Sunday, 3 July 2011

Jimi Hendrix: theme park on the way!

A Seattle park is being transformed into Jimi Hendrix Park, a potential focal point for that community's multi-cultural events, as reported by the Central District News.

The park, which is named after the legendary guitarist who died in 1970, will be decorated with sculptures, stepping stones and rain drums. more

Fabrizio Leo: Fractal Audio Ultra - classy tones #2!

BICIO LEO and Fractal Audio Ultra PART 2 1.m4v

in case you missed

BICIO LEO and Fractal Audio Ultra

Derek Taylor: the king of the golden second age of guitar

From The Instructional CD : Advanced Legato Phrases (Chops From Hell... check their website)
Derek Taylor is a great guitarist who developped an advanced legato technique in the 90s, influencing Rusty Cooley or Darryl Gabel. He later played in Crimeny, Eniac Requiem, Double Ought Spool, and other bands before becoming studio producer.

Derek Taylor - Where's RJ

Guthrie Govan: The Aristocrats – The Making of A New Band

The Aristocrats – The Making of A New Band

It was supposed to be just another typical NAMM show gig – some highly-touted musicians getting together to entertain the gear enthusiasts and industry folk who congregate in Anaheim, CA in mid-January every year. More improbably, the show at The Anaheim Bass Bash – featuring guitarist Guthrie Govan, bassist Bryan Beller, and drummer Marco Minnemann – wasn’t even supposed to contain Guthrie at all; he was a late replacement for long-time fusion guitar hero Greg Howe, who had something come up on short notice. It was a Guthrie fan who recommended Govan to Beller, who had literally never heard him play. A quick YouTube browsing session was all the convincing Beller and Minnemann needed to ask him onto the gig, and Greg Howe was kind enough to furnish Guthrie’s contact info. After some consideration, Guthrie said yes. more

News: Toccata - Melbourne Guitar Quartet

New CD Toccata can be purchased here:
Safe and secure with PAYPAL

This video shows a compilatation of songs from MGQ's latest critically acclaimed CD.

"The Melbourne Guitar Quartet are a brilliant addition to Australia's musical landscape. Their combination of innovative arrangements and superb ensemble playing is a joy to listen to. This is exactly what the classical guitar world needs."

- Slava Grigoryan: Famed Classical Guitar Virtuoso and Director of the Adelaide International Guitar Festival -

We are an Australian guitar quartet based in Melbourne, that pioneer the concept of the 'guitar family', performing and arranging works for classical bass, baritone, standard, treble and octave guitar. We spend most of our time performing within Australia as well as doing workshops with schools, guitar societies and other guitar ensembles.

Please visit for everything MGQ related!
To contact us directly, please email

Toccata - Melbourne Guitar Quartet

Rick Graham: Fender Malmsteen Strat test drive

Rick Graham: Just a quick test of a Malmsteen Strat. Had fun with it!

Fender Malmsteen Strat test drive

Strat Talk: the series

Wall to wall guitar mirth! Enjoy you guitar crazy people!

Strat Talk: the series

Rick Graham: new lesson material due soon

Rick Graham:
Just finished filming some lesson material for my website and needed some fun so decided to do a quick little improv with my new Vigier that I won at the guitarist of the year competiton in London last month.

Silly improv over a Derek Trucks BT

Greg Howe: Eddie Lang Jazz 2011

Greg Howe and Stu Hamm and Daniele Gottardo at this amazing venue
Main Web site
Facebook events page

This is Greg playing live in 2010

04 - Tell Me Something Good - Greg Howe Band - Eddie Lang Jazz - 06/08/2010

03 - Greg Howe Band - Eddie Lang Jazz - 06/08/2010

02 I Wish Steve Wonder Greg Howe Band Eddie Lang Jazz 2010

Raimund Burke: "Into my Arena"

Raimund Burke "Into my Arena" (Music Video Clip)

Rie aka Suzaku: Live at Yotsuya Outbreak

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Suzaku Live at Yotsuya Outbreak 2010.12.23

Vinnie Moore: date announced at The Iridium.

Vinnie Moore will be performiing an exclusive Solo Performance

Vinnie Moore (guitars)
John DeServio (bass - Black Label Society)
Mike DiMeo (vocals - Riot) and
Rich Monica (drums)

on July 25th at:

The Iridium.
1650 Broadway (51st)
New York, NY 10019. USA


NEXT EVENT: SOLO appearance - 25th July - 1650 Broadway (51st)
New York, NY 10019

with UFO

12th August - Poland - Slupsk - Dolina Charlotty Resort & Spa
13th August - Norway - Lillehammer - Lillehammer Rock Festival

15th September - Santa Rosa - CA - Last Day Saloon
16th September - Sacramento/Orangevale - CA - Boardwalk
17th September - Santa Clara - CA - Avalon
19th September - Portland - OR - The Aladdin Theater
21st September - Modesto - CA - The Fat Cat
23rd September - Las Vegas - NV - Boulder Station Casino
24th September - Los Angeles - CA - West Hollywood - Key Club
26th September - Ventura - CA - Ventura Theater
29th September - San Juan Capistrano - CA - The Coach House
30th September - San Diego - CA - Brick By Brick
1st October - San Bernardino - CA - Orange Raceway
6th October - Dallas - TX - House of Blues
7th October - Houston - TX - Warehouse Live Studio
8th October - San Antonio - TX - Backstage Live

News: The Monkeyfest stage 2011... a lot of notes burned on that stage!

Nathan Doyle: Racing on the Red Line

Racing on the Red Line

Back in the time machine to a Nathan Doyle demo... way back when... this guys can shred it with the best!

Dark Majesty (Demo) by Nathan Doyle

Tom Quayle: Blues Fusion Lesson now available
Fusion Blues Playing - Modern Licks for the Advancing Blues Player

If you want to take your blues lines beyond the pentatonic scale and into the world of fusion and beyond then this is the tutorial for you. Presented here are 4 solos outlining different harmonic, rhythmic and technique devices that will take your blues playing to the next level.

This extensive tutorial features:-
4 great, fully transcribed solos
1 hour of full HD (1080p) video footage explaining each lick with fingerings
Mp3 demonstrations of all solos
2 great backing tracks - one full speed and one slow
Full Scale Compendium outlining all harmonic devices used and where to find them on the fretboard
28-page PDF booklet explaining each concept and lick in depth.

Also available in SD resolution 640x480 for older computers

Instant Download in PDF, Mp3 and Mp4 format.

Martin Miller: Already busy studying :)
Hedras Ramos: I'm gonna buy and study too :)
Michael Baugh: bought it, this is a fantastic package Tom! ‎$20 is nothing for this amount of stuff!
Tomasz Andrzejewski: Hi Tom! I've just bought a package of your educational materials? Looking for new inspiration and your game me a very convincing and it was looking for! Thank you! Cheers!
Richard Lundmark: I'm SO getting this! Thanks Tom!
Laurie Monk Hey I can't even play, but even I got myself a copy! :P

Richie Kotzen: Thomas's Sacramento treasure chest

Richie Kotzen: Thomas's Sacramento treasure chest

Johan Randén: Fuzz 2009 - full

Johan Randén: Fuzz 2009 - full

Maranhão: New Album ready for release, sounding great

New Music that takes the name of my newest album IN THE CHURCH to be released on Dream Team and Tagima Expomusic 2011. I hope you enjoy! Abrasom Maranhão

IN THE CHURCH - Maranhão