Friday, 25 March 2011

Floyd Fernandes: T Rex Workshop 2

Floyd Fernandes - T Rex Workshop 2 @ Bhargavas Musik

Sam Bell: Distance

"Distance" by Sam Bell/Mask of Judas (original progressive ambient metal song)

Daniele Gottardo: solo on upcoming release announced

Daniele Gottardo:
Just finished the recording of a very crazy solo for GuitarEuroShop and Franck Karmattitude

Adam Steinz: Wallimann Wah Competition Morley Contest (Adam Steinz)

Wallimann Wah Competition

News: Songs for Japan

We along with the other music groups are releasing a 38 song compilation with 100% of the proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross. Global Music Effort Launches "Songs for Japan" Album on iTunes to Benefit Japan Disaster Relief. Proceeds from Star-Studded Album to Support Disaster Relief Efforts of Japanese Red Cross
NEW YORK, March 25, 2011 -- In what stands as a major global music relief effort to benefit those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, over 30 of the biggest names in contemporary music have joined together for the worldwide release of "Songs for Japan," an unprecedented compilation of 38 chart-topping hits and classic tracks, available worldwide on the iTunes Store for $9.99 starting today ( Proceeds from the album's sale will benefit the disaster relief efforts of the Japanese Red Cross Society.
The "Songs for Japan" track listing features an all-star lineup:
1. John Lennon "Imagine" (Remastered)
2. U2 "Walk On" (Radio Edit)
3. Bob Dylan "Shelter From The Storm"
4. Red Hot Chili Peppers "Around The World" (Live)
5. Lady Gaga "Born This Way" (Starsmith Remix)
6. Beyonce "Irreplaceable"
7. Bruno Mars "Talking To The Moon" (Acoustic Piano Version)
8. Katy Perry "Firework"
9. Rihanna "Only Girl (In The World)"
10. Justin Timberlake "Like I Love You"
11. Madonna "Miles Away" (Live)
12. David Guetta "When Love Takes Over" (feat. Kelly Rowland)
13. Eminem "Love The Way You Lie" (feat. Rihanna) [Clean Version}
14. Bruce Springsteen "Human Touch"
15. Josh Groban "Awake" (Live)
16. Keith Urban "Better Life"
17. Black Eyed Peas "One Tribe"
18. Pink "Sober"
19. Cee Lo Green "It's Ok"
20. Lady Antebellum "I Run To You"
21. Bon Jovi "What Do You Got?"
22. Foo Fighters "My Hero"
23. R.E.M. "Man On The Moon"
24. Nicki Minaj "Save Me" (Clean Version)
25. Sade "By Your Side"
26. Michael Buble "Hold On" (Radio Mix)
27. Justin Bieber "Pray" (Acoustic)
28. Adele "Make You Feel My Love"
29. Enya "If I Could Be Where You Are"
30. Elton John "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"
31. John Mayer "Waiting On The World To Change"
32. Queen "Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)" [Remastered]
33. Kings Of Leon "Use Somebody"
34. Sting "Fragile" (Live In Berlin)
35. Leona Lewis "Better In Time"
36. Ne-Yo "One In A Million"
37. Shakira "Whenever, Wherever"
38. Norah Jones "Sunrise"

Proceeds from "Songs for Japan" will be directed to the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) to support its disaster relief efforts. The society will use the funds for the ongoing provision of immediate relief and for eventual recovery support to the affected population. The artists participating on "Songs for Japan," the music labels and music publishers have waived their royalties and proceeds from the worldwide sales of the album to ensure that the JRCS receives as much support as possible from this global initiative. iTunes will also donate its proceeds from the album's worldwide sales to the benefit of the JRCS, and has prominently featured the project throughout its stores worldwide.

Jason Becker: The flight

I thought I'd give you an overview of the 12 hour flight to San Francsico... I write this with jet lag hopefully behind me... staying awake over 24 hours seems to be illogical to fix the problem but it works! It could also be the burger and beer on the pier 39 and the view of Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz in a cold and damp atmosphere!

I got on the flight at Heathrow airport terminal 5. The plane is late, held on the tarmac waiting for a slot. Were told that they'll make up the time in the air.  Never been on a jumbo 747 400SP, it lumbers a long the runway much further that a A300 or smaller aircraft.

I sit back in the seat, check out the facility, inflate my neck pillow. The later will turn out to be a good investment... if you fall asleep, no neck ache. The seat arrangement is 3,5,3 and I share my 3 with two teachers from Oslo who speak Norwegian... so I check out the movie channel. Lots of new movies that I've not got around to watching yet... so I pick True Grit. The seats are narrow and with 12 hours a head of me, the business class seat arrangement is starting to look a great option..  the movie stops.. time to reboot the windows powered system so I lose the movie. I scratch a few notes on a paper napkin.

Being disconnected from the Internet is a different thing for a blogger. I can use the phone to post, but not on an aircraft, no doubt another reason to be able to use the business class, although at £145 extra may be a little too expensive. I'm thinking about how I might blog during the visit, I think the phone will be out because of the cost of using it! So it'll have to be the hotel wi-fi. The performance is reasonable, ok for blogging, but not to hot for video watching...

God I need to move... the sitting in one position is not good for me. Watching a video does distract, but being next to the window you don't want to have to get up and down too much. I look at the time on my watch for the San Francisco time, 05:44. I know we don't land until 14:40!  That's a lot of time! Food comes from the galley. In this case, pasta chicken dish followed by a ginger, rhubarb pudding, sounds bad, but it's nice and hits the spot! Hunger satiated, I fast forward to the the part I'd got to in True Grit. Then along comes a much needed black coffee.... I keep moving my legs as recommend to fight off the dreaded DVT, the flight socks also work!

 I'm on my second movie, the Social Network... that Zuckerberg seems like a real likeable guy... Not sure how true to life this is. Interesting to see the association with Napster and Bill Gates too.  Then bang! the guy in front decided to recline his seat... I resist! I can't move if he gets his way. I decide it's time to it's time to get up and go for a walk.

Good thing I do as I catch up with fellow Jason Becker traveller Michał Kubicki. He's flying in from Poland. Like me he can't believe that he's travelling so far... we discuss things like Earthquakes and liquifaction... a possible problem in the Bay area. However, move on to talking about all things guitar.  He's worked on guitar shows in Poland and he's also a producer for the Jason Becker movie. He's a really likeable guy and mad keen on guitar, even though he's a drummer. He's got some meetings arranged to see Jason Becker on Friday.

Time flies... 3 hours later... time to sit down. Watch the end of the social network and start my third movie, The Dispensables, full of Hollywoods finest hero actors, including Arnie.  I won't get to the end of this one as time on the flight is starting to run out. Flight now is rough, the sky is closing in, grey rain filled, bumpy turbulence.  We circle around as we descend... some kind of delay so we are in a holding pattern... then we are down with a big bump, the passengers clap... 12 hours of journey over... a new friend made...

Now on to the customs... these guys mean business, they "pack heat", they scan you hands, thumbs and iris's... I'm only here for a few days, but it's all in a days work for the guys who protect the border of "God's greatest nation" .  I get through to the other side and catch up with Kris Clarehout. We'll share a taxi from the airport with Michał Kubicki.  Just $45. Not sure if that's good or bad.  The rain has stopped but there is  a cold wind blowing.

Kris and I head out to the pier after getting the hotel room sorted. Time to look at some memento's from the trip...may be a hat?   So find some American burger... the aim is to stay awake... more that 24 hours for me. But you must do this to beat jet lag. More beer and shops. Back to the hotel and try out the wifi and some blogging. I start falling asleep around 21:30... that's over 24hours awake... I sleep like a baby until 04:20... but I got to stay asleep to beat the jet lag.  Finally awake about 08:30... time for some American coffee...


Golden Gate Bridge in the distance

Some seals on the pier

This hat suite me?

American Burger

American Bud!

Cameron Barton: Agile Pendulum 82527

Agile Pendulum 82527 Demo/Review With Shred And RiffageAgile Pendulum 82527 Demo/Review With Shred And Riffage

Jeff Loomis: Engl Amps & Rock House

Jeff Loomis, Engl Amps & Rock House

Matte Johansson: Extreme and Super Fast sweep Arpeggios

Extreme & Super Fast Arpeggios and Sweeps Guitar Solo by Matte Johansson

Rick Graham,Tom Quayle: Leeds Masterclass April 16th 2011

Tom Quayle and Rick Graham are performing a Leeds based Masterclass/Workshop on the 16th of April 2011, in association with The Jonathan Vipond School of Guitar. There are 30 places available so get your tickets fast as they are selling already.
In this workshop Tom and Rick will be bringing their own brands of Jazz Fusion to the masses and an afternoon of the best guitar instruction around. This class is for ANYONE and you do not need to have good knowledge of jazz or even guitar to benefit from this class' content. For more information please check out:-
In addition this class is a non-profit event with all the proceeds after costs going to Cloth Cat in Leeds - a fantastic organisation which provides free or low cost music training to people on low incomes who would not normally be able to partake in such activities.
The masterclass will be held on Saturday 16th April at The Barn in Calverley, Leeds - from 13:30.
The Barn
Calverley Parish Church
Town Gate
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Map: -
Parking is available at the venue but there are also 2 buses that run from Leeds and Bradford past the venue. These are the 760 and 670.
For any enquiries about the masterclass, please use the contact me links at :-

Rick Graham & Tom Quayle Leeds Masterclass April 16th 2011

News: Avid Eleven® Rack Expansion Pack

Avid UK — March 23rd —Avid® (NASDAQ: AVID) today introduces the Eleven® Rack Expansion Pack

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack: Expanded Guitar Amp Emulation, Vocal and Bass Workflows and Effects

The Eleven Rack Expansion Pack, a software add-on option for Avid’s award-winning Eleven Rack guitar amp and effects processor, provides a series of new features and enhancements to the system, including:

New guitar and bass amp effects emulations—deliver users an expanded sonic palette with 19 new guitar amp and effects emulations, including an all-new bass amp/cabinet simulation that invokes the sounds of legendary bass tones.

Parametric EQ and studio compressor channel strip effects—allow customers to easily capture vocal and instrument performances using new channel strip-style signal processing.

Dynamic stereo delay—provides customers more options to enhance their sound, create custom effects and widen their guitar tone with full ducking, panning and filtering control on delay feedback.

Speaker break-up emulation—re-creates the natural distortion characteristics heard when turning up an analog amp with speaker breakup emulation added to all amps.

Pricing and availability

The Eleven Rack Expansion Pack will be available worldwide on March 22, 2011 for $99 USD / £76.95 via the Avid Web store only.

Specific link to product:

For more information on features and availability, visit: