Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Firewind US dates

The Frets Of Fury Tour Itinerary:

9 - St Petersburg, FL - The State Theater
10 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
11 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
12 - New York, NY - Gramercy Theater
13 - Manchester, NH - Rocko's
14 - Montreal, QC - Les Foufounes Electriques
15 - Ottawa, ON - Maverick's
16 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
18 - Joliet, IL - Mojoe's
19 - St Paul, MN - Station 4
20 - Winnipeg, MB - The Osborne Village Inn
21 - Edmonton, AB - Pawn Shop
22 - Kelowna, BC - Sapphire Nightclub
23 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theater
24 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
25 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater
26 - San Francisco, CA - Slim's
27 - Hollywood, CA - The Whisky A Go Go

Neil Peart: Time Machine drum kit tour

Neil Peart Time Machine kit tour

Krister Jonsson, Lalle Larsson: Karmakanic to get a US release

Karmakanic - Preview of upcoming album "In a Perfect World" (2011)

In A Perfect World tracklisting:

'Turn It Up'
'The World Is Caving In'
'Can't Take It With You'
'There's Nothing Wrong With The World'
'Bite The Grit'
'When Fear Came To Town'

Glen Drover: Jason Saulnier interviews Glen Drover

Glen Drover Interview : MEGADETH

Chris Broderick: on his Jackson Signature Model

Chris Broderick: on his Jackson Signature Model

Niels Vejlyt

Niels Vejlyt´s Lick of the week #15/Capricci 5 intro pt. 1

Niels Vejlyt´s Lick of the week #14/Capricci II

Niels Vejlyt´s Lick of the week #13

Guthrie Govan: wild west guitar interview

How would you describe the journey you have made thus far, the growth in your career,
coming from the UK and lighting it up in the US as a highly respected musician and clinician?

I'm not really sure! I've spent almost 20 years trying to pay the rent by doing something vaguely musical, and during that time I've tried all manner of approaches - transcribing, teaching, gigging and recording with bands ranging from the 80s-tinged melodic rock of Asia to the mad electronica of the Young Punx, etc etc. I suppose I've learned different things from each experience, and I'm sure it all counts in some way.

It's hard to say how much any one of those activities might actually have contributed to any kind of "bigger picture" in terms of my career, though.
Nowadays, I often get recognised by complete strangers in airports, many time zones away from home, and yet a surprising amount of these folks have no idea about any of the stuff I just mentioned... Invariably, they've stumbled upon my playing in the form of some random YouTube clip or another, which would certainly have been posted by someone else (I've never posted a YouTube clip of my own playing, just for the record...) and most likely without my knowledge or consent.

As a result of all this seemingly random online activity, it feels like my career - if you can call it that - has somehow taken on a life of its own, and it pretty much does whatever it wants to do, without any specific input from yours truly. The internet can be a strange and unpredictable thing, but in terms of the power it has to "spread the word" there's really nothing else quite like it. I'm slowly learning to acknowledge and embrace this
aspect of the internet, whilst resisting any futile urge to try to control it ;-) more

Pete Thorn: Guitar Nerd new cd


Pete Thorn's "Guitar Nerd" CD/Lesson sampler movie.m4v

Guitar Nerd is Pete Thorn’s first all instrumental guitar album set to release on May 30, 2011. Pete’s virtuosity shines through an eclectic mix of high energy rock and intricate melodic compositions. “The goal was to make a great sounding instrumental rock guitar record, with no compromises artistically or stylistically” says Pete. “I didn’t worry about what is “cool” or “not cool”, I just played a bit of everything that I like to play! In short, “Guitar Nerd” is a true reflection of me - I am (and always will be) a guitar nerd!” Guitar Nerd will be available at CD Baby and iTunes on May 31, 2011.

Guitar Nerd was written and produced by Pete and features three mixes from Grammy® Award winning engineer and producer Bob Clearmountain (The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams). Other artists appearing on Guitar Nerd include Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Jon Button (Roger Daltry, Robben Ford, Sheryl Crow) and Jorgen Carlsson (Gov’t Mule) on bass and Blair Sinta (Alanis Morissette, Melissa Etheridge), Toss Panos (Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, John Scofield, Larry Carlton), and Dorian Crozier (Pink, Celine Dion) on drums.

Pete represents a new generation of talented LA session and touring musicians having performed with Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave), James Blunt, Jewel, Daniel Powter, Alicia Keys, and Courtney Love (Hole). Pete can currently be seen touring with Grammy® Award winning artist Melissa Etheridge. Pete has performed to millions of fans worldwide and is actively involved with millions of online users with his popular YouTube channel demonstrations for fine audio and instrument manufacturers including TC Electronic, Carl Martin, and Suhr Guitars. Pete is sponsored by EVH® Gear (Eddie Van Halen) and plays through the Suhr PT100 amp developed by John Suhr with input from Pete.

If you'd like more information about Guitar Nerd, or to schedule an interview with Pete Thorn, please call Duncan Plexico at 424-248-5150 or e-mail Duncan at pr@socialnetworkagency.com.

Alex Machacek: FAT is PHAT!

FAT - Fabulous Austrian Trio; Alex Machacek - guitar, Raphael Preuschl - bass/bass-ukulele, Herbert Pirker drums Live@Porgy&Bess, Vienna, September 2010 during the JazzWerkStatt festival. Studio album will be released in fall 2011 on Abstract Logix (www.abstractlogix.com)

copyright - alexmachacek 2011

FAT - Machacek/Preuschl/Pirker live@Porgy '10

FAT - Machacek/Preuschl/Pirker live@Porgy '10 part2

Steve Vai: win a zoom camera

Thanks for joining the Zoom family. http://www.facebook.com/zoomusa

As a way of saying “thank you,” we’re giving away Steve Vai’s personal Zoom Q3HD Handy Video Recorder! And to make it even more “personal”, Steve will record a message for the winner and include it on the SD card that comes with his Q3HD.

You might ask yourself “Damn, I already “Like” the Zoom page, can I still win?” and the answer is YES! Anyone who currently likes us, is already registered. If you’re new to the Zoom page, then be sure to “Like” us, make a comment on our wall and get in the running. One winner will be selected on Thursday, June 16th. We’ll even throw in the Q3HD accessory kit so you’re ready to starting filming!

Pete Pachio: Dirtbox T.C. Electronics Competition

Pete Pachio Re:Dirtbox T.C. Electronics Competition

DirtBox Competition

Allan Marcus: Strictly 7 Boa - California redwood top - sweet guitar!

Strictly 7 Boa with high A string. California redwood top

Nick Kellie: Guitar Lesson #2

Here is the 2nd lesson - this time on the Dorian mode. Don't forget to hit subscribe and also check out www.nickkellie.com for webcam lessons.

Guitar lesson #2

Tom Quayle: First backing track completely free!

Tom Quayle
First backing track completely free!

Chris Geden: demos Freekish Blues Alpha Drive Pedal with the Captain

I'm sure I saw the captain stealing licks from Chris whilst he was playing?!

Freekish Blues Alpha Drive Pedal Demo

I Wayan Balawan: in Concert

Balawan - in Concert: The fastest guitar in Indonesia!

News: Interview with Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars

Musicwood - A Quiet Moment with Bob Taylor from Helpman Productions on Vimeo.

Mike Keneally: Baked Potato 6-3-2011

Mike Keneally Band @ Baked Potato 6-3-2011

Danny John: Mr Twister new cd

Mr Twister, the 2nd Studio Album from Danny John Trio, is being hailed as a progressive Fusion masterpiece for the 21st Century. An Album of understated elegance and brutally powerful and virtuouoic statements. Mr Twister is the 2nd Video. Steve Trovato said: Danny, Mr. Twister is very cool. Huge guitar tone! I like the way you blend fusion jazz and hard rock. Great playing Steve. Brett Garsed said: Hey Danny great to hear that you have the album in the works. I have such great memories of you, Rafael (Moreira), and Ernst (Ernesto Homeyer), coming in to Open Councelling and ripping everyone's faces off, (including mine)!
Get your copy today;

Mr Twister Official Music Video

Vinnie Moore: Shreds at GW HQ

"UFO's Vinnie Moore Shreds at GW HQ http://www.guitarworld.com/vinnie_moore_shreds

In the Guitar World studio....Vinnie Moore from UFO getting warmed up before
filming some licks for GUITAR WORLD Lick of the Day iPad app!"

Dean Cascione:Pedal Tone Madness

Dean Cascione - Pedal Tone Madness

German Schauss: Play 4 SK competition... you entered yet?!


Play 4 SK

Jun Jun: Angry Birds gets the two hand treatment

angry birds theme guitar tapping

Rafael Moreira: "Crazy Jam" Live at the Baked Potato

Rafael Moreira "Crazy Jam" Live at the Baked Potato

Grim Shit: Djent - Britney Shit

Britney Shit

Marcos De Ros: Guitar Secret

Guitar Secret - O segredo (guitarra). Marcos De Ros & Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings

Tanabe Kouhei: scarecrows dance as approved by Daniele Gottardo

Tanabe kouhei DANIELE GOTTARDO -SCARECROW'S DANCE guitar cover

Norman K Anderson: Lord Of Winter new cd

Norman K. Anderson - Lord Of Winter http://www.guitar9.com/guitarmusic9/lordofwinter.html

Lord Of Winter features neo-classical guitarist Norman K. Anderson's continuing development as a composer and player, delivering fourteen tracks of classically inflluenced metal. Instrumental fans get a treat as well, as Anderson has included the instrumental work "Fantasia Suite Opus #3 In B Minor". Anderson's other original material is delivered with the baroque, gothic compositional style he blazed on other CDs in his catalog, "Awakened", "Victory And Valor" and "Mirror, Mirror", as well as the instrumentally oriented "Master Of Illusion". Dazzling, fiery solos can be found throughout Lord Of Winter; favorites include "The Legend", "Making Me Bleed" and the instrumental opus.

Travis Larson: Soundmind new cd

Travis Larson Band - Soundmind (CD) http://www.guitar9.com/soundmind.html

The Travis Larson Band is firmly rooted as one of instrumental music's most important, critically acclaimed acts, having worked on record with Steve Lukather (Toto), Victor Wooten (Bela Fleck), Vinx (Sting, Herbie Hancock) and Hugh Syme (Rush, Aerosmith). Their 2011 release, Soundmind, serves up twelve new and original tracks that run the TLB gamut, and just have a lot of neat stuff in 'em. The band has grown and developed since their eponymous debut some thirteen years ago, and the progression is an instrumental fan's dream. This is the band that Foundrymusic.com raved, "...this band has all the chops and blazing technique to send all you wannabe shredders back to the woodshed, but what makes them stand so far apart from their peers is the SONGS..." Amen.

Rick Graham: Splawn Camper!

Rick Graham Stoked to announce that I'm now a Splawn Amplification artist! I really am honoured as they make truly incredible amps. Look out for a Promo Vid coming soon

Splawn Nitro - od channel low gain

Allan Holdsworth: MoonJune Records Celebrates Tenth Anniversary With "Progressive June Lunacy!!"

MoonJune Records Celebrates Tenth Anniversary With "Progressive June Lunacy!!" Customer Appreciation Sale

For the entire month of June, MoonJune Records is in full celebration mode. After a decade of providing uncompromising progressive music, we are saying "thanks!" in a big way: as all CDs are on sale for only $10 each for our US and Canadian customers, and $12 each for all others, through June 30th! (This even includes our 2-CD sets: Allan Holdsworth's "Blues For Tony", and; DFA's "Kaleidoscope".) 
As always, FREE SHIPPING is included with every order..
There are additional savings for subscribers of the MoonJune Online Newsletter. If you do not already receive it, SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!

News: Guitar Addiction - A Tribute To Modern Guitar

Official release date is June 21st of 2011, pre-order now !!

1. Crossroads Of Time
2. Junkie Foot
3. Adrenaline Jam
4. The End Of The World
5. Mr Groove
6. Mind’s Labyrinth
7. FRP a Tribute To Mark
8. Mandarine
9. Frankly Speaking
10. Cacophusion
11. Heavy Funky Party

GuitarEuroMedia (GuitarEuroShop's Productions section) is very proud to present you the album "Guitar Addiction - A Tribute To Modern Guitar" ! This awesome project is the result of a long and hard work that has make it possible to unit more than 60 of the most talented musicians of our time !!

The album comes with a very detailled and illustrated 16 pages booklet.

Also, it's important to mention that for each sells 2 euros will go to the Red Cross Organisation.

Here are all the musicians who have participated:

Alberto Rigoni (Twinspirits, solo)
Alex Ehrsam
Alfonso Roca
Atma Anur (drums on 5 tracks)
Aymeric Silvert
Benoit Pol
Brett Garsed
Charly Sahona (Venturia, solo)
Christophe Godin
Cyril Achard
Daniele Gottardo
Dave Martone
David Valdes
Enrico Galetta
Eric Bricout
Fabrizio Leo
Franck Karmattitude
Guthrie Govan
Jean Fontanille
Jeff Kollman (Cosmoquad, solo)
Joe Stump
Joop Walters
Karl KB
Kenny Serane
Lars Eric Mattson
Loran Saulus (Alive Inc)
Manu Livertout
Marcel Coenen
Marco Sfogli
Martin Motnik
Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen, solo)
Michael Angelo Batio
Michael Manring
Mika "Mr. Fastfinger" Tyyskä
Milan Polak
Pat O'May
Patrick Amar (contest winner)
Paul-Alain Fontaine (keyboards)
Pierrejean Gaucher
Richard Hallebeek
Rob Balducci
Roland Gassin
Ron Thal "Bumblefoot" (Guns'n Roses, solo)
Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Helloween)
Sebastien Lanceau (Alive Inc)
Stuart Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale..)
Theodore Ziras
Thomas Bressel
Tommy Ermolli (Twinspirits, solo)
Tristan Klein
Victor Lafuente
Vincent Fabre (drums on 3 tracks)
Yann Armellino
Yannick Robert

Guthrie Govan,Alex Hutchings,Andy James: on new Guitar Heroes album

'Guitar Heroes' Album Available from iTunes.
Guthrie Govan
Alex Hutchings
Andy James
Clive Carroll
Jamie Humphries
Phil Hilborne
James Graydon
The islands that comprise Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Eire have spawned an unbelievable number of amazing guitarists: household names that have helped shape the sound of modern rock, blues, jazz, metal, fusion, folk and more. That tradition of wonderful players continues, as this album so brilliantly demonstrates. Guitar Heroes showcases not only the technical ability but also the stylistic breadth of talent that lurks right under our noses today. I know most of these guys personally and it cheers me no end to see their work being presented so beautifully in Guitar Heroes. I trust you'll enjoy it as much as I do -- if you want to know what the best of the best sounds like, this is it!
Neville Marten, Guitarist and Guitar Techniques magazines
Over the past hundred years, the humble 6-string has given rise to an unthinkable number of enduring, time-honoured musical traditions. From the Delta Bluesmen who sold their souls to the Devil for their art, to the jazz guitarists of continental Europe, the Rockabilly swingers and the metal rockers - guitar music has evolved and diversified, deeply rooting itself in both the Western and World musical traditions. Whether your tastes lie in the intricacies of the Spanish and Latin guitar stylings, or you prefer warm, fuzzed-out balladry, Guitar Heroes combines Britain's most talented guitarists with the astounding array of genres they've mastered to gain their accolades. Turn up the volume and hear the best of the best!

Brand New Unheard Guthrie Govan Tunes from New 'Guitar Heroes' Album

Fabrizio Leo: Guitar Day 7 this Saturday!

Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo - GUITAR DAY 7.m4v

Join the event