Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ivan Mihaljevic,Jesper Stotz: Unyielding Daydream

Jesper Stotz - Unyielding Daydream

Chris Brooks: Melbourne masterclass

Chris Brooks:
Hey guys, I'm making my first trip to Melbourne (changing planes between Sydney and Tasmania doesn't count!) and will be taking my two hour interactive master session to Deluxe Guitars who've been kind enough to lend me facilities and have some Suhr amplification at my disposal.

I'd love for you to come along or tell anyone who may be interested. There are only 10 spots available and TONS of take-home material!

I'm going to be filming 4 song performances for the "Guitar Gods & Masterpieces" TV show too so lot's of playing that day! - click for pricing and to book your spot now!

Marco De Cave: Wallimann Wah Competition

marco de cave morley mark tremonti patriotic wha guitar contest

Wallimann Wah Competition

News: youngest guitar orchestra ever!!

Amazing ! Kids playing guitar

Marco De Cave: waves no sunshine!

marco de cave Riffit march guitar solo contest

Kyle Honea: Welcome to the bass shredder

Please subscribe to Kyle Honea

single string harmonic minor patterns for bass

harmonic minor / bass tapping

bass solo tapping with wah+distortion

Alex Hutchings: Roland GR-55

Roland GR-55 video review demo TEASER Guitarist Magazine

Stephen Platt: Laney VH100R demo! Stunning tone

Laney VH100R EL34 Metal Demo - Stephen Platt - Octennial

Fernando Soto: Conexiones

Conexiones - Solos!

Reece Fullwood: Fragments

This is a short guitar solo i play in my band Fragments with the awesome Guitarist Josh Jones.
Hope you enjoy the video...

Voiceless Solo - Fragments

Berry Evers: Tangent Solo - Nu Jazz

The Tangent Search For A SOLO Competition

Eloy Oliveira: All of Me

All of Me

Joop Wolters: Black Rose handbuilt 50 watt 2 chanel tube-amp


Tenyu Nakamura: Bach Mock

Bach Mock

Darius Wave: Guitar Control competition solo contest - Dariusz Wawrzyniak

Guitar Control competition

Joe Satriani: God Is Crying Paris 2010

Joe Satriani, live @ La Cigale, 10/25/2010 in Paris !

God Is Crying

Carlo Losavio: original tune


Ignazio Di Salvo: two handed Fusion guitar.

Ignazio Di Salvo - Fusion guitar.

Billy Connally: The Silent Canvas new CD

"The Silent Canvas"! Bending Kharma

The Silent Canvas is a collection of thirteen songs written and produced by Billy Connally for both guitar enthusiasts and fans of hard rock. Drawing from influential bands that have both rock and progressive styling, the purpose of the album is to take the listener on a journey and not just impress with fretboard pyrotechnics.

''Billy's style is very much that of a rock fan through and through, and name-checking many of his influences reveals a love for the classic rock and metal players which are clearly evident in his compositions. As you might expect for a modern guitarist he's got all the technical chops you could wish for and a great line in expressive bends as well as an ear for a riff. In fact I don't think there's a song on the album that doesn't have at least a couple of ear-catching riffs and chord progressions forming it's backbone!'' - Shred Reviews/June 2010

In support of the album Billy has a band of veteran musicians in place for shows up and down the west coast this summer/fall 2010. Then a southwest tour to follow in the early half of 2011, centering around an appearance at the annual SXSW in Austin Texas!

Billy Connally: The Silent Canvas Buy

fallen axis


perigean tide

Ron Thal: Doe Of Metal interview

DoM: How are your Skype guitar lessons going? Any crazies showing up?

B: The students I've taught so far have been fantastic – good people, talented, and I've enjoyed the one-on-one time with them! My inbox is so full I can't get to all the students reaching out, I wish I could. I'm going to try to teach when I can, but within a few days it became something beyond what I can keep up with.

DoM: Have you had guitar lessons yourself? If so, how important would you say they were for you?

B: I started taking lessons at age 7, they were very important. It was more than learning to play, it was learning about music, building discipline, learning how to be creative and channel it, it was social, cultural, everything about it was good and led to good things. I took one-on-one lessons for 8 years, and continued to study and seek out more on my own after that.

Marty Friedman,Jason Becker: Live in San Francisco - 2011

Marty Friedman - Live in San Francisco - 2011

Greg Howe, Jason Becker: Live in San Francisco

Greg Howe - Live in San Francisco - 2011

Steve Lukather, Jason Becker: Live in San Francisco

A superb tribute by Steve Lukather to his brother who also has ALS.

Steve Lukather - Live in San Francisco - 2011

Michael Lee Firkins,Jason Becker: Live in San Francisco

Michael Lee Firkins "Voodoo Chile" Live in San Francisco

Michael Lee Firkins - Live in San Francisco - Purple Haze & Saturday Night

Michael Lee Firkins - Live in San Francisco - Purple Haze & Saturday Night

Jeff Watson,Jason Becker: "Picnic Island"

Jeff Watson "Picnic Island" Live in San Francisco

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet Festival "Auction"

Not Dead Yet Festival "Auction"
We are auctioning off a ton of awesome stuff!
even if your not planning on buying, its worth a look!
Thanks again for all of your support for the Not Dead Yet Festival!
Hopefully we can do this again next year!
Michael P Shannon Everyone thanks for pushing this out. The Paul Gilbert guitar is getting a lot of attention. The others are beginning to move, but we need to have folks bid on that sweet Gus G/Ozzie guitar. And Bonamassa Epiphone is an incredible piece, with Joe's signature. Please help drive this wave up. The second wave of auction items will be hitting EBay and Facebook around April 8th. Please stay tuned.....

Guthrie Govan: date in Istanbul

My dear friends, great excitement, everyone would welcome a week left:)
Yer: Romeo & Juliet Performance Hall
Day: April 7, 2011
Currently: 21.00

Ticket Prices: £ 45.00 Sales points
Biletix: £ 52.50

Ticket Sales Points:
Biletix - www.biletix.comHammer Music (Kadikoy)
Stage Music (Kadikoy)
TNT Music (Kadikoy)
Tulip Tunnel Records
Spark's (Tunnel)
Pera Musical Instruments (Tünel)
Mephisto (Beyoğlu)
Pena's (Besiktas)
Gargamel (Kadikoy)