Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sam Bell: Melodic Chordy Riff Thing

Melodic Chordy Riff Thing by Sam Bell Guitarist

Gaspar Muntwyler: Capricho Arabe Preludio Obsesivo - guitar idol III

Capricho Arabe Preludio Obsesivo - Gaspar Muntwyler

Matthew McGhee: La Jolla guitar idol III

8 String Guitar Tapping - La Jolla - Matthew McGhee - Line 6 POD HD500 - Original

Riff Lee: Soda guitar idol III

"Soda" for Guitar Idol 2011 - Riff Lee

News: What's your favorite guitar magazine?

What's your favorite guitar magazine?

Achilleas Diamantis: Labyrinth - guitar idol III

Achilleas Diamantis -Labyrinth

Francesco Marras: Straight Victory - guitar idol III


Brian Maillard: Liberation - guitar idol III


Alex Stornello: a little fluid fusion


News: Guitar Addiction - My god it's full of stars! 1 project - 60 musicians!

Complete Guests list of "Guitar Addiction" musical Project revealed !
by GuitarEuroShop - CD - DVD - MP3 - Merchandising on Thursday, 28 April 2011 at 12:47
Here are by alphabetical order the 60 amazing Musicians playing on this great musical Project :
Alberto Rigoni (Twinspirits, solo)
Alex Erhsam
Alfonso Roca
Atma Anur (drums on 5 tracks)
Aymeric Silvert
Benoit Pol
Brett Garsed
Charly Sahona (Venturia, solo)
Christophe Godin

Part.1 - Christophe Godin, l'interview GuitarEuroShop

Cyril Achard
Daniele Gottardo
Dave Martone
David Valdes
Enrico Galetta
Eric Bricout
Fabrizio Leo
Franck Karmattitude
Guthrie Govan
Jean Fontanille
Jeff Kollman (Cosmoquad, solo)
Joe Stump
Joop Walters
Karl KB
Kenny Serane
Lars Eric Mattson
Loran Saulus (Alive Inc)
Manu Livertout
Marcel Coenen
Marco Sfogli
Martin Motnik
Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen, solo)
Michael Angelo Batio
Michael Manring
Mika "Mr. Fastfinger" Tyyskä
Milan Polak
Mistheria (keyboards)
Pat O'May
Patrick Amar (contest winner)
Paul-Alain (keyboards)
Pierrejean Gaucher
Richard Hallebeek
Rob Balducci
Roland Gassin
Ron Thal "Bumblefoot" (Guns'n Roses, solo)
Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Helloween)
Sebastien Lanceau (Alive Inc)
Stuart Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale..)
Theodore Ziras
Thomas Bressel
Tommy Ermolli (Twinspirits, solo)
Tristan Klein
Victor Lafuente
Vincent Fabre
Yann Armellino
Yannick Robert
More informations are coming soon, like track list, artwork ..
This album will be out at the beginning of June 2011 !!

Fletcher Barton: guitar idol III - Live (age 11)

Fletcher Barton (age 11) - Live Guitar Idol 2011 Entry

Adi Gorancic: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition - Adi Gorancic

Puguh Kribo: Terminology


Mike Varney,Jason Becker: a little blues for Becker!

Mike Varney at Jason Becker's Party

Jason Becker's Birthday Blue

PJ Blakk,Jason Becker: tribute plus classical pieces

PJ Blakk at the recent Jason Becker benefit show in San Francisco. This photo was taken at the Greg Howe rehearsal for the show. The guitar was hand built by PJ

"Jason & The Argonauts" by Pj Blakk

PJ Blakk playing J.S. Bach Partita BWV 1006


News: Avenged Sevenfold tour dates

Avenged Sevenfold tour dates

Daniele Liverani, Alberto Rigoni, Tommy Ermolli: Twinspirits unveil 'The Making of Legacy'

Twinspirits unveil 'The Making of Legacy' videos

Italian progressive metallers Twinspirits who released their third album "Legacy" on Lion Music in February 2011 have made available a number of special "making of" videos on YouTube to give fans an exclusive peak behind the scenes of the albums creation.

Twinspirits keyboardist/composer Daniele Liverani worked his way through over 150GB of recorded footage to produce the following clips.

Daniele Liverani, Alberto Rigoni, Tommy Ermolli: Legacy

“Legacy” is being widely hailed as Twinspirits best work to date with some selected comments:

5/5 at
"Like contemporaries Circus Maximus, Sun Caged, and Mind's Eye, Twinspirits have created the template for modern progressive metal - instead of playing by the steadfast symphonic rules, they don't walk on thin ice or turn their music into an emotional train wreck or conjure up a concoction of overzealous vain ridden solos that go nowhere - there is catchiness, tough riffs, hook laden arrangements, and the passionate technical tinge that all makes this album something exceptional, as there is a lot for those whole the musical scheme of things and there is a lot for those who love 'songs' as well."

96/100 at
"Daniele Liverani is well known for his grand visions (‘Genius Rock Opera’ anyone?) but with Twinspirits he seems to have found his niche, delivering creating intelligent, mature and enjoyable metal all performed to virtuoso levels by all involved. "

9/10 at
“Legacy” is an album that will speak to the ears and hearts of every progressive metal fan. Liverani is an unrest musician and composer and has led the Italian progressive metalers to a fresh album of elegant progressive/power metal."

4.5/5.0 at
"Once more, on Legacy, Twinspirits delivers an ambitious, intriguing blend of melodic and heavy progressive metal. Thanks to a settled line-up, Twinspirits is hitting their groove. Strongly recommended!"

86/100 at
"Twinspirits is moving towards the major league with this album and "Legacy" is a clear move in the right direction both soundwise as well as musically."

4/5 at
"This album features 11 tracks of operatic at times Progressive Metal and with this album have a 30 minute epic split into 5 parts entitled 'The Endless Sleep' is a masterpiece in it's own right”

Order online and full information on "Twinspirits - Legacy" can be found at

Alberto Rigoni: demo of Rebirth

Alberto Rigoni - Rebirth - Nightmare Records
North American Release Date: May 24, 2011 European release date: May 20, 2011 Rebirth shows an extreme variety of music that remains memorable, even catchy with a union of experimental melody, rock-prog-fusion with sometimes heavy and sometimes ambient rock creating a poetic mix that is free of a defined genre.

ALBERTO RIGONI - Rebirth (OFFICIAL) Nightmare Records distributed by Sony/Red

Peter Luha: Csardas - acoustic gypsy

Csardas - Peter Luha /guitar acoustic gypsy version/