished composer of his own music. This album features
lots of his amazing playing and sophisticated compositions, and the bonus folder includes four exclusive backing tracks and
some guitar technique lessons by the man himself!
Full album in 192k mp3 format
Backing tracks for selected songs
A series of technique articles written by Keith
PDFs of the album artwork
Keith More 'Unopened Book' Video from the Album 'Guitar Stories'

Chris Letchford: Glacial Planet 8 String Blue Bomber

Chris playing "Glacial Planet" from our 2009 release "Carving Desert Canyons".

Tab Books, Cds, Shirts, Posters, etc... available through
We ship anywhere in the world!

Chris Letchford Playing "Glacial Planet" on 8 String Blue Bomber • Scale The Summit

Rusty Cooley: Finger Nubbing And Galaga Lick

Rusty Cooley was asked if he experiments with the finger nubbing technique, and, since he's awesome, he demonstrated and showed his "galaga" lick. This was filmed at Battle Axe Guitar Werks in Salem Wisconsin. Check them out at, they have great instruments set up by a true luthier and their site even has some hot models;)

Rusty Cooley Finger Nubbing And Galaga Lick

Chantel McGregor: tribute to Richie Kotzen

Chantel McGregor, High by Richie Kotzen, Skegness Rock and Blues 2010

Andreas Oberg: interviewed at NAMM 2011

Artist Works // NAMM 2011

George Bellas: a crazy tribute to George - Airbourne!

YTP Soccer - Ah!(caralho)borne (George Preto ft. Mr Dawn e Fablecina)

Nedim Limo: live4guitar 4 competition

4th Live4guitar entry - Nedim Limo

live4guitar 4 competition

Arnaldo Garcia: live4guitar 4 competition

4th live guitar competition Arnaldo Garcia

live4guitar 4 competition

Pedro Molina: live4guitar 4 competition

4th live guitar competition.-Pedro Molina

live4guitar 4 competition

Marco De Cave: live4guitar 4 competition

marco de cave 4th live4guitar competition

live4guitar 4 competition

Jeff Beck: walks through some of his guitar collection!

DonMichele1980 - Jeff Beck shows us his dear vintage fiddles

Fran Alonso: live4guitar 4 competition

Fran Alonso - 4th Live4Guitar Competition.mpg

live4guitar 4 competition

Matte Johansson: live4guitar 4 competition

4th Live4Guitar Competition - Matte Johansson

live4guitar 4 competition

Nikolay Karageorgiev: Hayden Mofo 30 Demo

Hayden Mofo 30 Demo

Steve Lukather: on Guitarist TV

Steve Lukather on Guitarist TV

Simon Goldsmith: acoustic chill

Fly Me To The Moon - Yamaha CG110A - Zoom H1

News: Truth In Shredding Recommended releases

Marcos De Ros and pianist Eder Bergozza join forces in this amazing DVD and CD

Mark Gibson's CD, Edge Of Nowhere amazon | itunes

Euro Groove Department and Michael Manring live Buy the DVD

Atanas Shishkov and Todor Peev are Spiraless Buy the CD

Morten Faerestrand's Bergen March featuring Frank Gambale Buy the CD

Michael Dolce, Chris Brooks, Jeremy Barnes: Guitar Guys on the couch #3

Dolce, Brooks & Barnes talk improvisation - Guitar Guys on the couch ep3 the series

Romain "Roo" Chapus: Blues Jam in Cm

Blues Jam in Roo

Remy Hansen: A Little Scarified!

A Little Scarified!

Michel Top,Marcos De Ros: Workshop Fuhrmann

Workshop Fuhrmann - Michel Top e Marcos De Ros

Dan Mumm: Weekly Guitar Challenge #1

My First Weekly Challenge
Welcome to the first week of my guitar challenge! We will be working on a Blues pattern in the key of D incorporating a sweep technique. This pattern is mostly in D minor pentatonic but borrows notes from outside of the scale.

Dan Mumm's Weekly Guitar Challenge - 01

Északi Szabolcs: Jean Paul Agnesod competition

My Solo Guitar Competition 2011-Északi Szabi jam 2

Jean Paul Agnesod competition

Joe Wild: Welcome to Bucketheadland!

Welcome to Bucketheadland.

Alex Dinn: A tribute to Jason Becker, Genius of Music and Symbol of Courage and Will.

A tribute to Jason Becker, Genius of Music and Symbol of Courage and Will.

Marco de Ros: Peças de Bravura - "Brazil dialogue"

Peças de Bravura - Marco de Ros

Hetriani: logo competition

Your chance to get your design in!

Hetriani logo!

Prashant Aswani: Cutaway Guitar Magazine - Spanish

Prashant Aswani: New feature interview with Cutaway Guitar Magazine.
How was the process of making the album?
I really focused on the composition. I wanted to leave the studio every day singing the tune he had recorded. My influences had hooks that made me sing so I wanted that. I am very happy with the outcome and the recording was very funny. I never had it so good recording. It was a pleasure working with these musicians and it shows throughout the disc.

Levi Clay: forget you solo cover lesson

Levi Clay - Cee Lo Green Fuck/ forget You Lesson

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot "Invisible" single promo

New Bumblefoot song "Invisible" to be released digitally on March 22nd, 2011. Release will include hi-res formats, instrumental mixes, backing track & guitar transcriptions, & 'stems' of each track to make your own mixes... details at

Bumblefoot "Invisible" single being released March 22, 2011

Misha Mansoor: Egnater Amps booth- NAMM 2011

Misha Mansoor (Bulb) at the Egnater Amps booth- NAMM 2011

News: Guitar Player Blues Lead Guitar online magazine

The free digital edition of Blues Lead Guitar is now available!

The digital issue of Blues Lead Guitar will include tools, tips, and tricks to become a blues master. Lessons and interviews with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Freddie King, and more!

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse “Trinity” GET IT NOW

The brand new studio album by Eden's Curse entitled Trinity is released today and is available from all major and independent retailers.

Eden's Curse
01. Trinitas Sanctus (Intro)
02. Trinity
03. Saints Of Tomorrow
04. No Holy Man (feat. James LaBrie)
05. Guardian Angel
06. Can't Fool The Devil
07. Rivers Of Destiny
08. Dare To Be Different
09. Children Of The Tide
10. Black Widow (feat. Andi Deris)
11. Jerusalem Sleeps
12. Rock 'N'Roll Children (Dio cover)
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Dennis Ward
Co-Produced by Paul Logue & Michael Eden
Artwork by Thomas Ewerhard
Features guest appearances by
JAMES LABRIE (Dream Theater)
ANDI DERIS (Helloween)
Sound Samples of entire album online here :

Here are some links to help you grab your chosen version (or all three) ...
US Version : http://www.melodicrock.comIncludes 1 exclusive bonus track 'Never The Sinner'.
Label : Metal Mayhem Music
Website :
Japanese Version : 2 exclusive bonus tracks - 'Guardian Angel' (Acoustic Version) and a cover of the Dokken classic 'Unchain The Night'.
Label : Spiritual Beast/Universal Music
Website :

European/Rest Of The World Version : http://shop.afm-records.deIncludes 1 exclusive bonus track 'We Climb'.
Label : AFM Records
Website :
iTunes USA :
iTunes Euro/World :

Charly Sahona: Venturia get a new singer

Charly Sahona's main band Venturia have a new singer, Florine Acquisto. Venturia are also on Facebook

Marty Friedman: Auction Guitars, Donate Proceeds to Japan - Guitar World

Marty Friedman to Auction Guitars, Donate Proceeds to Japan
Through a series of posts on his Facebook page, Marty Friedman has announced that he'll be auctioning all of his Megadeth-era guitars and donating all the proceeds to fund the tsunami relief efforts in Japan. more

Sashe Brankovski: live4guitar 4 competition

4th Live4Guitar Competition - Sashe Brankovski

live4guitar 4 competition

News: Guitar just got a Squid!

The Story of the Squid
Guitar Squid began with an innocent meeting between a guitar and a squid at a bar. They toss a few back and before long the conversation turns to each ones' strengths and weaknesses. The guitar is enamored with how the squid can use its many tentacles to reach and grab things from far and near with ease. The squid is impressed with how many bad-ass, bizarre, and bitchin' stories there are about the guitar. As the night draws to a close, and the bartender signals last call, the guitar and the squid share a cab. The guitar invites the squid upstairs to talk more, maybe have coffee. Or dessert. Before you know it, they're getting it on.... the internet.

Nine months later, this website was born. Combining the two seemingly disparate entities' strengths, the squid's reach and the guitar's buzzworthiness into a website that pulls all of the guitar news you can stomach into one convenient and hilarious source.

But that's not all. The magical union produced a surprise: visitors of the site could actually submit their own stories, creating an ever-growing and expanding network of tentacles to bring together more than the squid could have ever done alone.

So we're glad you're here. Lurk or comment. Read or submit. Whatever you do, we're happy to share this special moment with you

News: David Plastik's 1980's rock photos

Friends on Face Book from the 80's.
By David Plastik · View photos

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