Monday, 4 July 2011

Larry Mitchell: Tone Master live

LMB Seattle 2011 Club fuel "Political Rain" Solo Clip 2

Larry Mitchell visiting the Ibanez custom shop

Lai Youttitham: Thanks for the ride itunes song

Get it on iTunes Just thought I should try lol ! what do i have to lose! :
Hi everyone, This is my first iTunes song, I was pretty nervous before decide to go for it.
All the hard work were done by myself, Hope you can show some support :),
I wanna thank each one of you for encouraging and following my work.
Let me know which one of my original songs you want me to re-do and put it on iTunes.
Have a great Summer everyone, don't forget to buy this on itunes.
Thanks for the ride ( Original ) My first song on iTunes

Jacqueline Mannering: Raining available on itunes

A catchy pop tune and pro shot video for a new single.

Jacqueline Mannering - Raining

Camila Simont: plays Andy Timmons, Gone

Camila plays Andy Timmons, Gone

Eddie Van Halen: Sammy Hagar a Van Halen reunion inevitable!


Rick Graham: gets a feature in Guitarist magazine

Congratulations to Rick Graham winner of this years Guitarist Of the Year Competition 2011

Kurt Rosenwinkel:

Kurt Rosenwinkel -

Myx Harnett,Adam Kelly: Cyber Jam! - Strat Style Fun

Myx Harnett and Adam Kelly - Cyber Jam! - Strat Style Fun

Neils Vejlyt: Japanese Benefit track.. insane tapping licks

Infinity Overture´s contribution to the Japan Benefit album Embrace the sun

Infinity Overture: Do you care

Morten Faerestrand: Pitch Bending on Guitar

Morten Faerestrand: for more lessons and TAB's

Online LIVE Guitar Masterclasses:

Pitch Bending on Guitar - GUITAR LESSON by Morten Faerestrand

Lyle Watt: Running Out Of Time

Lyle Watt - ''Running Out Of Time''

Sam Coulson,Lyle Watt: blues jam! MonkeyFest 2011

MonkeyFest - Sam Coulson and Lyle Watt blues jam!

Sam Coulson,Voodooriders: Jaden Rose jam session MonkeyFest 2011

Sam Coulson & Voodooriders Blues Jam at MonkeyFest 2011

Sam Coulson does a little taster for us pre-Fest, rips the shit out of his axe.

Sam Coulson's pre-Fest warm up MonkeyFest 2011

Rob Chappers,Seb MacGuire: Blues Jam with the MLF MonkeyFest 2011

Monkey Lord Blues Jam with the MLF, MonkeyFest 2011

Andy James: MonkeyFest 2011 another angle :)

Can never have too many angles... :)

Andy James plays MonkeyFest 2011

Lyle Watt,Mark McGuigan: Monkeyfest 2011 Jam time for Bonzo!

Young Lyle Watt ripping everyone's faces off, including my own, on a spontaneous Jam at Monkeyfest 2011!

Excuse the fluffs, some beverages may have been consumed...

(uploaded again due to weird Youtube sound clipping!)

Many thanks to Paul "Stick" Annis on drums and David Hollingworth on Bass for providing a truly fun solid backing for our antics ;)

Monkeyfest 2011 - Lyle Watt and Mark McGuigan Jam

Mike Dawes,Amy Turk: special version of Metallica "One"

Amy Turk and mike Dawes play metallica

Lyle Watt: monkeyfest 2011 - Oli Pickering vids

Lyle Watt at monkeyfest 2011 part 1

Lyle Watt at monkeyfest part 2

Andy James: Monkey Fest 2011 - Oli Pickering's vids

Andy James: Monkey Fest 2011

Daniele Gottardo: Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011 info and reservations: The seminars will take place August 1 to 7 in the beautiful location of Castello Pignatelli Monteroduni .These are some of the main points to be covered in my courses during the 'Eddie Lang Jazz Festival, will be treated with all these points with examples numersissimi iteration of the participants. _ Display Advanced methods for the simplification and development of control elements tasteriera music on the guitar with references to the DVD Superfingering. _ Instrumental TechniqueEach day you will work on the development of the main techniques of modern electric guitar, Sweep picking, Legato, Hammering techniques, settings, 8-Finger Tapping, "Finger Tapping", Hibrid Picking other techniques to avant-garde. Mixing of all the techniques with real-world applications in various musical contexts. Development of sound, depending on the technique sound. _ Touch Control Pitch _ _ Intention _ Credibility Expressiveness _ _ Techniques for the preparation and execution of songs live complex _ Melodic Construction Each days will also work on how to build from scratch a melodic line, it is called: _ the main and fundamental techniques applied to contrapuntal phrasing _ Construction of phrasing, motivic development _ Development of rhythmic phrasing Formal bee _ _ Harmony You will work in harmony many of its aspects, from foundations to classical 'harmony-style jazz chromatic harmony in music classica._ Gravitational Harmonics _ _ Diatonic HarmonyHarmony _ Functional / Tonal Harmony _ Modal modal interchange _ _ Enlargement of the key non-functional harmonies _ _ Octafonia Chromatic Harmony _ _ Improvisation Veranno analyzed harmonic progressions in order of difficulty, with application of all the above steps. The cost of the entire week is only 100 EUR plus 15 EUR / night for accommodation in houses in the historic center of Monteroduni, Eddie Lang that the Association will make available to students. The figure also includes master classes.

Daniele Gottardo - Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011

Main Web site
Facebook events page

News: Groove yard xmas in July CD deal!!!

As our way of saying a million Thanks to our good musical brothers and sisters
worldwide, we are offering a special "KILLER GROOVEYARD XMAS IN JULY 2011
SUPER 6 PACK SWEET DEAL" of 6 discs for $50 (USD) for a Limited time only.
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This "Sweet Deal" only applies to 6 discs of your choice from the following list of
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1. MOUNTAIN OF POWER: "Volume One" (GYR025)
(Mega-Killer 70s Grooveyard heavy guitar tribute disc from Sweden
featuring tons of awesome riffage that will rock your world)
2. MOUNTAIN OF POWER: "Volume Two" (GYR060)
(Mega-Awesome 2nd Volume of the Grooveyard's "tribute" to bad-ass,
killer obscure heavy riffage. Includes Special Guests John Norum & Ty Tabor
among many other excellent guest axerippers + rock vocal gods)
3. TRUTH: "Machine" (GYR039)
(Phenomenal top-shelf bluesy heavy guitar ripper from Sweden
featuring Sven Cirnski on Guitar & David Fremberg on Vocals)
4. BLINDSTONE: "Freedom's Calling" (GYR043)
(Mega-Awesome bluesy/funky heavy guitar power trio from Denmark
featuring killer riffage/soul-powered vox. Includes a brain-damaging
Frank Marino cover jam w/ Special Guest Axeripper - Lance Lopez)
5. BLINDSTONE: "Manifesto" (GYR044)
(Way-Kool debut studio disc by this outstanding bluesy/funky
heavy guitar power trio from Denmark. Includes 3 Killer Bonus Tracks.
Highly recommended to fans of Frank Marino, Trower & Hendrix)
6. BLINDSTONE: "Rise Above" (GYR061)
(Bad-ass, killer 3rd studio disc by this outstanding bluesy/funky
heavy guitar power trio from Denmark. Featuring Special Guest
Axemasters Ty Tabor (King's X) & Poul Halberg)
7. STRANGER: "Rock Solid" (GYR075)
(Excellent studio disc by this hard rockin' blues-based heavy guitar
band from Florida that will rock your good jam:house to the ground)
8. JOHNNY HUNKINS: "Talladega Pile-Up" (GYR076)
(Way-kool debut studio disc by this bad-ass, killer, retro-70's
inspired riff:master from California. Hi-octane, blues-based, six string
mojo that kicks ass. Featuring Special Guests - Chris Duarte & Wes Jeans)
(Excellent debut studio disc by this bad-ass, killer, blues-based
retro-70's, heavy guitar power trio axeslinger from Toronto, Canada.
Highly recommended to fans of Hendrix, Trower & Frank Marino)
10. BILLY WHITE TRIO: "Illusionation" (GYR056)
(Outstanding deep, bluesy, soul-powered dynamic heavy guitar
power trio magic by this amazing gifted guitarist/vocalist from Texas)
11. JAY JESSE JOHNSON: "Play That Damn Guitar" (GYR050)
(Mega-awesome 3rd studio disc by this outstanding, powerful, blues-based
heavy guitar axemaster nailing down an amazing set of bad-ass, killer
power trio riffage feat. an incredible display of serious six string mojo)

12. LANCE LOPEZ: "Wall Of Soul" (GYR009)
(Awesome 2nd studio disc by this bad-ass, killer Hendrix-inspired
blues/rock axeripper from Texas featuring Special Guests - Eric Gales
and Doug Pinnick (King's X). Recommended to fans of Hendrix & Trower.

13. LANCE LOPEZ: "Higher Ground" (GYR027)
(Phenomenal 4th studio disc by this bad-ass, killer blues/rock
axeripper from Dallas, Texas - Includes Special Guest Wes Jeans)
14. LANCE LOPEZ: "First Things First" (GYR029)
(Excellent debut studio disc from this killer bluesy/funky Hendrix
inspired axeripper from Texas. Includes 5 bad-ass LIVE Bonus Trax)
15. LANCE LOPEZ: "Live" (GYR028)
(Killer bad-ass LIVE disc from the Dallas blues/rock axeripper
recorded in Holland on his World Domination tour)
16. WES JEANS: "LIve At Music City Texas" (WJLIVE)
(Bad-ass Live disc by this killer blues/rock axeslinger from Texas
featuring Special Guest axeripper LANCE LOPEZ on 2nd guitar
for some serious, get-down dual heavy guitar thowdown)
17. GUITAR PETE: "Mean Streets" (GYR046)
(Way-kool hard-hitting blues-based heavy guitar disc by this
bad-ass, killer axerippin' guitar slinger from New York City)
18. GUITAR PETE: "Live At The Blues Warehouse" (GYR057)
(Way-kool Live in the studio disc by this outstanding blues/rock
axeslinger from NYC who kicks serious six string ass)
19. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Long Hard Road" (GYR018)
(Excellent 5th studio disc from this awesome blues-based heavy guitar
band featuring 6 String Riffmaster Mike Onesko on guitar & vocals)
20. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Keepers Of The Flame" (GYR041)
(Awesome powerful 6th studio disc from this killer bluesy heavy guitar
riff:machine featuring Mike Onesko & Scotty J. on rippin' guitar.
Includes Special Guest - Davey Pattison on a deep TROWER jam)

21. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Smokehouse Sessions" (Volume One) (GYR054)
(Way-kool BBB "tribute to the blues" with a serious heavy guitar
groove from Mike Onesko & Co. that will rock your blues away)

22. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Rare Tracks" (GYR070)
(An Excellent collection of rare, unreleased tracks recorded thru the years
from the bad-ass, BBB riff:machine. Dig deep and smell the BBB riffage)

23. ONESKO BOGERT CEO PROJECT: "Big Electric Cream Jam" (GYR053)
(Mega-awesome live CREAM "Tribute" disc from the BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND
Riffmaster Mike Onesko featuring Mr. Tim Bogert on bass and Emery Ceo on drums.
An incredible musical display of killer, retro-70's blues-based power trio mojo)

(Awesome studio disc by this outstanding, dynamic, blues-based
soul-powered, retro-70's, heavy guitar axemaster from Iowa.
Featuring Special Guests - Glenn Hughes & Rob Lamothe)
25. CRAIG ERICKSON: "Big Highway" (GYR030)
(Outstanding 6th studio disc from this awesome bluesy heavy guitar
axeslinger/axemaster from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The REAL deal)

26. CRAIG ERICKSON: "Rare Tracks" (GYR037)
(Kool disc of rare, unreleased tracks from this outstanding
talented, world-class, blues/rock axeslinger from Iowa)
27. SCARLET RUNNER: "Groove Thang" (GYR031)
(Awesome, way-kool, blues/rock heavy guitar power trio from Iowa
featuring Special Guest Axeripper - Craig Erickson on several killer jams)

28. TONY SPINNER: "Rollin' & Tumblin'" (GYR051)
(Awesome studio disc from this superb, soul-powered, blues/rock axeslinger
from Arkansas featuring 14 tracks that deliver the bluesy heavy guitar goods)
29. TONY SPINNER: "Live In Europe" (GYR032)
(Killer LIVE disc from this awesome blues/rock axeslinger from Arkansas
featuring a set of top-shelf, soul-powered, earthy blues/rock guitar magic)
30. CHRIS AARON: "Born With The Blues" (GYR036)
(Rare debut studio disc from this excellent blues/rock axeslinger
with special guest Corey Sterling on vox for the Bonus Track)
31. SKY HIGH: "Freedom" (GYR007)
(Mega-awesome Hendrix-Inspired heavy guitar power trio from Sweden
featuring Clas Yngstrom delivering serious blues based six string mojo)
32. SKY HIGH: "Self-Titled" (GYR014)
(Excellent debut disc from this awesome Hendrix-inspired blues/rock
power trio from Sweden featuring the legendary Clas Yngstrom on guitar)
33. SKY HIGH: "Still Rockin'" (GYR015)
(Excellent 2nd studio disc from Swedish blues/rock
stratmaster Clas Yngstrom & Co. rockin' the blues)
34. CLAS YNGSTROM: "Tribute To Hendrix" (GYR011)
(Awesome Hendrix Tribute disc by the bad-ass SKY HIGH Axemaster
Recorded Live in Sweden. Tons of killer extended six string Jimi jams)

35. KING MO: "Live In Holland" (GYR078)
(Excellent Live disc by this first-rate blues/rock guitar band from Holland
featuring Phil Bee on vox plus Special Guest axemaster Jan Akkerman)
36. DAVE D'ANGELICO: "The Blues According To Texas Son" (GYR055)
(Excellent Blues Guitar Slinger from Upstate NY who digs deep
on his Telecaster and rocks the blues like a true Axemaster )

37. TRISTAN KLEIN: "Universal Mojo" (GYR067)
(Phenomenal debut disc by this brilliant, gifted, blues-based, instrumental
heavy guitar axemaster from France. Features several Special Guitar Guitarists:
Greg Koch, Craig Erickson & KM Kajdan. Essential Universal Six String Mojo )
38. PLANKTON: "Humble Colossus" (GYR012)
(Outstanding blues-based instrumental dual heavy guitar band
from Sweden featuring deep/dynamic, authentic, retro-70s
vintage stratocasters thru marshalls 6 string magic)
39. PLANKTON: "3" (GYR021)
(Phenomenal 3rd studio disc by this amazing, authentic, bluesy
retro-70s Swedish Hendrix-inspired dual heavy guitar band)
40. PLANKTON: "Rare Tracks" (GYR022)
(Awesome collection of unreleased tracks from this amazing, outstanding
retro-70s Hendrix-inspired dual instrumental guitar band from Sweden)
41. BLUESTONE COMPANY: "Supernatural Delight" (GYR048)
(Awesome blues-based instrumental heavy guitar band from Japan
with a strong Gov't Mule meets Allman Bros. vibe. Phenomenal guitarist)
42. THOMAS LARSSON: "Harmonic Passion" (GYR023)
(Top-shelf bluesy instrumental heavy guitar disc full of style/class
from this outstanding awesome Swedish axemaster)
43. ANDY JAMES: "In the Wake of Chaos" (GYR035)
(Mega-Awesome new instrumental heavy guitar axemaster from England.
Phenomenal powerful debut studio disc that will fry your heavy guitar mind)
44. AL ESTRADA: "Riffage" (GYR013)
(Mind-blowing killer instrumental heavy guitar six string shred monster)
45. ROB LAMOTHE: "Above The Wing Is Heaven" (SGR043)
(Remarkable, deep, bluesy/soulful, laid-back acoustic
grooves from the gifted ex-Riverdogs vocalist)
For more info + MP3s on the above awesome discs,
tune into our site @

Damjan Pejcinoski, Muris Varajic, Emir Hot: Omis Time and Live4Guitar deal

Three great guys from the Balkans Damjan Pejcinoski, Muris Varajic and Emir Hot hang out in the most beautiful Omis, in Croatia. I caught up with Emir at the recent Monkeyfest and he was telling me how amazing this place is with its' yearly guitar festival. Also in shot Aleksandar Sukovic. View Larger Map

Omis blues

Omis country

Emir Hot also tells me there is a new deal on a chance for you to make $50 when you submit your first video lesson, but you'll have to be quick as it's only for the next 100 lesson submissions to find out more visit

Brian May,Jeff Kollm​an: Jeff meets his hero!

I have to agree with Jeff, Brian is a big hero of mine too

Jeff Kollm​an:
My hero and a true gentleman.. Brian May of Queen...

Carlos Hernández: Orange Jam

orange improv.rmvb

Dhalif: Angry Birds... wielding shredding guitars!


Daniele Liverani: new instrumental CD on the way!

DANIELE LIVERANI is back on guitar, production of his third guitar album "ELEVEN MYSTERIES" starts in August

Multi-instrumentist and producer Daniele Liverani (ex-Empty
Tremor, ex-Khymera, Genius rock opera, Twinspirits, Cosmics,
Prime Suspect), after many years of projects and bands that
saw him busy on keyboards is back on the 6 strings for a new
instrumental album totally dedicated to the guitar.
It's the third guitar album for Liverani, after VIEWPOINT
(Produced in L.A. in 1994 and released later in 1999 by
Virtuoso Records)
and DAILY TRAUMA (2004/Frontiers).

The new album is already written and will be titled "ELEVEN
The line up features new incredible young talents: the
italians Paco Barilla' on drums and Marco Zago on Keyboards,
and american bass player Tony Dickinson.
The album recording will start in August at Fear Studios,
Ravenna, Italy.

Daniele says:"These new talents that are collaborating with
me for
this new album are absolutely fenomenal, both tecnically and
musically, and
are definitely capable to offer a fresh sound to my songs
to my come back on the guitar..."

Due to this come back to the 6 strings, on a weekly basis,
Daniele is
shooting and publishing on his youtube channel
( videos of songs taken
from his 2 previous guitar albums.

With the song "NEARLY GOLD EMOTIONS (link below), Daniele
has won the
"BEST ITALIAN GUITAR PLAYER 1993" contest organized by

DANIELE LIVERANI - Nearly Gold Emotions