Pete Pachio: Bad Karma progressive metal EP from Chicago - includes limited edition physical CD

Pete Pachio: Recovery Fund - find out more... can you help?

Pete Pachio: Go Fund me - read Pete's story and donate if you can.

Jimmy Pitts, Tom Geldschläger: Fractured Dimension - Galaxy Mechanics - featuring Christian Muenzner, Marcel Coenen, Alex Machacek,

Pete Pachio, Mike Guerrero: ripping it up at NAMM 2015

Wayne Calford: Shred Alliance also featuring Per Nilsson, Michael Angelo Batio, Simone Mularon, Pete Pachio and others

Pete Pachio: Twisted Walls Of Terror Guitar Wizards

Pete Pachio: will be performing-demoing-jamming at the Rhodes Amplification NAMM

Allan Marcus: Boden8 stolen from Lakewood, Ohio - your help required!

Pete Pachio,Adrian English: FDM - Flight of the Blue Phoenix - weighing in with a boat load of the finest shred

Sam Bell,Pete Pachio,Francesco Filigoi,Malcolm Pugh,Alan Sacha Laskow: Robots Pulling Levers: Zong!

Pete Pachio: #MayonesDuncan - no competition for me!

Brent Sullivan,David Shankle,Pete Pachio: Kill or be killed

Pete Pachio: tracking a solo for Brent Sullivan

Pete Pachio: clean picking on this WWE TV commercial

Pete Pachio: Petes 1st Improv Quayle RockBacking

Pete Pachio: Forsaken Destiny - a tribute to Jason Becker!

Pete Pachio: joins Guitar Wizards project

Keith Merrow, Pete Pachio: win a Keith Merrow sig guitar from Seymour Duncan

Pete Pachio: joins the Robots Pulling Levers project